As you know, ALL of the PhotoLove entries were the bees knees. But there can only be one winner that comes to Fort Wayne to preview our Spring 2013 line in January! And this weekend you helped us narrow down the contest even further! (How can I thank you guys for that!?!?) Drum Roll Please….

And then there were 3.

Mallory Buck’s photo for Courageous

Kristi Mangan’s photo for Tolerant

Annmarie Walker’s photo for Thoughtful

And now things get even harder for us here at Matilda Jane. We have the tough job of picking just one from these three gorgeous photos. Wish us luck! We should have a winner announced this Friday! Huge, HUGE thank yous to all that participated. We are honored to have so many talented photographers involved this year. Like I said, THANK YOU. Huge.




Megan Campbell - December 19, 2012 - 11:57 am

Congrats to the top 3! How exciting! Thank you Matilda Jane for giving me the opportunity to make it as far as I did. My little girl and I both love our Sprinkles dress and were honored to make it to Top 11.

Erin|Rochester NY Photographer - December 19, 2012 - 12:09 pm

Adorable pictures! The first one is so sweet!!

Megan Wesle - December 19, 2012 - 12:26 pm

As a wife of a firefighter, I am so blessed to see the top photo make the cut :) LOVE it.

kelley Earhart - December 19, 2012 - 12:27 pm

Congratulations ladies!!! Awesome work! Thank you MJC for this fun contest!!

Marcy Schneider Hoffman - December 19, 2012 - 1:02 pm

Congratulations to the Top 3! The photos are amazing and I am glad it isn’t me that would have to choose. Just want to say thank you, Matilda Jane, for having the Photolove contest, and I believe that I was given the best gift through this entire experience…..the gift of time with my daughter and her friends, and the realization that I NEED to carve out more time to just shoot creatively for myself. So thank you, so very much! You are a blessing to me. XOXOXO

Kristi Mangan - December 19, 2012 - 7:48 pm

Wow! I am so honored! Thank you MJC! Congrats to the other ladies (Annmarie & Mallory) as well… I am thrilled to be amongst such great company! I can’t wait to see who the winner is… This is all just so exciting! :)

Annmarie Walker - December 19, 2012 - 8:42 pm

OH-MY-GOODNESS-GRACIOUS!!!!! I am still pinching myself! My little Elle and I are beyond excited. A huge congratulations to Kristi and Mallory and to all the photographers who submitted some of the most beautiful and creative images I’ve seen. You have all inspired me. Thanks MJC!!

Shelly - December 20, 2012 - 9:11 am

Congratulations to all 3. “Courageous” is very special to me as my husband is a firefighter and I have seen my sweet baby girl look at him the very same way. Good luck choosing a winner!! :)

Angela - December 20, 2012 - 3:39 pm

What a tough decision! I love all three. There is something special about “Tolerant”. I love, not only the quality and color of the picture, but the creative idea of the picture. This looks like a picture from a magazine or something I would see if I were to look out my back window and see mine and my neighbors kids playing.

Kristin - December 21, 2012 - 6:12 am

Congrats to the top 3! I especially love the “thoughtful” photo. Wonderful and magic shot.

Stephanie M. - December 22, 2012 - 12:22 am

What an amazing shot for Thoughtful!
It must have been one of the more difficult things to shoot with a young child and Annmarie nailed it. It’s not like any other photo out there.

Sally - December 23, 2012 - 9:23 am

How do you get a kid to look so thoughtful? Don’t you just wonder what she is thinking about? All of the top 3 are special, but Thoughtful just has something very different about what was captured. Good luck to all!

Stephanie Bivona - December 23, 2012 - 3:04 pm

Congrats to the top 3. I would not want to have to choose. They are all fantastic!


Much of yesterday was spent helping Lupita, Patty, Sara Brown and Janeth with quality checks. Love them for coming in on a Saturday (and today) so we can give you all a little surprise.  I never get to work with these 3 so it was quite fun. I loved sharing stories about how MJC started, Africa and listening to their stories. I realized I want so much to tell you all about our trip but still it’s not there in story form.  Those of us from Fort Wayne that went joke that we now need a support group. Ya, the thing is, it’s not a joke.  I don’t think any one is as lucky as me when it comes to being surrounded by the best group of friends ever.  Ever.

Aghhhh…..there is so much I want to blog about but the words are not flowing. I know some of you are waiting for me to say something about Connecticut but I can’t.. What words can I say to make it better?  It tears me apart.

Jennifer Shultz - December 17, 2012 - 2:20 pm

Wow, when they say a picture can say 1000 words they must mean pictures like that…just BEAUTIFUL in so many ways!

Mike Bacino - December 18, 2012 - 10:15 am

Nearly every time I speak to a Matilda Jane staff member, I hear about philantropic endeavors. In addition to the great designs, this is why my family and I will continue to patronize you!

Erica Scott - December 18, 2012 - 12:51 pm

Jennifer, those were my thoughts exactly. What a beautiful photograph!

Candid Keeper # 418


Marcie McGill of Gainesville, GA

Q:  Please tell us a bit about yourself.  Where are you from and where are you now?

A:  I grew up in the small town of Sylvania, GA (Southeast Georgia).   After high school, I moved to what I think may be the best city in Georgia, Athens!  Growing up as an avid bulldog fan, there wasn’t a lot of thought as to where I wanted to go to college.   The University of Georgia was my top choice!  We now live in Gainesville, GA (North Georgia) and love it here.  We have both the mountains and the lake to enjoy so this is definitely becoming home for us. 

Q:  How did you meet and fall in love with your husband?

A:  Well this is sort of a neat story.  One of my great college friends and sorority sister was dating a guy and her family was vacationing at Lake Oconee.  She invited me to join them.  Her boyfriend (at the time) and now husband invited his brother to come down as well.  So that pretty much explains it, we had a great time together from the start and that’s where it all began.    So now it’s pretty neat that my good college friend is also my sister-in-law. 

Q:  What about those gorgeous babies???  Tell us all about them.

A:  Well I think they are pretty perfect but perhaps I’m a little biased!  I have a 4 year-old son named Mason and a 2 year-old daughter named Madelyn.  Just like any family with children, they keep us very busy and there is never a dull moment in our home.  Mason loves all sports, creating things with whatever he can find, building forts (yes, inside my house!), and anything that typical boys enjoy.  Madelyn on the other hand is my “girly girl,” she loves baby dolls and playing dress up!  Madelyn is always on the go and we never know what we’ll find her climbing on!

Q:  What did you do in your previous life?  Pre-Matilda Jane?

A:  Prior to becoming a trunk keeper I was a 2nd grade teacher for 11 years.  I loved teaching and interacting with young children.  It is definitely a career I am still passionate about and will always treasure the many friendships I made.  I made the decision to get out of teaching so that I could have more flexibility and time with my own children. 

Q:  How did Matilda Jane find YOU?

A:  Another great college friend (and roommate from college) is a trunk keeper for Matilda Jane and I had hosted a couple parties in my home with her.  I saw how much she truly enjoyed her job and just thought it sounded like fun.  However, never did I know I would someday have the same opportunity.  Shortly after choosing to get out of teaching, she called me just to talk and in our conversation we talked about this being a possibility for me one day.  I guess you might say that God opened the doors for me at the right time because Matilda Jane was currently interested in finding someone in my area.  I jumped on board and feel so grateful to be a part of the awesome MJC team!

Q:  Who on this earth has been the number one influence in your life?

A:  Well it would be tough for me to limit it to just one person.  I would definitely have to say that my mom and dad were and still are awesome parents that have instilled in me some great life lessons.  They have supported me, given me wonderful opportunities, and most importantly loved me for who I am.  I feel very blessed to have a close relationship with my parents.  Also, since meeting my husband, he’s been a very strong influence in my life as well.  He supports me and constantly encourages me when things don’t always work out the way I want them to.  Max is an awesome father and husband. 

Q:  What are 5 words your friends would use to describe you?

A:  Personable, loyal, compassionate, fun, energetic

Q:  Besides your family, what are you most passionate about?

A:  Well that is a bit tough because so much of what I do and focus on does involve my family.  However, aside from my family, my friends are very important to me.  With children and staying busy as many of us do, it can be tough to stay in touch but I definitely treasure my friendships. 

Q:  Chocolate or Vanilla?

A:  I’m definitely a vanilla kind of girl but with yummy toppings!

Q:  Are you a dreamer or a realist?

A:  I’m a realist and have a tendency to stress over the details and planning.  I strive to be more of a dreamer though and not worry so much about the “in between” parts.

Q:  Crazy or not, what is one dream that you would most like to make come true?

A:  Oh goodness, that’s a tough one!  I would definitely like to see our nation bond together and eliminate any bitterness and hatred that people have for each other which leads to crimes and other catastrophic events.

Of course, on the more selfish side, I would love to have multiple vacation homes in all different areas so we could travel as often as we want to! 

Q:  If you were gifted $1 million to donate to any charity or organization, which one would you choose?  Why?

A:  One thing I am very passionate about that I didn’t mention earlier is my love for my church.  I would definitely choose to give a good portion of it back to my church because I am so grateful of what it provides for me.

Also, as you might guess from me formerly being a teacher, children are very important to me.  I am sure I would choose to give to charities involving children who are sick or hurting.

Q:  If you could crawl into the pages of any book, what would it be and why?

A:  I don’t have one particular book that comes to mind but I do love all of Nicolas Sparks’ books, romances!

Q:  Are you a country mouse or city mouse?

A:  Probably a good combination of both!  I love to visit big cities (and especially the shopping and entertainment!) but for more permanent living I like more quiet surroundings that you get from the country (not too small though!!).

Q:  If you could have Denise design ANY item for Matilda Jane, what would that be and why?

A:  With her awesome creativity, I would love to see what she could come up with along the lines of bedding and furniture.  I can only imagine how cute it would be!

Q:  Lastly, in the spirit of Heart~Soul~Pride, what in your opinion is the most important form of character?

A:  Someone who possesses true character to me is a classy, positive role-model who treats others with utmost respect.  He or she doesn’t like to get involved in circumstances/conversations that could possibly hurt someone else.  Maintaining strong friends and family relationships is important to someone with character.  

A b o u t   U s