Hard to believe that February is almost over. I feel like it was yesterday when Serendipity was released. Now we are coming to a end with the 1st release and each release only gets better and better.

We have a running game around 435. We always try and guess the best and worst selling items. This release we even put a little wager on it. Loser had to buy Starbucks for everyone. I won’t name names, but I do want to give a shout out to Alicia for my coffee this morning.. Thanks Alicia. I can’t say too much though cause I didn’t win either, I think Chelsa was the winner with the Aquamarine Ruffles.  I chose the Love Me Dress and although it did not win it definitely gave those Aquamarine Ruffles a run for their money.

The one piece I am SUPER surprised hasn’t sold as well as I thought it would is the Cotton Candy Tutu. It embodies everything I would picture a little girl to LOVE. I know if I had little one this skirt would definitely been on my MUST HAVE list.

Another item I LOVE almost as much is that cute little ditty in the background, the Mint Tulip top. This was one of my favorites when I laid eyes on it in China. I was even a little disappointed that it was not an adult piece. Hint Hint Denise and Sam!!!

On a different note, Kiara had her appointment today to get her Vaccinations for “Our Trip” to Rwanada. I am hoping she doesn’t end up feeling like Alicia and I did. I will not complain too much though, it is definitely worth it.

Speaking of “Our Trip” did you ladies love the packaging for those pieces supporting our trip. We would love to hear your feedback. If you can leave a comment.

Thanks in advance