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Happiness Delivered Daily

I heard a loud bang and was completely puzzled let alone a bit freaked. I sat there for a few moments, well actuallyView full post »


Today was the day to tackle the garage. You have no clue how exciting it is to have a garage.  Wow. yes, we have aView full post »


Oh, and so much  more goodness in those boxes. I really did save EVERYTHING…I found a box of old fingernails (yesView full post »

Shop my Stuff

Wow, have I been slacking or what? I told David the first thing I am doing this morning is blogging. I lied. I shoveledView full post »

Good Morning my Cuteness

Pretty much every morning gabe crawls into my bed, rubs my cheek and says “Good morning my cuteness.” We&#View full post »

Can I borrow….

Save items to your Wish List as you shop. Ready to order? Add the item to your cart. Wish List Item Total $14,844.00View full post »

The Bread Box

I really like bread boxes. I do. Everytime I see a cute one, I snatch it up. I just got this one at Target.  TheyView full post »

My One and ONLY girl…

I love this girl shown in the above pic painting with me nearly 14 years ago.  (Did you know that I used to paintView full post »

One more day…

I spent at least 2 hours last night trying to insert a video onto the blog. I am so not a computer guru as you all canView full post »

The Fabric of our Lives…

I think I may have used that title one or two times before but it fits so well.  I am so beyond excited for January toView full post »

Our Girls

We started the Amazing Race, MJC style, Thursday night.  Each race Team leader had to find there Trunk Keeper number inView full post »

The Key…

Often people ask me “how do you do it all?” And my normal reply is, “I don’t.” This hasView full post »

Puppy Love

We signed the papers on our first house about 12 years ago. We promptly went to pick up our new puppy Goliath, a NewView full post »

You see what Joe’s got? Oh, ya one huge smile and a couple of new teeth.  Cool and sad all at the same time.  IView full post »