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Wake up late, work carpool, McDonald’s calls my name, run to Kinko’s then to Walmart,  stress out, deliver some goods to 435, back to Kinko’s, home to print out documents, worry abut Goliath, off to JoAnne’s, back to 435 then to drop off DVD’s to be made,get lost, find the DVD place,  really stressing in need of a nap, wake up at 2, run to CVS, back home, run to Von Maur, pick up Joe, pick up Gabe, head to Walmart (to cheap to buy movie theatre candy and then we all head to the movies. And that is pretty much my day today. Oh, but the key? No key. Get out of the movies, come home, no key, call around, go to Dan’s, come home, still no luck, call locksmith and wait at House of Hainan.  And now?  I’m tired and really need to work but guess what? I wanted to share a picture with you and then I am off to lay in bed and just watch TV. Sounds good.

As I re-read the post above I realize if I was actually running instead of driving I would be much skinnier!

And rumor on the street is a huge whale of a sale is to be announce soon. We’ll give you a heads up but next week sometimes.  We’ve got Hammond Bay coming in and need to make some room. Oh, and i have told you how much I love Hammond Bay.  The HomeGrown Collection has been my fave for such a long time…I adored the Ginger Knot dress in that collection, but let me tell you Pepper knocks her socks off!!

Oh, ya…that’s my girl. Love Pepper. Love it. Love that it ties in the back, love that it has a removable apron. Love it. My very first knots had aprons that buttoned on but after about 100 dresses my hand got pretty darn tired of sewing 3 buttons on each. I loved the idea that one could inter-change the apron or remove if they wished.  I’ve been meaning to bring it back for a few season but for Hammond bay I got my wish. I hope you like.

Okay, so check us out over the later part of the weekend for some news on the Whale of a Sale. Until then, have a great and peaceful weekend.

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Amber - January 30, 2010 - 11:34 am

YOu are amazing – that last dress is gorgeous…and those little pants – SO cute!