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Already Back but Wishing I Wasn’t..

Been back for only two days now and already wishing I was back in Kenya. Seriously, how could you want to leave allView full post »

Chick a Dee

A lot of you guys have been asking what the print is on this top. I’ve been waiting to show you for a bout a monthView full post »

A Little Help…

I got an email a few weeks ago and have been pondering over what to do. I hate to ever ask for help.  I already feelView full post »

Dwelling on Africa: Day Four

Day 4: Woke up in the middle of the night last night and had trouble falling back asleep. Eventually I did, but while IView full post »

Dwelling On Africa, Day Three

I love reading Davids take on Kitale and the kids. Ignore the typos and such. He is sending this to me via text. Here&#View full post »

Dwelling On Africa

David is pretty much known as the “worrier” around work, well that, and Mr. Obvious.  So when I brought upView full post »

My Heart is Forever in Africa

Only 3 more days and I’ll be on my way to Africa for the third time. I started getting stuff together last nightView full post »

We are All Passionate About Something

Tuesdays are my day to blog and I usually like to share something about Africa or a DIY craft but I thought for today IView full post »

Emotional Rollercoaster

What’s a girl to do? I feel like I am in high school breaking up with my first boyfriend. This is my girl. She wasView full post »

For the Love of Africa

I’ve spent the past few weeks at home and a majority of that time has been spent on the couch. (I had surgery onView full post »

A great place to start…

It is always so hard to start of blog posts.  I swear I start everyone off with  “I”. You guys posted soView full post »


Much of yesterday was spent helping Lupita, Patty, Sara Brown and Janeth with quality checks. Love them for coming in onView full post »


It is amazing how one experience can change your world FOREVER. A part of me was excited to come back and share thisView full post »


Denise, Lynette’s sister, was so dead on when she told us all that we would feel a range of emotions once we gotView full post »

Heading Home with a Heavy Heart

I think I could vouch for everyone here, yesterday was one of the most moving days of our lives. The highs and lows wereView full post »

Last Day

Becky, Carla, Pat and I spent all day at the orphanage. While us girls continued to paint, Pat made bricks. I wish youView full post »

A little regret

I’m sitting here approving comments for the past couple blogs that have been posted and I am thinking, why theView full post »

Day Two and Three

Waking up for Morning Two. Aside from me being in tears much of the drive to the orphanage, the entire place was filledView full post »