Candid Keepers #464


Amanda Browning of Sherwood, AR

Favorite Place:

Macon, Arkansas

Q:  Hey there, you know the drill.  Tell us your basic info.

A: So here goes nothing….My name is Amanda Browning and I am a trunk keeper #464 in Sherwood, Arkansas. I live here with my amazing hubby, my two little Princesses Emma who is 6 and Lily who is 2, and our miniature Schnauzer Buddy! My husband is a Nurse Anesthetist at a local hospital and besides working for Matilda Jane I am CEO of the Browning Household!

Q:  I always love to hear how people met and fell in love with their spouse.  Do share.

A:  Ryan and I met during our last year of college, but we did not go to the same school. We were introduced through my cousin who had gone to high school with Ryan. I immediately fell in love with the twinkle of mischief in his eyes and his sense of humor! He’s pretty darn handsome too! We have been married for 7 years and I love him even more now than when we met! We complement each other because we are SO different in so many ways! I love him to Pieces!

Q:  How many kiddos do you have?  Give us a little glimpse into who they are.

A:  I have two Beautiful daughters! Emma who is 6 is my little momma. She is very tenderhearted, Loyal, artistic, imaginative and a great conversationalist! She is also part fish!  She loves to swim and competes year round on our local swim team. She loves to paint and especially work outside with her daddy!
Lily is my little firecracker. She is tenacious and quite mischievous! She loves to play house and misses her sister terribly while she is at school. She loves to entertain and as soon as anyone enters the house they are immediately whisked away to “her” playroom.

These two girls have made me laugh, cry, hold my breath, and love more than I ever thought was imaginable.

Q:  How long have you been with Matilda Jane and when did you know you wanted to be a Trunk Keeper?

A: I have been with Matilda Jane since I was hired in November but officially since February. I fell in love with MJ two years ago. I had wanted to work for MJ for about a year and was overjoyed when the opportunity arose! I felt like it was Divine intervention that God opened the door for me to be hired. It is an amazing company and I love being a trunk keeper.

Q:  I have many rituals in my day.  How do you like to start out your day?

A: I get up, throw on a baseball hat and workout clothes and cook my girls breakfast.  We do a morning Devotional and then Once everyone is ready for school we are off to drop off and I try to squeeze in a quick run!

Q:  What is your favorite family tradition?

A: I have two particular ones that come to mind. For just my little family it is Saturday Morning Dance Parties. Just about every Saturday we blast the music as loud as possible while cooking breakfast and we all break it down! My girls LOVE getting to dance with their momma and daddy!

My second favorite involves my extended family. We always go Christmas Caroling the week before Christmas to people we know that need a pick me up, might be battling a terminal illness, or could have just lost a loved one. We have been doing this since I was in high school. I always look forward to it! It always brightens their day and reminds us what Christmas is all about!

Q:  Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

A:  It is really hard for me to narrow down who the most influential person is. The most influential people in my life I would say have been my parents. My dad is an amazing Godly man. He is Super patient and always tries to put a positive spin on things. He taught me to try to view the best in people because we are all flawed. My mom was a huge cheerleader in my life. She was a stay at home mom and is AMAZINGLY talented and was always volunteering at my school. I was always proud that she was there for not just me but any of my friends that needed her. She is very giving of her talents and loves to sew, and embroider things for others. She taught me above all that being a mom is THE best job in the world.

Q:  What is your favorite time of day and why?

A:  My favorite time of the day is mornings. We are all early birds at our house and I love getting up early and getting that jump start on the day watching beautiful sunrises!

Q:  Which TV family is most like your own?

A:  I would have to say we are most like the Disney Family The Incredibles. We each have a special unique talent that makes us who we are and together there is just no stopping us!

Q:  What if your favorite smell in the whole world?

A: My favorite smell in the whole world is buttercream icing! I love cake in general but nothing smells better than icing!

Q:  Good Hart is such a special place to Denise.  What town holds a special place in your heart?

A:  The town that holds a special place in my heart but might not even really be considered a town but it is  Macon, Arkansas. It is a small community that is also called Bayou Meto and it is where I grew up with tons of cousins and extended family. It is truly where everyone knows everyone. It is out in the country but has an amazing sense of community. Luckily I still live very close and get to go there weekly!

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Priscilla Bockelman - June 1, 2013 - 4:36 pm

Amanda is my trunk keeper and I was so excited to have someone closer to my house. She’s been so sweet and a great help in all of MJ ordering!!! Thank you MJ for featuring an Arkansas girl!!!

Jan - May 31, 2013 - 10:17 am

What an amazing highlight of Amanda!!! She is truly a beautiful person on the inside and out!! So grateful for her and her commitment to be such a great TK!!!

Amanda Teal - May 30, 2013 - 11:55 pm

What a beautiful family!

Suzi Lander - May 30, 2013 - 11:39 pm

Amanda is my TK and I can’t think of anyone who better represents what MJ is all about! I have known her since high school and I was so excited when she became a TK. She is such a giving, loving, and amazing woman! I am honored to not only call her my TK but to have her as my friend!