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Mr. Grumpy

What can I say? I bribed him with cookies, I bribed him with wii, I even told him he could wear his green Adidas shortsView full post »

Fools in Love…

Seriously, how does one end up with this on Garage Sale day.  As I said before, the early bird gets the worm.View full post »

Drumroll please…

Ava was so sweet.  Her mom made the mistake of telling her we had a “splash pad” if you know what that is.View full post »

Top 5

Yes, and I even read a book today, thanks to a wonderful customer. I am telling you when we opened these books at theView full post »

I just love 3 day weekends! Oops, make that 4 cuz we all took Friday off!! We had a fun party last night, the first oneView full post »

Night Shift

I’m almost back into the swing of things. It seems I have been neglecting my blog a ton lately, oh but there areView full post »

Typical Joe Fashion

After almost a week in Peru, we got home Friday evening. It was a hectic week and I have a feeling it will only continueView full post »

Just say N0 to the JUDGE

I’m not really sure how it all started but I do know it involved either Sara Brown or Hannah when they were like 8View full post »

Your Guess is as Good as Mine

You can decide what happened, cuz for some reason no one here has a clue. the only thing we, well Joe, knows for sure isView full post »

Christy sent over the most amazing pic that pretty much sums up the weather here, rainy and blustery. And this is theView full post »

Duck, Duck, Goose

I can’t believe a few of you actually guessed it!! I’d tell you who but I have a huge headache and am tooView full post »

Three things

1. I strongly encourage you all to get a bike this weekend. There is nothing better than a friend calling in the middleView full post »

The Hometown Folk

It was in 7th grade the I first heard the name Joe Shampine. My bestest friend, Gretta, had been bestest pals with himView full post »

Running on Empty

Yesterday was the day I was supposed to get gas, then last night then, well, I so forgot.  I really do hate morning,View full post »

Home Sweet Home

It was such a great Spring Break. I might say the best ever. We went down to WaterSound for a week with 3 other familiesView full post »

  Happy Easter to you!!  Yup, my kids are all sugared up and fighting like…umm you know squirrels in trees thatView full post »

Room 3637 and 284

Happy 4th Birthday Catie!!! I had told Lynette and Kayla I was going home to watch a movie and fall asleep on the couchView full post »