The Home is where the Heart is!

June 13th and 14th we will be hosting another online auction through Hyena Cart.  I can not thank you enough to those who participated in the last one. The fact that it raised over $15,000 still amazes me. Our original goal was to raise $30,000 total, which means after the first auction we were already half way there. This was awesome since we still had some other ideas in the making. I could not help but wonder if we could double that $30,000 and raise the full sponsorship of $60,000. That is kinda how this second auction came about. If we can raise another $15,000 we will be able to do something beyond measure. We will be able to FULLY sponsor the Women’s Build in September. This means that all of the other funds Habitat has raised for this build can go to building an addition home next year. This is HUGE and you ladies will be a HUGE part of it.

However, that is not the only thing that is SUPER neat about this auction. This time we decided to focus on some of the treasures Fort Wayne has to offer. Most of the items loaded this time around, will be from artist who reside here in Fort Wayne. It is cool to see a community come together for such a great organization. From the auction item, to those women who come out on the build days. It’s a team effort and I feel lucky to even be apart of it.

Here is a sneak peak of some Local Artist who are donating some work and this just to name a few.

Galway Designs

Redeem the Art


the i heart boutique,

Brenda Kurtz and

Sauman Smith

In addition, we have some other generous artist who have also donated items.


Petit Bonbon

Ross and Rosie Designs

Roses and Rhubarbs

Lenny and Eva

Urban Wall Art

Another thing that I love about the past two auctions is a company called Chicken and Charlie. The owners name is Irene and she and I were good  friends in college. I loved having her in class cause she made me push myself harder, I always wanted to be the best and so did she. After college, however, we lost touch. I moved from Long Beach, CA back home to Indiana and Irene stayed.  Thank goodness for Facebook, otherwise I would not have known she had gotten married and now has a handsome little boy. Not too long ago I saw that she opened an Etsy shop selling the cutest blankets, burp clothes, teethers and much more. It was nice to touch base with her again when I emailed her about donating an item for an auction. She emailed back with no hesitation both times and let me tell you, the blankets are AMAZING. So if you have a little once, be sure to check out the auction during June 13th and 14th.

Just like last auction, there will be items for everyone. The auction will go live at Noon EST on June 13th and items will start closing June 14th at 5 pm EST. There is still time for anyone who still wants to donate items for this auction. You can email me at


In addition to the auction info, I pomised Becky I would let all of you Ladies who will be attending the 4th Annual Art Fair that tickets have been shipped. They were shipped via USPS and should start showing up at your door steps soon. It doesn’t stop there, there will be 12 LUCKY WINNERS who will receive a special message with their Tickets, so be sure to check your envelope before tossing it out. Those lucky winners will get a little surprise at Art Fair. But don’t loose that piece of paper as you will need to present it to Becky or Tabitha to redeem.





Irene Aragon - June 4, 2012 - 4:46 pm

Very exctied about the upcoming auction, glad to be apart of it.


Bridgette - May 31, 2012 - 8:25 am

So excited I can hardly stand it!!!

yoga_lat_te - May 31, 2012 - 7:54 am

So excited about the auction … another perfect opportunity to help MJC make a difference for a family and give back back to its community … love it! Can you imagine being able to “FULLY support the Women’s Build” … wow, let’s do it!! Better yet, your support of the regional artists (whom, I am sure, have been immensely inspired by MJC’s success & -perhaps more importantly …- its generous spirit) & being able to get back in touch with an old friend … so super cool … thank you for making my day once again!!!

Laura Wood - May 30, 2012 - 2:58 pm

Can’t wait until the next Auction! You ladies are so talented and generous! Ohhhh and I HOPE I get something “special” in my envelope! 😉

holly Laffertyl - May 30, 2012 - 2:37 pm

can’t wait to see all of the cool items up for auction. and i love that it all leads to families getting a place they can proudly call home.
in the meantime, i’ll be stalking my mailbox more than i already do. i always describe going to art fair as a trip to willy wonka for adults… the hidden surprise in 12 tickets completes my analogy perfectly. see you all in 24 days 🙂