Candid Keepers #450


Nicole Mihalas of Madison, WI

Q: Please tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and where are you now?
A: I’m originally from Charleston, South Carolina and moved to the midwest about 8 years ago. I now live in a little village 10 minutes north of Madison, Wisconsin named Waunakee. Yes! We are the only Waunakee in the world. They are very proud of this fact so don’t go changing your towns name to Waunakee unless you want a whole village of Wisconsinites to come after you.
Q: I always love to hear about the incredible husbands that support the crazy schedule of a MJ Trunk Keeper. What makes yours so special?
A: Mike and I have now known each other more than half our lives. I met him when I was 19 and he truly has been my best friend since the day we met. He is uber patient with my artsy brain and finds my crazy a safe place to land when I need it. He is so smart and yet so humble and I love that about him. Most importantly we make a good team and 21 years later I still like him so that must mean something.Q: My favorite thing to talk about is my kids. Tell us about YOURS.
A: I have 3 children Nicholas (13) , Zoë (11) and Xan (8). Nicholas is downright sweet and sensitive like a big teddy bear, Zoë oozes my crafty gene, and Xan has just an amazingly wicked sense of humor. All in all a pretty good mix!
Q: If you could wear one item every day, what would that be?
A: My Back Roads Big Ruffles!!!!! Just love them all year long. Winter with boots, summer with sandals. LOVE!!!!!Q: How did Matilda Jane find YOU?
A: I used to sew about 90% of my daughters clothes. As with anything as you become better at things you become more nerdy on the subject. I loved to sew but if I was going to take time away from my family I wasn’t going to waste my time using inexpensive fabrics and not be careful about every detail. I went to a friends Matilda Jane Trunk show with a jaded idea of I could make this stuff but once I started playing with the clothes I soon realized that the details I loved and craved for where all there right in front of me. The fabrics where beautiful and I had never seen them before. The buttons and all the yummy details. Again the nerd in me thought I had seen it all. I couldn’t compete! The little hippie in me was screaming but Matilda Jane had convinced me to buy retail and I have been hooked ever since.
Q: If you could have lunch with ANYONE, who would it be and why?
A: My Grandmother, Lillian P. Kuppens. She was my creative soul mate. I miss her every day!
Q: Besides your family, what are you most passionate about?
A: I love a good flea market! I would ditch my family for a good junkin’ adventure any day.Q: Share with us just ONE very important thing you do to try to leave this world a better place.
A: Aside from all my volunteer work the fact that I am raising three kind individuals who are already so much more tuned into the world around them than I ever was as a child. That makes me the proudest. They will make a difference, I guarantee.
Q: What store makes your heart go pitter patter when you shop in it?
A: My local thrift store makes me giddy. The possibilities are just so endless!Q: What do you value more? Possessions or travel?
A: Travel always!
Lisa Kline - August 8, 2013 - 11:58 pm

You make me smile!

Natasha - August 8, 2013 - 10:24 pm

Our friendship began when Nicole bought my twins coordinating Matilda Jane peasant dresses from a garage sale. She almost ran me over with her van when she stopped me in the middle of the road to show me her loot! I recognized then that we were kindred spirits. We have been junkin’, craftin’ and road trippin’ to Art Fair ever since! You’d be hard pressed to find a kinder soul out there!

Amy D - August 8, 2013 - 2:20 pm

Had the pleasure of meeting Nicole at this year’s Art Fair- such a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us 🙂

Jessica - August 8, 2013 - 12:30 pm

<3 this girl! <3