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The Right One?

Oh, this is gonna be hard. It was hard enough breaking it down to the Top 10, luckily you voted the Top Three. Three?View full post »

It’s the Best Time of the Year

And there’s only 7 days left!! Make this week matter, create some memories, share some love and give a lottaView full post »

A few Good Ones.

Okay ladies…we are getting closer to posting the Top 10 on the website for voting. Originally, we were going toView full post »

Back in the Game

It seemed as soon as we landed in Detroit from Shanghai that it was time for a road trip. I got home Friday only toView full post »

A Dumpling Farewell

Once last night, one last great dinner eating dumplings. I am certain Sam, Lynette and Kayla are very jealous. ItView full post »

Just Breathe

And now you say Good Night as I say Good Morning. Oh, man!  I must say cuz to the many of you who think traveling allView full post »

Oh Pretty Night

You say Good Morning as I say Good Night!  The sky was so cool I just had to show you! Chris is all tucked in, CarlaView full post »

A little Sad, a little Happy and a whole bunch TIRED

We have arrived in Shanghai and it is so warm here!! But the hotel room is freezing! Gabe always gets so sad when IView full post »

Travel and Contest

just as the trucks were rolling in, Chris and I were realizing, “Yikes, we go to China in 2 days!”.  AndView full post »

Trunk Keeper Love

You see that cute thing!!? Yup, it landed at my front door yesterday. Cutest thing I have ever laid my eyes on!! And aView full post »

Goofy, loveable BUNS

Hi everyone- it’s Chris. Many of you may not know who I am here at MJC because I am more behind the scenes. I workView full post »

Spread the Love, Matilda Jane Style

I think I have been asked at least 5 times this weekend what I want for Christmas. And all 5 times I responded, “View full post »

Giving Thanks

Where does one start. I feel like this week has been filled with events, people and situations I have to be thankful forView full post »

Oh Girl, I LOVE you so….

never, ever gonna let you go!….. Ahh and here’s to our fantastically fabulous Trunk Keepers.View full post »

All Tied up in Knots, Matilda Jane Knots

…and I am loving this lots and lots . Gosh who doesn’t love that movie “That Thing You do”?View full post »

Just for the Sake of it

There is nothing better than helping someone just for the sake of being nice. And when it happens to you, oh the feelingView full post »

“I’m not looking for the BEST players, I’m looking for the RIGHT players”

I hear way too often, “I can’t believe you do not have girls” and my response is usually, “Oh,View full post »