Daydream Believer

All I can do is think about going to bed, or just taking a nap. I am so dang tired. I have myself 1/2 convinced I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I really could right?  I mean it is a possibility, people do get it. There is always that slim chance cuz I certainly have never been so tired as I have this month.

Anyhow, it could possible be because all I do  is think. Man, I think all the time. There is so many things I want to to with MJC. I’m seriously itching to do a line of bedding, it’s been in my brain for year and it’s ready to burst. And I really, really want to do the sweetest, simple just plain ole’ beautiful layette line made out of the softest Pima cotton in all of the lands! And I wanna to do a doll, with some playmates and cute clothes and super cool furniture for they super cool house and little itty bitty paintings they can hang in that super cute dollhouse.  And I want to do oodles and oodles of striped socks cuz striped socks are the best socks ever.  Dang it, and outerwear, I kinda think ski coats and snow pants!! YES. Ahh..and these are the things that go through my brain every single moment. I want to make so many many. And I wanna build a really cool online community site…..yup and there is a whole list that goes with that.

Today Sam and I were brainstorming up the ideas of what items Kiara, Kayla and Alicia will bring to Africa. We were going crazy, there are so many items we want them to make for us. But I think we have it nailed down! Ahh, so tired!

back to day dreaming….