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Oldie but Goodies

Kinda funny the sky looked pretty much the same when I got to work in the early morning as it did when I just left. No,View full post »


I swear the ironing never stops.  And yes, we iron. I know, I know, we should steam. We do, but only things that needView full post »

I had big plans for today. I brought home tubs of clothes a few days ago for homework, and guess what? I slept form 2-8:View full post »


I asked Sam in a very nice manner to take some pics of the 435 Art Fair set up for you guys. I guess her idea of thatView full post »

The Saga Begins..

So I didn’t get much done last night with the lack of help from Gabe. He’s such a goof. He was either hidingView full post »

The MJC CoverGirl

And here she is….Miss Katherine from good ole’ Georgia. We are so excited to have her as part of the teamView full post »

Seriously,  I have never seen so many beautiful little girls. Why I do this to myself is beyond me.  I sat out on theView full post »

The Top 14!

OK, we couldn’t pick just 10 or 12.  So here are the Top 14.  Check them out down below.  Each one is unique inView full post »

Voting begins on Friday!

Yes, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 or 12 and will have them revealed on Friday.  Come right here to theView full post »

435 Contest entries….

We’ve narrowed it down to our Top 10 entries.  Soon, they will be on display right here.  So many entries.  SoView full post »

Happy Mom’s Day to You

Here’s to hoping you all get to sleep until 10:30, wake up to a great breakfast, go for a fun family bike ride,View full post »

The Beast

After searching through about 5-6 CD’s for the cutest skirt I made years ago (okay 3), no luck. But I did findView full post »

Grace’s Mom has got it Going On….

Oh yeah Monika you held a strong lead in this one…It is Sarah Pippenger, aka Yama!!!! Love that girl, we miss herView full post »

Hiding Out

This little chick totally reminds me of someone…someone that works or worked at MJC.  I’ll give you a dayView full post »

The girls of JAMESTOWN

Ya, what about this? When I do carpool in the morning I love to see all the little girlies in my clothes. It is so dangView full post »

Sam, I am

The sun finally came out, I ran to work for a while now I am back home thinking about cleaning though I should be doingView full post »