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Hello, Friends! It’s Kayla!!!!! You haven’t forgotten about me, have you? It feels like years since I lastView full post »

Help Baby Ira!

There are so many things that I just love about Matilda Jane Clothing, but the one thing that touches me the most is theView full post »

It’s a Wonderful Parade

Friends, We’re so excited for a new year, full of new opportunities and the chance to make new memories—together. View full post »

More about Me and Cancer

I like Houston. It is hot but from what I’ve seen I feel like I’m in Peru. It may be because I’mView full post »

Paint By Numbers

It’s hard to describe how I feel about our collections. I spend a year of my life looking, creating, developing,View full post »

Kitty Stickers and Puffy Penguins

All I wanna do is laugh and smile. Then do it all over again. You guys have beyond spoiled me. My gosh! The photos andView full post »

Reasons I’m smiling

Funny how a cute new chick blogs yesterday and suddenly I’m VERY interested in posting! I gotta make sure you guysView full post »


I’ve been planning this blog post in my head since before we even boarded our first flight to Kenya almost twoView full post »

April Fool For You

FIRST OF ALL. Our 3rd Collection “Wishy Washy” launched this morning! This is definitely filled with some ofView full post »

Class of 2003

Its amazing to look back at the last 10 years. The good the bad and the ugly. This year will be my 10 year High SchoolView full post »

Africa Tuesday

Looks like it’s “Africa Tuesday” again..I’m thinking that’s what we should call it sinceView full post »

Life Lately

Looks like it’s Tuesday again. Instead of just talking about Africa like I always do I thought I would just shareView full post »

A few of my favorite things

I feel like I’ve been gone forever. Maybe it’s because when Denise and I design we become recluses and hideView full post »


I feel like it has been so long since my last blog, maybe because it has. I have so much going on I would love to shareView full post »


There are so many exciting things going on in my brain right now. Warm and Cozy Art Fair 2013 Habitat for Humanity andView full post »

Nervosa and excitement!

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the Good Hart release this weekend! I really want to know what yourView full post »

Giving 110%

I keep thinking about Art Fair. And about Fall Jane Exclusives. And about quantities we are ordering. And checkingView full post »