Our Hearts, to Yours!


I wish I had a better excuse to why I have been MIA.

But in all honesty, to make one up would take time and well…… time is limited these days.

I joke with the girls often, that I am aging rapidly each day. 

This is my last year under 30, and my brain is already failing.

Now a days, I have to have notes and calenders just to remind myself to eat.

At the end of the day, though, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Especially because in a world were there are so many people who have it worse off then I do,

I am remember to live each day in the moment and be grateful for the people I am surrounded by everyday.

Today these were my little reminders

1. Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness Month Results

Chelsa is a daily reminder of the importance of great organizations who dedicate their lives to serving people in need. Whatever that need may be, they impact the lives of many, many, many people and it is always an honor to give back and support such causes like Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Between the $10 donation of each of the 3 items plus a Matilda Jane match, we were able to donate $2600 to each of the following organization.

Fort Wayne Cancer Services

The Catherine Peachy Fund

  Komen for the Cure Foundation

Each one of these organizations are so deserving because of the lives they change on a daily basis.

For those reasons and so many more, WE THANK YOU!!!!!

2. Donation update on the All the Baubles Skirt

Talk about taking a negative situation into a positive one. 

Even though we were heart broken when we realized this issue with the skirt, it sure did give us a opportunity to help one of our favorite organizations.

About 6 months ago, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help build a Front Porch neighborhood close to the home of Matilda Jane.

This partnership meant Matilda Jane would donate $200,000 to make it happen.

There was no doubt in my mind we could do it, so when we had the chance to also fund the play ground in the neighborhood for another $30,000.

We thought, WHY NOT!!!

I am so excited to announce that as of today we have raised a total of  $167,500 to our goal.

$22,000 of those funds were from the All the Baubles Skirt.

WOW, round of applause ladies and THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for more exciting things to raise the remaining $62,500+ (+++I am an over achiever)


3. Blood Drive in Honor of Denise

 On November 26th, Matilda Jane will host a blood drive through the American Red Cross in honor of Denise.

Denise has had a hand full of blood transfusions the past few months, which has help tremendously in her recovery.

The American Red Cross in our area has had a shortage of donors, roughly 500 units, and that thought is heart breaking.

What if Denise could not get the transfusion she needed.

What if other friends and family you knew were denied that just because there weren’t any donors to give.

“See a Need, Fill a Need” that’s our Motto

As of today we have 35 men and women through Matilda Jane, friends, family, business relationships who have chosen to help fill this need.

Each person who donates will actually help 3 people, can you believe that?

I have learned so much the past few months about the American Red Cross and donating blood and feel totally guilty I have not been doing this all along.

If you are in the Fort Wayne area and would love to attend our Blood Drive in Honor of Denise, please email me at kayla@matildajaneclothing.com

Speaking of American Red Cross, our hearts go out to the Philippines.

This natural disaster has hit so close to home. Serlita who has worked for us for almost 4 years is from the Philippines.

Although her family and friends are safe, their struggles are not over.

In honor or her and her family, Matilda Jane has donated $5000 to the American Red Cross.

Please keep them all in your thoughts.

On that note, I hope all of you have a great weekend and remember to live each sec as it comes.