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Candid Keepers #263

I know it must get redundant how I RAVE about all of the amazing women I get to interview each week, but it’s trueView full post »

Candid Keepers #351

I was so inspired this week by so many of the articles in The Sandbucket magazine (all about Moms) that hit stands onView full post »

Candid Keepers #358

Oh Vaughn, what can I say about a girl who loves cheeseburgers, treasures her friends and married her worst date everView full post »

Candid Keepers #246

I remember the first time I “met” Jane.  It was right after we announced the House of Koop auction and sheView full post »

Candid Keepers {#217}

Well, hello Jenny Berg of Atlanta!!  When I said these interviews were a “piece of cake”, you made it lookView full post »

Candid Keepers {#346}

It’s no secret that I love amazing women and at the ripe age of 36 I’ve realized that I need them in my lifeView full post »

Reason {#329}

What do you get when you toss a pinch of Springtime,  heaps of playful palettes, fun loving fare, a few pounds of furryView full post »

Candid Keeper {#364}

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Amy Brown via Skype this week and let me tell you, she is as funny as she is gorgeousView full post »

Candid Keepers {#345}

It’s that time again!!  Time to get up close and personal with one of your All-Star TK’s located in Tampa,View full post »

Candid Keepers {#361}

Yep, it’s that time again.  Time to get to know one of the ultra fabulous women that gets that brown box, whetherView full post »

Thanks for playing.

I’m not sure I can remember the last time I laughed that hard over something on the internet. You girls had meView full post »

Candid Keepers {#250}

To say I am KICKING myself, would be an understatement!  Tara is the first of all the Trunk Keepers I have interviewedView full post »

Candid Keepers {#329}

I’m so excited for this weeks installment of Candid Keepers and to introduce Lisa Rapo of Santa Clarita, CA.  IView full post »

Winner, Winner!!

Another winner!! Steph S. who shared her love of Natalie Kukla, Trunk Keeper Extraordinaire. Please email Kiaraa@View full post »

Candid Keepers {#327}

There’s a common thread woven very tightly throughout the women of Matilda Jane.  Whether an employee of 435, a TrunkView full post »

Candid Keepers {#359}

(Posted by Jami) Okay.  Let’s see a show of hands from anyone who has secretly wished they could be a Matilda JaneView full post »

Candid Keepers {#341}

There’s a town in central Michigan that is home to one MJ’s ultra fabulous NEW Trunk Keepers.  A lover ofView full post »

Candid Keepers {#334}

It’s always a bit unnerving meeting/skyping with someone for the first time.  Wondering if you’ll stutter, worriedView full post »