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Truth is I have been trying to blog for days.  A good thought rushes in…..and then Gabe rushes in too.  ThoughtsView full post »

Call me Crazy but…..

When I read Facebook, see the great notes at the office, feel the love at 435 Art Fair, read the emails that share suchView full post »

Love, Luck and Puppies

What can I say?  I am smitten. Yup, it’s me and Sam (the cat) up against the 4 boys of the house. Sam? Well, sheView full post »


And this is for Sam. I have told her one too many times she must visit Northern Michigan so she can understand theView full post »

Listen Up

Don’t laugh but it took me about 20, okay 30 minutes to get that pic uploaded. Ha. I could not, for the life of meView full post »


We are day 4 into our “vacation” and I am still wondering when vacation will start. It is so hard to turn myView full post »

In Our Own Skin

I have been waiting to write this post for a few weeks now. If you had to rank your friends on insecurities from 1-10,View full post »


I predict this is  the girl who will steal my son’s heart.  The first time I laid my eyes on her, I knew it. View full post »

These are the Days

Do you ever go to sleep and realize you barely spent anytime with your little ones that day? I hate that feeling and IView full post »

I Love These Moments

I lucked out last night.  Joe fell asleep right next to me. It seems as they get older the more and more you treasureView full post »

The Amazing, The Unbelievable and The Truth

I think the most amazing part of 435 is my Grandpa is making something real special for some of your kiddos. We’llView full post »

NOT possible…..

The plan was to spend the evening editing pics for a new look book on the site.  Yet, I sit here mesmerized by theView full post »

Things Happen

What do you do when your 9 year old says, with his eyes full of tears, “It’s so hard to be different”View full post »

You Take the Good and you Take the Bad

We’ve got a 6:48pm flight booked tomorrow for 4.  David, Joe, Gabe and I all going to Italy to see my sweet (yesView full post »


So this gorgeous gal is gonna have a baby any day….but let it be known Kayla and Lynette are both out of theView full post »

A little Toast

Perfect day to be home. It is the start of the Amazing Race and we all know how much I love that show. Gabe has notView full post »

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

1. Would be the SUGAR 2. Would be a little bit of SPICE And 3. would certainly be ALL THINGS NICE And the winning nameView full post »

Cupcakes and Updates

Simply amazing.  I think that is the most comments we have ever received. Okay, I don’t think it is, I know it isView full post »