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The Best Man Standing

Now I know many of you may think I am referring to Abe Lincoln, but truth is I have only seen him sitting on that bigView full post »

The Love

The weekend was packed with events. We had our Annual Dress Rehearsal, Trunk Keeper Conference, Carla was in form Peru,View full post »

The List

I think I may just need glasses. My TO DO list is growing so long I am bound to over look something. Yes, and I knowView full post »

With Love…..

Last week took my breath away. It was everything I wanted and more. I told David what I cared the most about for 435 wasView full post »


I don’t know if word has gotten around yet… But for the 435 Art Fair this year, Denise and I worked nearlyView full post »

Good Times and Karoke

Joe is a huge fan of Bon Jovi, as is David. We went to a concert last year and my name got added to the fan listView full post »

The Amazing, The Unbelievable and The Truth

I think the most amazing part of 435 is my Grandpa is making something real special for some of your kiddos. We’llView full post »

Sweet, Sweet Summer

How happy are you that school’s out and you get to spend every day of these coming months with your little ones?View full post »

I spy…

It’s coming quickly and we know you’re counting down the days…Art Fair is almost here!  Are you asView full post »

Simple things

Sometimes, well, every time I think about Matilda Jane and its huge growth in the past few years I am left with a hugeView full post »

Laugh and Be Happy

Joe stayed the night at Noah’s last night so we took Gabe to the movies. Could he be any cuter? I kept looking atView full post »

Love Today

Oh, another good day on the horizon.  It may be rainy and cold and the perfect day to stay in bed but I can hardly waitView full post »

Bragging Rights

Okay..I gotta brag for a minute…just one….but we made it into OLG’s Newsletter and even better it readView full post »

Hmmm, let’s see…

I think it would be totally great of Neesha a and Mary Kay + BFF come visit us early.  Oh ya!!! If you come earlyView full post »

A little 435

There is nothing better than waking up in your own bed. Love it. The house is still quiet. Sam is sitting right next toView full post »

Matilda Jane Girls

I think this photo is so funny. Not really sure why it looks as if everything is spinning and that cute little kitten isView full post »


In all truth..before I get to the good stuff…I am wishing my finger would heal. Did I tell you I cut it pretty badView full post »

You Take the Good and you Take the Bad

We’ve got a 6:48pm flight booked tomorrow for 4.  David, Joe, Gabe and I all going to Italy to see my sweet (yesView full post »