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You Can Help

It seems funny to have a girls clothing line when you have 2 boys right? What you didn’t know was I actually haveView full post »

Make a Change

Good thing I work at home.  If I was at 4031 I am doubtful anyone would want to share an office with me. I’mView full post »

Thinking and Loving

Talk about a crazy house. Talk about a messy house, a pretty mess that is. Talk about one heck of an amazing MightyView full post »

Letting Us Help

This blog is going to be an easy blog thanks to a girl who emailed me 4 years ago. Libby Brady emailed me in November ofView full post »

Some Nights I Stay Up…

The past few nights I have been up with my head spinning. Okay, who am I kidding, the past month since I have been homeView full post »

Kiara (aka Kiki)

Saying good-bye to: Kiara Amstutz A pillar of: Independence. Fearlessness. Determination. Generosity. Creativity BecauseView full post »

Too much to tell

So much to say.  I love this weekend. Even if I haven’t been able to make it to all the events, it is when I feelView full post »


I’ve been planning this blog post in my head since before we even boarded our first flight to Kenya almost twoView full post »

A Whirlwind

The tour is winding down. On April 17 I left for Shanghai, returned late to our Spring Break trip to Montana. Luckily, IView full post »

Patiently Waited!!!!

First and foremost,  I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Easter surrounded by family and friends. Mine was great!! This wasView full post »

Africa Tuesday

Looks like it’s “Africa Tuesday” again..I’m thinking that’s what we should call it sinceView full post »

Life Lately

Looks like it’s Tuesday again. Instead of just talking about Africa like I always do I thought I would just shareView full post »

Living the Dream

Tuesday again? Seriously, I feel like this past week flew by! Wanna talk more about Africa? I hope so, cause that’View full post »

A Whole New World

Thanks for all the great great pieces of advices. Sometimes you get so caught up in what’s around you, you forgetView full post »

Life Changing

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already! Like always, I thought I would talk some more about Africa and ourView full post »

Lovely lovelies

And here’s to you for all you help from baking to buying bakes goods, to your thoughts and prayers, to coming to aView full post »

Cupcakes for a Cause

All of us at the home office wanted to enter the the great bake off with you gals and our trunk keepers. So here youView full post »