Candid Keepers #457


Stacey Starnes of Lexington, SC

Favorite Place:

Lexington, SC

Q:  Hey there, you know the drill.  Tell us your basic info.

A: My name is Stacey Starnes. I was born and raised in Columbia, SC. I currently live in Lexington, SC with my husband, Jason, and two beautiful children, Jackson and Savannah. We are currently building a house in Chapin, SC where we will soon call home!

Q:  I always love to hear how people met and fell in love with their spouse.  Do share.

A:  I LOVE to tell our “Love Story”! Jason and I met on a blind date. Yes, a blind date that actually worked out! How many blind dates actually work out?? I am so glad that I finally agreed to go on this particular date. It was a double date that consisted of dinner and bowling. Our first impressions of each other were not exactly love at first site. My first impression of him was “he is not my type!” Little did I know, he was my type and what I thought was my type was wrong all along! Jason’s first impression of me was “she is high maintenance and this is not going to work!” We had so much fun that night bowling. We flirted and high fived all night! After saying good bye to our friends we were with, Jason and I stood in the parking chatting for 2 hours. What in the world can you talk about for two hours with someone you hardly know? As you can see, the rest is history! Happily married 9 years later!! Although, he reminds me all the time that he was right about the “high maintenance” part, but obviously wrong about not working out!

Q:  How many kiddos do you have?  Give us a little glimpse into who they are.

A:  I have 2 children, Jackson(6) and Savannah(4). They are my world and I could not imagine life without them.  Jackson is one of the sweetest little boys, I know! I may be a little biased, but I think you would agree! At the age of 6, he still loves to cuddle with us! Boy, will I miss the day he decides he is too old for that! He is a little comedian. He loves to make you laugh. Savannah is my little girlie, girl. You will never see her without a “princess” smile on her face! She is a little sponge and loves to learn! She is a very strong willed and determined little girl! She loves to read and will stay up all night if you let her “reading” her books!

Q:  How long have you been with Matilda Jane and when did you know you wanted to be a Trunk Keeper?

A: This is my first season with Matilda Jane and I can honestly say I love it!! I look forward to meeting new people and showing them all the cuteness Matilda Jane has to offer! I could not ask for a better job! I love sales and after one season of my daughter and myself wearing it, I knew I wanted to get in on this awesome company!

Q:  I have many rituals in my day.  How do you like to start out your day?

A:I love to start my day off sitting at my computer with my cup of coffee looking at blogs and pinterest!

Q:  What is your favorite family tradition?

A: My favorite family tradition is going to Saluda Shoals with the kids every year at Christmas to see Christmas lights. Their excitement is what it’s all is about!

Q:  Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

A:  The most influential person in my life has to be my husband! He is a very determined, smart man always striving to be better.  He makes me want to be a better me!

Q:  Which historical figure would you like to meet?

A:  I would have to say, Jesus Christ! He is the one with all the answers!

Q:  What is your favorite time of day and why?

A:  My favorite time of the day is a morning that I can sit down, relax with my coffee at my computer, in my pjs and not have to rush out the door!

Q:  What teacher or coach has had the most impact on you and why?

A:  My fourth and fifth grade teacher will always be the one who had the most impact on me. She always believed in me and wanted to see me succeed. I had her in fourth grade and when I found out she was moving up to teach fifth grade the next year, I was so excited!!

Q:  Which TV family is most like your own?

A:  Gosh, this is a tough one! I don’t watch enough TV to know who we are alike.

Q:  What if your favorite smell in the whole world?

A: I love the smell of a clean baby!! Oh, I miss that clean baby smell!

Q:  Good Hart is such a special place to Denise.  What town holds a special place in your heart?

A:  The town I currently live in, Lexington, SC will always hold a special place in my heart. It is where I brought my kids home. It is where they made their first friends; it is where I met some of the best new Moms, who will be lifelong friends. As we get closer to our new house being done, my heart is saddened to think about leaving this town where I became a Mom. 

Ashley Jackson - July 23, 2013 - 9:59 pm

I can’t believe I am just seeing this!!! Love my TK, Stacey!!!!!!

Kylie Lee - July 17, 2013 - 2:18 pm

I had tears in my eyes when you mentioned missing Lexington because thats where you became a mom! We love you, so glad I get to share this journey with you!

Lisa Elliott - July 17, 2013 - 12:33 pm

We love you Stacey! So happy to get my start with Matilda Jane on the Paperdolls team at the same time as you! Beautiful story and gorgeous family!