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On growing up…

Good afternoon!  Lauren here.  Some of you may remember from last summer when I was an intern.  As I write to you nowView full post »

Daydream Believer

All I can do is think about going to bed, or just taking a nap. I am so dang tired. I have myself 1/2 convinced I haveView full post »

Nothing Much

Just working on some banners, and a few things and thought I should say hi.  I’m so excited for you to seeView full post »


Hard to believe that February is almost over. I feel like it was yesterday when Serendipity was released. Now we areView full post »

Lost in Love

Oh, not only did this turn out to be one of my favorite photos, it is my most favorite Knot Dress in a very long time.IView full post »


I’ve been back from Las Vegas for 5 or 6 days now, but it still feels like I’m far away. I think that’View full post »

Serendipity Take Two

Just cuz it’s Sunday night and I’m sitting here waiting patiently for David to be done doing whatever he isView full post »

To Conquer

And the Season is off! Wow, that was fast, like super quick and all of a sudden I show up to work and there are so manyView full post »

Holding my breath

I mean it. I don’t know if I’m choosing not to breathe or if I simply can’t today! I’m in theView full post »


Main Entry: ser·en·dip·i·ty Pronunciation: ser-en-dip-i-ty Function: noun : the gift of finding valuable orView full post »

A Sand Bucket Full of Anticipation

Lots of anticipation is brewing! I can feel it….but guess what? So I got to read The Sandbucket form front to backView full post »

Just a Little…

I think I could sit here all day and play with Serendipity. The colors, the textures, and just the way it flows! It isView full post »

Hands, Head, and Heart

Good Morning ladies! I wanted to blog first thing this morning to give you the answer to yesterday’s trickyView full post »

Stay with me

I can tell it’s about to be the beginning of a new season because I can’t keep my head straight. Yep, it&#View full post »

Almost Home

I already know I am going to love this week. So much anticipation brewing, so many boxes being packed and unpackedView full post »

On the Horizon

So many wonderful things are happening at MJC right now. Yes we are crazy busy and yes we have even more craziness aheadView full post »

Randomness and Good Things

I have been sitting at this computer since about 7 this am. You’d think I’d be done with whatever it is I amView full post »

A little Fate, Magic and Serendipity

A few days ago someone on FB asked  “Why did you choose the name Serendipity” or maybe they asked “View full post »