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Much of yesterday was spent helping Lupita, Patty, Sara Brown and Janeth with quality checks. Love them for coming in onView full post »

Happy Monday

Yep, I started today off right…with a good attitude, fresh coffee, and, most surprisingly, a bowl of fruit?! Ha IView full post »

A little regret

I’m sitting here approving comments for the past couple blogs that have been posted and I am thinking, why theView full post »

More Good Things

Sorry for the delay.  Got caught up in Thanksgiving festivities and just life. I gotta be honest, lately I feel like IView full post »

Lots of Good Things

Last night, Sara Brown and I finished up the last of our gifts for the kids and workers at the home we are going toView full post »

Baby Fever

Did you know we have SEVEN pregnant gals here at MJC! — Wanna win a few of our favorite Platinum Pieces?View full post »

Think About It

Lynette reminds me often “Think about it Denise, ever since we went to Peru, things have been happening. ThingsView full post »

Another rambling…

And today was our first official Board Meeting. I feel like I need to capitalize that cuz it’s pretty fancy, wellView full post »

Tucked in

I wanted to post a note letting all you East Coasters know you are in our thoughts and prayers tonite. Gosh, stay safeView full post »

A girl I love

These photos just make me smile. It brings me back to these days… Yup, that’s Gabe and I trying to figureView full post »

We are Matilda Jane

I’m sitting here rubbing my head cuz I can’t think of a single thing to say.  I loved that you were all soView full post »

Good Stuff

Do you know the moment I start blogging I start thinking about typo’s!! Yup, but I can’t help it and I doView full post »

Count Your Blessings

Can I first say how excited I am about this Sweetest Day Promotion. Seems I can not even read about it with out tearingView full post »

Fight Like a Girl

Where does one start, when the subject itself is still so sensitive yet we all have so much “Hope”. Come toView full post »

Questions, totally off track.

If we worked on a perfect schedule I would be just getting to go to sleep in a nice comfy hotel bed in the heart ofView full post »

Calling all Photo Love Participants

Matilda Jane Photo Love PHOTO LOVE We’re going to do it a little different this year.  It’s going to be split intoView full post »


I know I should have announced the winner by now for the recipe contest  The problem was that I intended to make my topView full post »

Speaking Volumes

You can ask anyone, I am not a talker. Ok, I am if I am nervous or if it something I am super passionate aboutView full post »