The Adventure Begins- March 2017

Hopscotch and jump rope and four square, oh my! Spring is just around the corner, and so are all the backyard activities we LOVED as kids. Our March release is all about those fun-filled childhood days, hanging out in a friend’s backyard and having adventures. This collection features some gorgeous pieces that are perfect for everything from everyday backyard fun to special spring occasions.

“Don’t follow your dreams…chase them!”

This quote really speaks to our design team. One of their favorite things is to see snapshots of Matilda Jane girls from all around the country being little–fishing, running, painting, and PLAYING in their MJ!  Our March collection was inspired by those girls and their favorite Matilda Jane silhouettes — pearls, cookie tees, flutters, lap dresses — all those styles that are perfect for getting out there and chasing her dreams!

We took some time to sit down with MJC design team members Madeline (Design Director), Darci (Women and Tween Designer), and Maggie (Print Designer) to hear about their inspirations for this beautiful new release. It’s always so much fun to learn about their thought process and hear their stories!Lucia: Madeline, tell us a little about the collection and one of those special backyard memories with your girls that inspired this collection.

Madeline: My favorite memories of my girls are when they are being kids. They LOVE sports — everything from volleyball to badminton to soccer are things we do when the weather allows. The front side walk and driveway area is where we draw with sidewalk chalk, and I’ll walk while the girls’ scooter around the neighborhood. We wanted to make sure our March collection was filled with pieces that girls could run around in — lots of soft easy knit dresses and shorties in gorgeous, unique MJ prints.

Lucia: Maggie, do you have a childhood memory that inspired your gorgeous prints this season?

Maggie: My favorite memories are being on my grandmother’s farm in Poland, running through sunflower fields and picking wildflowers. Those memories definitely inspired feelings of everything being larger than life and surreal. You’ll see the floral patterns vary from small and shy to big and bold in this collection. I especially love the Backyard Oasis Dress — it is like the wildflowers are growing right on the dress.

Lucia: Darci, tell us a little about your 435 favorites this release and how your two beautiful daughters inspire you.

Darci: When I’m designing a piece of clothing, I think about my two little girls and what they need to feel confident and beautiful. Each piece has to be special enough for every one of our MJC gals but easy enough to move and play in. I want them to leave the house feeling like they can take on the world. My favorite piece in the March line is the Sharing Secrets Top. I love its simple pattern mixing with the playful little dot flower on the shoulders. It’s the perfect bridge between playful youth and letting an older girl show her growing style. The extra special touch of crochet makes it unique for her but it still lets her be a kid!

You know, kiddos have a way of seeing adventure everywhere they go — especially in their very own backyards! Whether it is digging in the dirt, examining a little creature in the tall blades of grass, or enjoying the latest neighborhood dodgeball game, we hope to be a part of these beautiful memories for you and your littles. We hope you will join us tomorrow at for the launch of our March collection!

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How do I get a catalog mailed to me?

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Awww I can’t wait!! A little sunshine to brighten my day as I go through chemo

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Love the collection!