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Help Baby Ira!

There are so many things that I just love about Matilda Jane Clothing, but the one thing that touches me the most is theView full post »

Oh Girl, I love you so….

Last week Lynette sent this out to the Matilda Jane Team. Her words are so great and I can’t seem to find anyView full post »

7yrs, 15 Memories, 1 regret

February 03, 2007 First post….. Often I am asked, ” What are you doing?” Nine out of ten times theView full post »

The Year was 2013

…and my New Year’s Eve or Year in Review? Ha, or whatever I ramble on about tonite. But I must admit, 3View full post »

Then I Saw Red

I have to admit the past month laying in a comatose feeling has brought some good things out in me.  You do know, atView full post »

Some Nights I Stay Up…

The past few nights I have been up with my head spinning. Okay, who am I kidding, the past month since I have been homeView full post »

It’s all I know…

So much to say. Well maybe a lot to read if you wanna hear cancer stuff. My thoughts are pretty scattered so I’mView full post »

Butterflies in the Stomache

Such a weird feeling to have missed Art Fair. You all know, Art Fairs are in my blood. It the one thing that gets myView full post »

Reasons I’m smiling

Funny how a cute new chick blogs yesterday and suddenly I’m VERY interested in posting! I gotta make sure you guysView full post »

Till Next Week

I was lucky enough to come up to Michigan with Lynette, Anne and families for the long weekend. Gosh, it is so nice toView full post »


I saw a friend the other day and it was tough. It is tough to hear someone say, “you never call anymore, like youView full post »


And it’s Wednesday. And it’s the middle of April. How the heck does that happen. My life has been such aView full post »

Good Bye Sunday

Have you ever heard the song Seven Sundays? Ahhh…so good. And I so wish there were really seven Sundays. IView full post »

The Things You Think About

Ok, it might be a another blah, blah, blah post but sometimes I think about a lot.  A lot of random junk.  RandomView full post »

A Whirlwind

The tour is winding down. On April 17 I left for Shanghai, returned late to our Spring Break trip to Montana. Luckily, IView full post »

April Fool For You

FIRST OF ALL. Our 3rd Collection “Wishy Washy” launched this morning! This is definitely filled with some ofView full post »

Class of 2003

Its amazing to look back at the last 10 years. The good the bad and the ugly. This year will be my 10 year High SchoolView full post »

A Whole New World

Thanks for all the great great pieces of advices. Sometimes you get so caught up in what’s around you, you forgetView full post »