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It’s time for Photo Love!

What is PHOTO LOVE? Photo Love is a contest started years ago by Denise, MJC’s founder, as a fun way to showcaseView full post »

PhotoLove Winner

Oh happy day! We are back at work and it feels so good. I loved the 5 day break, but after being sick 3 days last weekView full post »


As you know, ALL of the PhotoLove entries were the bees knees. But there can only be one winner that comes to Fort WayneView full post »

Top Eleven

You know what? I couldn’t pick ten so I picked eleven. And I’m certain you’ll understand if you’View full post »

Photo Love Round Two

It’s that time again!!! Photo Love always blows me away.  We got close to 1000 entries this year and we had toView full post »

The wheels keep on turnin’

I feel like I’m racing against the clock this week. Today is Tuesday and I feel like all of Fall 2013 is waitingView full post »

Emotions of PhotoLove

innocence Oh, PhotoLove, you have me filled to the brim with emotion! Jealousy has paid me a visit, and envy has stoppedView full post »


Changing the name of Character Counts was not something we planned on doing a month into the Fall season, but it had toView full post »

The Right One?

Oh, this is gonna be hard. It was hard enough breaking it down to the Top 10, luckily you voted the Top Three. Three?View full post »

It’s 10:10 pm and Joe will not even go to bed. He is in Garage Sale mode. He and Gabe have a plan they are gonnaView full post »


It’s like a swarm of gorgeous girls here. A few more cuts and a few more envelopes and we are almost there!View full post »


I really have no clue, and from the sounds of it neither do you. You had some pretty good ideas though. And I think MimiView full post »

Another good day on the horizon. Two days in a row, now that is a pretty cool thing. Seven more days till Spring BreakView full post »

A Bunch of Fun

No excuses. I just keep finding more stuff to put away and move. For real, I am never buying another thing again. Okay,View full post »

Room No. 4750 and 383

We are all sleeping together now. Yup, me, Joe, Gabe and David. Everything is moved but my bed. Everything is moved andView full post »

Shop my Stuff

Wow, have I been slacking or what? I told David the first thing I am doing this morning is blogging. I lied. I shoveledView full post »

Hamamond Bay

What’s on your list?

I was so lucky last night. I was uploading pictures and realized I was missing one or 2 things. And there sitting in myView full post »