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Till Next Week

I was lucky enough to come up to Michigan with Lynette, Anne and families for the long weekend. Gosh, it is so nice toView full post »


I’ve been planning this blog post in my head since before we even boarded our first flight to Kenya almost twoView full post »

Buckets of cuteness

You guys had me smiling all afternoon long with those guesses! Come on, you think I would lie to you about all of thatView full post »

April Fool For You

FIRST OF ALL. Our 3rd Collection “Wishy Washy” launched this morning! This is definitely filled with some ofView full post »

Africa Tuesday

Looks like it’s “Africa Tuesday” again..I’m thinking that’s what we should call it sinceView full post »

A few of my favorite things

I feel like I’ve been gone forever. Maybe it’s because when Denise and I design we become recluses and hideView full post »


I feel like it has been so long since my last blog, maybe because it has. I have so much going on I would love to shareView full post »

In Awe of….

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thingView full post »


There are so many exciting things going on in my brain right now. Warm and Cozy Art Fair 2013 Habitat for Humanity andView full post »

This is Good Hart

My Grandpa always said, “Surround yourself with the ones who have good hearts. Together, you’ll soar.“View full post »

Giving 110%

I keep thinking about Art Fair. And about Fall Jane Exclusives. And about quantities we are ordering. And checkingView full post »

Second Try

Ahh… I just wrote a really long post and I hit publish…then poof, there was an ‘internal server errorView full post »

PhotoLove Winner

Oh happy day! We are back at work and it feels so good. I loved the 5 day break, but after being sick 3 days last weekView full post »

Babes in Toyland

Once again, I’m blogging right after such a beautiful post. This time it’s from our Platinum Manager, KiaraView full post »

Last Day

Becky, Carla, Pat and I spent all day at the orphanage. While us girls continued to paint, Pat made bricks. I wish youView full post »

Our First Day

Denise (Lynette’s) sister was so right when she said you will feel way more emotions than you kind find words forView full post »

California Dreamin’

Oh it seems like I’m living in a blur these days. Yama (Sarah) and I just landed in Fort Wayne last night from theView full post »

Time well spent

Oh Monday mornings… They can be rough, right? Especially when you get back from China on Saturday at 9PM and can&#View full post »