Candid Keepers #521


Kelly Moore of Germantown, TN


Q:  Well hello there.  Tell us a little bit about YOU.

A: Well, this is harder than I thought it would be! I have lived all my life in the South!  I am the oldest of 5 kids and ended up having 5 kids myself, so I think I must be drawn to chaos! I love being around people, cooking (really enjoy baking a little too much!), family gatherings, Pinterest, burlap, decorating and “crafting”!

Q:  How did you meet and fall in love with the man of your dreams?

A:  Adam and I met my freshman year of college (his junior year!) about 16 years ago! Yikes, that makes me feel old! It was LOVE at first talk for me! We ended up being in the same history class my second semester and sat by each other! Of course I thought he was really cute and nice, but then we started talking, and it was amazing how much we had in common as far as upbringing and our beliefs! I knew he was the type of guy I could bring home to my parents, and they would love! So, long story short he had to help me study for a couple of tests in the class, which truly did help keep me from bombing the class! (I forgot to tell you that he LOVES history, and I am not a good history student, so I conveniently needed his help!) After a while we began to date, and got married at the young ages of 22 and 23! We will celebrate 14 years next March! We are about as opposite as you can get as far as personalities, I probably drive him crazy most of the time, but there is no other guy in the world I would rather live life and have a family with! He can still make me giddy to this day!


Q:  Bebes?  You know we’d love to hear about them.

A:  Well, we have done our part to contribute to society! We have 5 kids that keep us on our toes! Here is a quick run down: Addie (11), Olivia (8), Spence (6), Clara (6), and Stratton (3) My big 4 are all in school this year at the wonderful Woodland Presbyterian School, where my husband happens to be the Head of School! So, I am down to one at home, which is crazy! Addie is totally in to sports, (playing and watching) I think she needs to be an ESPN analyst when she grows up! Olivia loves playing sports too and has a really fun artistic flare about her!! Spence is my first boy and has really shown me what a difference there is between boys and girls! Ha! He is full of energy and never stops, but at the same time he is so sweet and sensitive! Clara is my fun girly girl, she is a little mama around here and loves playing house, barbies, dolls, etc!! Then we have the baby, well Stratton is 3 so he is still at the age of mischief! He is starting to copy everything his big brother does which is so fun (most of the time!). He has 4 mamas around here that spoil him so he is enjoying falling into the role of the baby of the family! I am blessed beyond words to have the opportunity to be a mom to these kids.

Q:  How long have you been with Matilda Jane and when did you know you wanted to be a Trunk Keeper?

A:This is my FIRST season with MJ! I bought my first couple of pieces about 5 years ago after a friend heard of MJC through another friend! I never would have dreamed then that I would be a trunk keeper now! I loved being a Jane for multiple seasons, and enjoyed the fun atmosphere of a trunk show! I found that we were complimented everywhere we wore our clothes, they washed well, and my girls asked to wear them! So my good friend heard that our TK was looking to hire in the Memphis area and quickly called me and said this would be perfect for you! I turned in the application thinking it would be a long shot, but here I am! I love having a job that involves working with people, so it has been so much fun meeting new ladies and their children! Not to mention, my girls think they have their own personal shop in our house!


Q:  I have many rituals in my day.  How do you like to start out your day?

A: Well, truly mornings are pretty crazy here! Coffee is a MUST for sure! The morning usually involves dragging kids out of bed, breakfast, lunches, repeating multiple times “go brush your teeth”…Then off to drop kids off to school!

Q:  What is your favorite family tradition?

A: This is kind of hard to pick just one! But, I love Christmas morning when we line the kids up by age and let them come in to see what Santa has left for them! Their excitement and squeals are so fun to watch!

Q:  Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

A:  My grandmother, Mama Jane has been a huge influence in my life! She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! I love that my kids see her every day and she is a huge part of their life! She acts half her age and always is helping others out! She appreciates the beautiful things in life, she paints, can arrange any flower you need, and can make a simple lunch look like you are eating at a fancy restaurant! She has taught me to look at things with a creative eye! Mama Jane is truly an inspiration to me in how she treats people, takes care of herself, and stays so active! I hope I can be like her!


Q:  Which historical figure would you like to meet?

A:  Jane Austen

Q:  What is your favorite time of day and why?

A: I love the quiet of the house after the kids are in bed, my husband and I can watch tv together or actually carry on a conversation without interruption! It is PEACE at last!

Q:  What teacher or coach has had the most impact on you and why?

A:  One of my college professors, Kaye Wilson-Anderson was one of my most favorite teachers ever! I watched her use her role as a teacher to encourage, nurture, and show us how to love others! She has been a dear friend now to me for years!

Q:  Which TV family is most like your own?

A:  Well, I can’t think of a specific TV family, but I always thought I could have a cooking show called, “cooking in chaos!”


Q:  What is your favorite smell in the whole world?

A: Oh goodness this is hard, too, I love the smell of fresh baked goodies in the oven or a good candle from Anthropology like Volcano!!

Q:  Where is the coziest spot in your home?

A: I like my den because it is small and cozy especially during Christmas time with our tree and decorations up! We love all piling in and having a family movie night!

Q:  What is your “must have” Paint by Numbers piece?

A:  For the girls I love the Arcadia Hoodie! I love a good jacket or hoodie and this one goes with so much and a great basic PBN piece!!  For us ladies, I love the Finn pants, so every season this is a must have piece!! You will seriously get a compliment every time you where them!



Andi K. - December 22, 2013 - 6:17 pm

Volcano candles from Anthro are truly THE BEST! Lovely family 🙂