Tomorrow is the Day!


Tomorrow is the day! We finally get to share It’s a Wonderful Parade, our Spring 2014 collection.

That’s right, it’s time for our first release from the collection—Parade Day!

We’ve never had an experience quite like the one we had while designing and producing this collection.

It all starts with the inspiration for It’s a Wonderful Parade.


We sought to capture the special kind of joy, wonder and friendship we all find in a full-swing celebration. Remember the parades of your youth, with the whole community there, your friends, your family—the laughter and wonder and memories? We wanted to bring those rose-tinted memories to life.

From marching bands to baby ducklings, from freshly popped popcorn to bouncing balloons, our favorite parade memories are filled with a sun-drenched carnival of color and cuteness—all in remarkably perfect harmony.

That’s what It’s a Wonderful Parade means to us.

After planning the assortment with our development team, Denise and Sam started work as they always have: around one table, building the color palette, dreaming up the poetry and story we wanted to tell…standing up, sitting down, voicing ideas, standing up again, pacing around the room, sitting down, and sketching concepts on every (formerly) clean piece of paper they could find. Somewhere in between all of that, they found time for lots and lots of laughs.

Eventually, they began bouncing outfit ideas off one another, and together took each idea from neat…to terrific…to oh-my-gosh…to unbelieeeeevably cute…to our own kind of Matilda Jane perfection! We all swoon over the little cutouts of the collection, building unique combinations and daydreaming of the time when we would finally see it all come to life.

Speaking of life…well, as you know, at a certain point in this collection’s development, life came a-knockin’, and Denise had to take a little break to fight cancer.

Sam—her right hand, her trusted collaborator and partner, her darling!—and the MJC team rose to the occasion and saw the collection through every milestone on its long and winding road to final production. Sam did all of this while being an unbelievable source of friendship and support to Denise—they even got matching haircuts!

That oh-so-powerful friendship and support runs strong throughout our company, from the team at our Fort Wayne headquarters to each and every one of our Trunk Keepers. MJC has always been a team effort and we are so excited to be able to present a collection that represents such hard work and commitment, from our entire team.

Denise and Sam were thrilled with the momentum this collection built as they designed every fabric and imagined every combination. That momentum has been carried forward by every member of the Matilda Jane Clothing team, as we’ve moved through planning, production, presentation, marketing and, finally, release.

And tonight, as we flip through our rack of Parade Day (release one) samples and page through our fresh-from-the-printer lookbook…we see imagination and exhilaration. We hear laughter and, off in the distance, a marching band about to turn the corner and delight us all.

And we are downright giddy, thrilled that tomorrow we finally get to share this brilliant feeling with all of you.

You see, on parade day, it’s all about friends.
A day to celebrate together, gathering in the wonder of a real jubilee.
A day to let our imaginations run wild with color and joy.

So on tomorrow’s beautiful morning—maybe the prettiest one ever—
let’s plan on having the picture-perfect time of our lives.

It’s a special place.
It’s a thousand words.
It’s a wonderful parade.


The Matilda Jane Clothing family