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Just a Note

I may have posted this quote before. I came across it tonite again as I was thinking about too many things to post. SamView full post »


Sometimes you wake up and just want to start your day the MJC way! Gosh, do you remember the days gone by that I used toView full post »

Pack your MJC’s

and it’s St. Patrick’s Day? How did that happen. I can barely comprehend how fast Spring is joining us. IView full post »

Oh Girl, I love you so….

Last week Lynette sent this out to the Matilda Jane Team. Her words are so great and I can’t seem to find anyView full post »

The Girls who Make it Happen

It’s a special place. It’s a thousand words. It’s a wonderful parade. What a great weekend. I almost felt, ok, IView full post »

Under the Big Top

I’ve said it once, or 20 times before…it is so exciting to see our designs come to life. It’s almostView full post »

Simple Beauty

Everywhere I turn I see Spring time. The auction. Platinum. Elysse’s gorgeous designs. Facebook and Instagram. ItView full post »

Thinking and Loving

Talk about a crazy house. Talk about a messy house, a pretty mess that is. Talk about one heck of an amazing MightyView full post »

Little Girls, Love and MJC

And I promised I would blog more often. I really have no place making promises. Ya, mostly because I forget half theView full post »

The Tag

I know a few of these key tags have snuck out of the building already.  And I am certain a few of you are confused.  IView full post »

Letting Us Help

This blog is going to be an easy blog thanks to a girl who emailed me 4 years ago. Libby Brady emailed me in November ofView full post »

Drumroll Please…..

You gals have kept me quite entertained reading and looking at posts.  Seriously, one of my fave jobs. I’m notView full post »

7yrs, 15 Memories, 1 regret

February 03, 2007 First post….. Often I am asked, ” What are you doing?” Nine out of ten times theView full post »

What a Wonderful World

We had a Board Meeting on Thursday. It was my first since I’ve been back to work. I was a little nervous. I neverView full post »

Tomorrow is the Day!

Friends, Tomorrow is the day! We finally get to share It’s a Wonderful Parade, our Spring 2014 collection. That’sView full post »

The Writing is on The Wall

How could it be? How could a little side hobby become a business? Crazy. As you know, or may not know, Platinum wasView full post »

Days of Our Lives….

10 more days. Wow. 10 more days till Sam and I can breathe again. Sigh. 10 more days and our Trunk Keepers will forgetView full post »

More than Words…

Once again, you had me at hello. The photos. The stories. The creativity. The thought. The love. The words. My gosh youView full post »