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Hope Not to Disappoint too Much…

I know I said that I would be sharing a DIY project on Tuesdays BUT I also said sometimes I get a little busy …andView full post »

Share with Me

Not sure how I could ever compete with the great posts this week, so guess what? I’M NOT!!!! So instead of meView full post »

And the cast is……

And here we have it!!! You guys were fast with the submissions.  A few words got left out after I realized some of theView full post »

You’re Gonna Love This

Hey Ladies! We’ve got some fun new things to share with you! Last week we had a little Platinum meeting andView full post »

It’s a good day!

I think I ahve been singing that song since I walked Franklin at 8am. “Yes, it’s a good day for singing aView full post »

Meet Serlita….

As promised for the third week in a row…(sorry gals), Desi and I are back to the weekly edition of meet an MJCView full post »

twilight zone

Today I’ve been Pinning all of the beautiful posts that Jami writes about our Trunk Keepers, and adding them toView full post »

A few lessons…..

This may have been one of my favorite contests in a long time. Actually all the crew at MJC was loving it. I told themView full post »

Being a Mom is hard to do…

Sometimes I think too much before I blog. I swear I just spend 15 minutes looking for a cute pic, but I decided to goView full post »


I gotta say it, without a question this is my most favorite photo of the Fall Line. Okay, one of my favorites. I justView full post »

Flash Back

I will have to say, posting at night has really become my new thing. This makes two weeks in row and the pressure is wayView full post »

FLASHBACK August 14, 2008

Gosh, when Sarah started I don’t think we even had a chair in the office. 100 shelves, 2 room additions (well, newView full post »

Home is wherever I’m with you

Yep, it’s about time I show my face on the blog again. As much as I love to blog and have always considered it aView full post »

School Days.

Remember last week when Gabe’s class came to 435?  We wanted to give them the authentic Matilda Jane experience,View full post »

Sunny Skies and Blinking Eyes

And here’s the crew!! They all got to see the clothing, pick out a few pieces, pull it from shelves andView full post »

She got it from her Mama

Oh I already know today is going to be a great one. I mean it’s Friday. That’s usually reason enough for allView full post »

baby got the blues

At least once a week I have a day where I feel like I cannot do anything right. I’m sure it’s part of beingView full post »

Just Thinking…

I went to bed last night telling myself  “There is much to be done, you cannot be sick, you have to wake up readyView full post »