Candid Keepers {#361}

Yep, it’s that time again.  Time to get to know one of the ultra fabulous women that gets that brown box, whether big or small, from Fort Wayne to your doorstep.  I think we can all agree that if it weren’t for our amazing Trunk Keepers, the Matilda Jane experience wouldn’t be nearly as delightful.  Lynette and her team really know how to pick ’em and Miss Molly Crouch is no different.  With a 5 year old and 16 month twins, her platter is full.  But never too full to bring the wondrous world of Matilda Jane into your home for you and your best gal pals.  If Central Virginia is where you can be found, the Magnificent Molly needs to be in your contacts.  

She’s your girl!!

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself:

A: My name is Molly Crouch.  I live in Orange, VA but I hail from the little town of Cynthiana, KY, so I am a Kentucky girl at heart.  I have been married to my husband Graham for seven years.  He was in the military for five of those years, so we have lived all over the country and now are happy to be settled in Virginia!  We have three children.  My daughter Maddox is 5 and I have 16 month old twins, Henry and Harper.  So life is really full!

Q:  How would you describe your childhood?

A: You know, I had your typical small town childhood.  When I was in elementary school, we lived right in town, so I played with all the kids in the neighborhood.  We had a secret club that held meetings under a big pine tree in my backyard.  I was the club leader, which played right into my bossiness as a child.  I would have friends over and plan out our playtime in 15 minute increments.  Haha.  And I was a little philanthropist.  My mom and dad still have the old tapes of a fashion show and talent show I held at our house when I was about 9 years old.  I charged admission from the neighbors and sent the money to charities.

Q:  How would you describe yourself today?  3 words.

A: Hospitable, creative, independent.

Q:  How old were you when you met your husband?

A: I was a junior in college.

Q:  Was it love at first sight?

A: For me yes, but not for him!  Haha.  No, I totally crushed on him for a semester and he didn’t give me the time of day, so when he came back around later that year, I ignored him!  But we both warmed up that summer and then started dating our senior year at Georgetown College.  And I knew it was forever when he went off to basic training in 2004 and I couldn’t imagine life without him.  We got engaged a few months later.

Q:  Tell me about your kids and their personalities.

A: I have great children, which I know every mom thinks, but really!  Haha.  My oldest, Maddox, has such a flair for the dramatic!  My husband says that’s from me!  And she’s so imaginative.  Recently, she has decided that she is going to be a barista when she grows up, so we have a makeshift coffee shop open all the time at our house.  And she loves to cook too and always asks if we can be on a cooking show, which means that we pretend we’re being filmed and we explain each step of the process out loud.  She’s a riot. 

Henry is my little man.  He is so sweet and funny!  Oh my gosh, the kid laughs all the time, especially at his big sister.  But he is also very rambunctious and is just into everything.  I have decided that some of the décor in my house will just have to be put away and saved for another season of life!

 And Harper is such a determined little girl.  Her brother outweighs her by about 7 pounds, so she has learned to be tough.  She’s so verbal right now and is saying something new everyday.

Q:  What dreams do you have for your children?

A: I want them to be able to have opportunities to experience the world through travel.  My husband and I think that is so important.  To see how other people and cultures live. 

Q:  What do you want them to remember from their childhood?

A: That they always had each other!  When I was a kid, my sister was much older than me and my brother was much younger, so I always wished that my own children would be closer in age.  I guess you have to be careful what you wish for because Henry and Harper are only 30 minutes apart!  Haha.  But I think that will be such a comfort to all three of them to know that they can depend on each other. 

Q:  What is one thing you do as a mother that you are proud of?

A: Read to my children!  It’s so important!

Q:  How do you juggle the craziness of MJ and a family?

A: With great determination! Haha.  I knew when I accepted this opportunity that I would have to find that balance, so I work hard to carve out time for Matilda Jane when my kiddos are napping or at pre-school, but then when they are awake, I am all about them.  And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I have THE MOST encouraging husband who gives me constant support so that I can go and meet these wonderful Janes and all of their friends!

Q:  Tell me how long you’ve been a TK and how you became one?

A: I am a first season trunk keeper here in central Virginia.  When I lived in Kentucky, I had a fabulous trunk keeper that talked to me about opportunities with the company, and about a year after I moved to Virginia she called me to encourage me to apply.  I told her that the timing was a bit off, because at the time I was eight months pregnant with the twins!  Haha.  So, we both had a good laugh about bad timing and all that.  But back in December, my good friend and Virginia trunk keeper, Sheri Word, let me know that there was a position potentially opening up and this go round the timing was just right.

Q:  What do you think makes this clothing company so special?

A: Gosh, so many things.  Attention to detail.  Customer service.  Quality of clothing.  Creativity in marketing.  And, of course, the relationships built over the years between the Jane and trunk keeper.  You just can’t beat it!

Q:  What is your favorite Serendipity outfit?

A: I am loving the Tomato Peasant Top right now and I issue a challenge for anyone to find a pant from the Serendipity collection that does not look amazing with that top!  It is so versatile.

Q:  What article of clothing would you wear every day?

A: My 7’s Dojo jeans.  I wore out a pair last year and tried to replace them with a pair of skinny jeans, but it didn’t work out so well, and I just bought the same pair of 7’s a few months later! 

Q:  What is your greatest accomplishment?

A: My greatest accomplishment is surviving the first year of twins!  Haha.   Seriously, Graham and I took a “We Survived!” vacation to California wine country after year one!

Q:  Do you have a favorite song you like to play to get “pumped up?”  A song that really gets you going?

A: I always run with Coldplay blasting in my ears.  I love them and would do just about anything to get to a concert.

Q:  What is your favorite genre of music?

A: I don’t know that I have a favorite genre but my best friend and I always listened (and lip-synced) to Celine Dion in high school, so I think her music is just always such a fun trip down memory lane for me.

Q:  What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you?

A: Well, my husband has deployed three times and I have had some girlfriends that have just been absolutely steadfast in their loyalty to me while he’s been gone, so I would say their friendship and strength has been one of the kindest gifts.

Q:  If you could change your life in any way, how would you change it?

A: I would adopt.  I have such a heart for it.  

Q:  I love random acts of kindness.  What is your favorite RAOK?

A: You know, I was really inspired at the holidays with people who were paying off other’s Christmas layaways.  I just thought that was such a neat way to pay it forward. 

Q:  Do you have a favorite blog or website?

A: I love blogs and do a little blogging myself, but just don’t have time to stay in touch as much as I would like to these days!  I do have a sister-in-law that is an editor at Country Living magazine so I enjoy getting on that website and checking out the DIY ideas.  Also, I’ve recently been turned on to the blog, Design Sponge  which is just overflowing with home decorating ideas.  And I love the writer of A Cup of Jo.  Her posts are always so clever.

Q:  Besides your family, what are you most passionate about in life?

A: I am passionate about knowing Christ!  There is so much to learn about Him.  I am not the Christian that wants to shove my religious beliefs down other’s throats, but I do want people to experience the love and peace and power that comes with walking with Jesus. 

And, can I say one more thing I’m passionate about?  Decorating!  I love to hit up the thrift shops to find pieces that I can repurpose into something really great for my home.  And I could spend hours in the fabric stores just coming up with ideas.  I think that’s why I love MJC so much, just all of the thought that is put into each design. 

Molly, this is just the beginning for you, but I have a feeling it’s the beginning of an incredible journey filled with abundant joy and friendship.  Thank you for taking time out of your world to give us a glimpse into the life and mind of

Molly Crouch.


Sheri W - March 13, 2012 - 10:27 am

Wonderful article. I am so happy you have joined our MJ family.

Molly Crouch - March 12, 2012 - 3:54 pm

Kristen and Christy, the sweater and belt are from Anthropologie circa 2005. Was just getting ready to give the sweater away when the Cupcake came into my life this spring! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Take care!

Christy Marion - March 12, 2012 - 8:00 am

Where did you get the red sweater and belt?? Thanks!

Leslie click - March 11, 2012 - 8:49 pm

What a great girl!!! 🙂

Michelle Pasquini - March 10, 2012 - 6:29 pm

As a Kentucky girl at heart and a graduate of Georgetown College, I was excited to read about Molly! Congratulations to you Molly! I wish you great success with Matilda Jane!

Emily Mellenkamp Reed - March 10, 2012 - 6:27 pm

My husband and I are Georgetown College grads too so we share more than just a love for MJC.. such a small world! Go Tigers! 🙂

Bev - March 9, 2012 - 5:07 pm

Got to love a KY girl!

Kristen - March 9, 2012 - 11:59 am

Welcome Molly! I am dying to know where you got that red sweater and belt!???? Please share:). I don’t like to wear sleeveless dresses without something over so I haven’t bought that dress, but I could pull it off like that. I adore that dress.