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Giver and Givings

…and our winners of the $150 Matilda Jane Gift Card and their favorite item of release one (launching February 1)View full post »

Watcha Lookin’ at Kid

Do you remember when you first discovered Matilda Jane? Oh, we flew pretty low on the radar. I kinda feel like we stillView full post »

Five for Fate

Call me crazy…but it may be fate. Fate that has been in the works for 5 years. After all I am going to TokyoView full post »

The Year was 2013

…and my New Year’s Eve or Year in Review? Ha, or whatever I ramble on about tonite. But I must admit, 3View full post »

A Monday

I was sitting here working on a few things and thought…. Holy cow, it is Monday already. Joe leaves for CO today,View full post »

Too much to tell

So much to say.  I love this weekend. Even if I haven’t been able to make it to all the events, it is when I feelView full post »

Butterflies in the Stomache

Such a weird feeling to have missed Art Fair. You all know, Art Fairs are in my blood. It the one thing that gets myView full post »

Art Fair Rules and Regulations

Sounds so official and fancy. I guess we have to since this year’s art fair is going to be bigger and better thanView full post »

Good Afternoon

I’m working on my old laptop and it’s so fun to see some of these pics from when Sam and I were designingView full post »


I saw a friend the other day and it was tough. It is tough to hear someone say, “you never call anymore, like youView full post »

Life as I know it

I swear WordPress hates me. Well, WordPress or my computer? It is the slowest most painful thing. Truth. Okay,View full post »

Platinum Update

Hello Platinum Lovers! Are you getting as excited for Art Fair as we are?! We have been working like crazy all week toView full post »


And it’s Wednesday. And it’s the middle of April. How the heck does that happen. My life has been such aView full post »

The Things You Think About

Ok, it might be a another blah, blah, blah post but sometimes I think about a lot.  A lot of random junk.  RandomView full post »

A Whirlwind

The tour is winding down. On April 17 I left for Shanghai, returned late to our Spring Break trip to Montana. Luckily, IView full post »

Buckets of cuteness

You guys had me smiling all afternoon long with those guesses! Come on, you think I would lie to you about all of thatView full post »

April Fool For You

FIRST OF ALL. Our 3rd Collection “Wishy Washy” launched this morning! This is definitely filled with some ofView full post »


It’s a rainy cold day here in Fort Wayne and I’m sitting at my desk as usual and working on colors forView full post »