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I’ve been meaning to blog all weekend. And finally I sit down to do it, and I tell myself, “Seriously, thisView full post »

The real Matilda in Sugarland **UPDATE**

I just had to be sure you all got to meet Gary. He left a comment yesterday, it read “I own Matilda Sugarland –View full post »

I got the Goods

Or at least Matilda Jane does. Actually I’m watching the movie right now “The Goods” but it stillView full post »

Mr. Grumpy

What can I say? I bribed him with cookies, I bribed him with wii, I even told him he could wear his green Adidas shortsView full post »

A little bit of London

Nothing is better than getting to look at new pieces. While all you guys get to see Collection Two, Sam and I got toView full post »

A Few Updates

1. It seems everyone is anxiously awaiting Platinum and I am sad to say I am delaying it till next week. I just don&#View full post »

School Time

Today was Joe’s first day back to school. Okay, his first 2 hours. He had school from 1-3. Not sure why just 2View full post »

Elaina..I love you

You’re the one, the one for me…” I really think this is a song but I cannot find the lyrics..It wasView full post »

A little note

I got out of bed just in time to be at work by 7. It is now 8:39 and that is so not gonna happen. I had big plans ofView full post »

And so the story goes… UPDATE

So I didn’t get to go up North but that is okay. I did run up to Michigan to pick up Gabe from Deedee. He’sView full post »

A Few Secrets

It seems we are off to a pretty good Field Trip but yes, I am still nervous as always.  I’m really trying toView full post »

Three Cheers

And I do believe that this is going to be an amazing Field Trip. I must say it feels a little strange to me. I am alwaysView full post »

Time for a MJC Field Trip

And I feel like celebrating a bit too. Yup, celebrating by going to bed. Pure exhaustion here and if I do not not callView full post »

A MJC Field Trip

Am I like 20 years behind or what?  Wow.  I had really thought this week would slow down. Ha, guess again.  SoView full post »

It feels so weird that the Field Trip is almost here.  This summer flew by. Yes, I admit, I am a freaking out a littleView full post »