5 Things to Pack for 4th of July Weekend (That Most People Forget)

Can you believe how quickly this month flew by? It feels like it was just spring and now we’re just a few days away from July! Fourth of July weekend is always a favorite of ours. It’s a time spent having fun and relaxing with family and friends outdoors in the warmth of the summer sun. We get to play yard games, splash around the lake (or pool!) and eat all of the s’mores. Fourth of July weekend is when so many wonderful memories are made with those we love most!

Whether you’re going on a mini-vacation with the family or meeting up with friends at a lake house, chances are you’ve already started your packing list. This isn’t your first rodeo, so we know that you’re on top of everything each kiddo needs in their weekend bag — but sometimes it’s easy to forget some of the most essential items! Here are five things you should pack for the long weekend that are super easy to forget.

5 things to pack for 4th of July Weekend (that most people forget)

1. Sweater

When we think of summer, we always seem to picture the hot afternoons, forgetting that summer nights can get quite a bit cooler. It’s hard to enjoy the bonfire if you’re shivering non-stop! Pack a lightweight sweater or sweatshirt to toss on in the evenings.

2. A second swimsuit

When in doubt, always pack an extra swimsuit! Even on a three or four day trip, we always recommend having a back-up swimsuit on hand (because who likes putting on a wet swimsuit?!). This goes for the kiddos, too!

3. Extra beach towels

Just like it’s a good idea to have an extra swimsuit, you also want to pack extra beach towels! Whether it’s for your own kiddos or your nieces and nephews who forgot to pack their own, it never hurts to pack a few more than you need!

4. Portable speaker

Whether you’re at the lake, your friend’s pool or your parent’s house, chances are you’ll spend a lot of your holiday weekend outdoors. Don’t rely on just your iPhone’s speaker — bring a portable bluetooth speaker to enjoy your favorite songs wherever the weekend takes you!

5. Beach bag

Just because you’re not necessarily going to “the beach”, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a beach bag! If you’ll be spending any time around the water, you’ll want to bring a bag specifically for your towel, cover-up, sunscreen, bug spray and any other essentials you want to keep dry. We recommend putting valuables like your phone and keys in a waterproof pouch inside of your beach bag to be extra safe!

Do you have any special packing tips? Share below in the comments!