A few of my favorite things

I feel like I’ve been gone forever. Maybe it’s because when Denise and I design we become recluses and hide in her home office for days kicking out fabrics like there’s no tomorrow! Well, technically there is no tomorrow, right? Because it’s always a day away? Ha, sorry I love musicals and I’m in China so my brain is a little crazier than usual. Anyway…

I’ve been missing a few of my favorite things lately. People, cats, FOODS, hobbies, my home, you name it. But gosh I’m not complaining because Spring 2014 has me incredibly stoked and being in China with Kayla, Yama, and Amy has been soooo productive so far. And I love those gals. Actually they’re giving me a hard time right now because they’re not in these photos!! Maybe next time, guys! 😉

So enjoy a few of my favorite things for me today! I certainly miss them. And Denise. I miss her lots, but she would probably kill me if she saw a photo of herself on the blog.

Can’t wait to be home. I want to catch you guys up on so much stuff. Matilda Jane stuff and just plain ol’ Sam McDonald stuff, if you don’t mind listening to it. (Boy problems actually and I bet there are a few of you out there that would have some killer advice for me!) It’s all mostly good stuff, and just a little bad. Why can’t I think of a different word for ‘stuff’? Who invented ‘stuff’ anyway? Who Knows…



ACTUALLY, I hit submit post and felt bad. Here are me and the girls. Love them. Good night AND good morning!

Robin Amstutz - March 14, 2013 - 12:14 pm

I love your suitcase!!!! As always you look adorable. I am so glad the Kiara is one of your favorite things! LOL!!