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More Randomness

Ha, so I did it. I did the interview and sounded liek a goof. But I was all me.  If that counts for anything. You everView full post »

Just cuz…

Just ran home to walk with Anne but….cuz we are both lazy and always looking for a good excuse… here I amView full post »

A Whole New World

Thanks for all the great great pieces of advices. Sometimes you get so caught up in what’s around you, you forgetView full post »


Aside from the excitement of the release of Good Hart Collection 2, we’ve got some pretty fun news to share withView full post »

In Awe of….

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thingView full post »

Chick a Dee

A lot of you guys have been asking what the print is on this top. I’ve been waiting to show you for a bout a monthView full post »

A Little Help…

I got an email a few weeks ago and have been pondering over what to do. I hate to ever ask for help.  I already feelView full post »

Friendly Faces

Thought you’d love to see how we spent part of January planning collections, meeting new friends and bringing onView full post »

A day late

EDITOR’S NOTE: I wrote this on Tuesday night…But David’s blogs TOTALLY trump mine right now, I thinkView full post »

Congrats Babe!

From any day till Art Fair we are going to have this many new babies at Matilda Jane! And to think Vivian and Emily areView full post »

A Little History

Just a few notes. First, I have no business in making a video.  There’s a slew of amazing videographers out thereView full post »

The Place to Be

I gotta tell you, Sam and I sat across the desk from each other today and both took in  a huge sigh of relief. You knowView full post »

Trunk Shows, A Shower and Tickets

First, let’s start off with the 5 winners of a $150.00 Gift Card.  Thanks everyone for sharing your photos.  ItView full post »

A few more Art Fair Notes

I thought maybe it would be easiest to post a the most common Questions here, instead of having to scroll throughView full post »

The Story Goes…..

This might sound crazy, but in exactly one month and one day, 5 years ago (yes, I am not eloquent with numbers likeView full post »


About 2 minutes ago, I told Lynette that it feels like we are still in Fairfield Manor. Do you guys remember when weView full post »

Second Try

Ahh… I just wrote a really long post and I hit publish…then poof, there was an ‘internal server errorView full post »

And the year is over!

Can you believe it? 2012 came and went in a flash filled with BIG changes, INCREDIBLE opportunities, and HUGE ideas. ItView full post »