Candid Keepers #370


Kirstie Stivers of Madison, IN

Most Valued Form of Character:

Always using the Golden Rule

Q: Please tell us a bit about yourself.  Where are you from and where are you now?

A:  I was born and raised in Madison, Indiana and still reside there to this day…..and probably always will!  Although sometimes I yearn to live closer to a Target 😉 it is a beautiful, historical small town on the Ohio River with many quaint little antique and specialty shops.  The people are friendly and there is rarely traffic, so we really have it pretty good! 

Q:  How did you meet and fall in love with your husband?

A:  I met my husband in 2004.  We had passed each other coming and going from our friends apartments (who lived across the hall from each other) and had each inquired about the other.   Me with the, “Who is Josh’s friend??” And he with the “Who is the blonde, in the Jetta, with the dog???”  We officially met at a Comedy Show on Thanksgiving Eve where we were formally introduced…..I say that “lightly” as he, when introduced to me put on this “Rico Suave smile” and said, “Yeah, I know who she is…”  He called me a week later, we went on our first date that weekend, and never spent a day apart after that for a solid year!  We were married in 2006, and welcomed our first baby girl in April 2008 and our 2nd Sept 2010!

Q:  What about those gorgeous babies???  Tell us all about them.

A:  Marley and Maggie…!  They are a couple cuties, if I do say so myself!  Marley is 4, going on 13.  She is my girlie girl, mother hen, tender heart.  She loves PINK anything, twirling, dresses, and her “Matilder Jane.”  Yes, her father is from Kentucky.  (Haha, he is gonna get me for that one….)  Maggie will be 2 on Labor Day…..and yes, she makes me labor daily!  She is my spit fire.  She goes 100mph, is like a bull in a china shop, but very soft and sweet around the edges. 

Q:  What did you do in your previous life?  Pre-Matilda Jane?

A:  I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2001 and still practice nursing.  I have worked at Hanover College since 2008 as the clinic nurse and love it!  I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist, which I practice one night a week, typically with people with medical issues such as migraines, rotator cuff problems, etc.  And now, I have my MJ in the mix!  Lots of irons in the fire, but I love every minute of it!

Q:  What is your Matilda Jane story?  What made you become a Trunk Keeper?

A:  Wow, well, I have to attribute my introduction to MJ to my friend Cara Fox.  She hosted a traveling trunk at her home, gosh, I believe back in 2008 or 2009 because there weren’t any trunk keepers close enough to us.  She insisted that I come and check out these amazing clothes, so I did, and it was love at first sight!  I continued to buy pieces here and there, but never hosted my own show until February 2012 when Christine Adam offered to come downhere to Madison from Ohio!  I think I said to her 1,000 times while she was here, “I think I could do this!”  The rest is history! 

Q:  Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall.  What is your favorite and why?

A:  This is tough for me……I really love them all.  That is one perk of living in the Midwest…..we get it all.  I love snow and Christmas, and boots and scarves, but just when I cannot take any more slushy black snow, spring is around the corner.  Ahhh, spring…..riding in my car with the windows down, being able to wear shorts when it is 50 degrees and still feeling warm as toast because it has been in the 20-30’s for the past few months.  Then the summer…..POOL…..enough said.  But honestly, I think if I HAD to pick, it would be fall.  Fall….the smells (pumpkin, apples, crisp air)….the leaves…..the colors…..the clothes….I love being able to wear a cute dress during the day, but having to throw on a sweatshirt with my shorts and boots in the evening!  

Q:  Who are some of your heroes?

A :  I’m going to have to keep it simple here and say the two women I am closest to… mother and grandmother.  Although they are two very different people, they are two of the strongest women I know.  They have taught me everything I know, and molded me into the woman that I am today.    

Q:  Describe to us what a night out with your girlfriends looks like?

A:  Hmm…..depends…. a night out these days, or 10 years ago?  Haha!  Kids have definitely changed our curfew times!  But these days a night out would consist of music, wine, and lots of talking!  Here in Madison we host many music festivals and that is a place we tend to meet up, socialize, and solve the worlds problems….one Chardonnay at a time!

Q:  Tell us about your first job.   How old were you?

A:  Ugh!  I started my first job at the local miniature golf course when I was 15.  I thought this was going to be such a “cake” job.  I obviously didn’t think about all of the push mowing and weed eating I would need to do around all of the holes and the miles of walking I would be doing in the driving range picking up balls!  I earned every penny of that $4.25/hour!

Q:  What store makes your heart go pitter patter when you shop in it?

A:  You mean besides my MJ rack, and the feeling I get when my new trunk arrives?!?!?  I would probably have to say……nope, gotta leave it with my MJ.  Although I do love to stroll around Target and find a deal or scope out some comfy sweats and tshirts at Victoria’s Secret!

Q:  What is your most treasured modern day convenience?

A:  My husband says, without a doubt, I must answer this “my iPhone.”  I guess he may be right since we went to the zoo last week with the kids and for a glimmer of a second I thought I had forgotten it and I literally said….with meaning in my voice, “I don’t know if I can live without it the entire day.”  Yes, I realize this was not a proud moment!  But it IS my brain! 

Q:  Give me 5 adjectives that describe the person you strive to be.

A:  Compassionate, Supportive, Organized, Giving, Reliable 

Q:  If you could pick up your family and move to any where in the world, where would you go and why?

A:  Well, at the risk of sounding ridiculous…but showing how I do like to be organized…..I have trouble answering that because I would first have to research for places with a low crime rate, great schools, lots of recreational activity options, close to a beach, with low pollen counts and great weatherJ  Haha!  Places that pop into my mind are Hawaii, San Francisco, or certain parts of Florida.

Q:  Great customer service is definitely a “lost art.”  How do you try to deliver above and beyond service to your Janes and customers?

A:  Of course I am very new, but I think I just really try to make the process easy, fun, and rewarding to them.   I try to focus on keeping the party simple, light, and worry free.  I want them to have a great party, but I try to make sure we are keeping it fun and not stressful.  Putting their minds at ease when they are at the stressed moment wondering if anyone is going to show up…..although I’m secretly praying in the corner that they will too.  And then just making sure that I try to be very informative and helpful to my Jane and guests to make their trunk show experience one that they want to repeat time and time again.

Q:  Favorite film of all time.

A:  Pretty in PinkJ I don’t really have a reason, I could just literally watch it 5 times in a day and not get sick of it. 

Q:  In your opinion, what is THE must have piece in Heart~Soul~Pride?

A:  But The Charlie, of course.  We all need and must have a “go to” little black dress!

Q:  Lastly, in the spirit of Heart~Soul~Pride, what in your opinion is the most important form of character?

A:  I think I have to go all “golden rule” right now and say, “to treat others how you would want to be treated.”  It is a very simple, but important statement, essentially covering so many aspects of ones “character.” 

You’re awesome Kirstie, and your girls are GORG!  Thanks for letting us into your world.



Erica Scot - September 11, 2012 - 10:23 am

I just love that photo too! My kids are so tired of the camera that I get the same expressions now. So adorable!

Marla H. - September 7, 2012 - 10:18 am

What a neat gal! I am so glad you posted that pic with her 2 daughters crying and her still smiling. 🙂 I hope I am like that even when my kids have had enough. Thanks for keeping it real. 🙂