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Spreading a Little Love

Generous, creative, talented, caring … those are just a few of the many words that come to mind when many think ofView full post »


This just might be one of our favorite days of the year! Giving Tuesday is near and dear to our hearts, as giving isView full post »

At the Heart of It All

**We love all the cheer you all are spreading through your communities. Congratulations to Kristin S. and Chelsea E!View full post »

Platinum Spreads a Little Love!

Three years ago, I signed onto this blog for the first time to introduce myself to all of you as the new girl inView full post »

Spread a Little Love!

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about school ending, summer beginning, and all the adventures that awaitedView full post »

Spreading the Love

Nestled in the north side of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a little street called Matilda Jane Cove. We love seeing thisView full post »

Platinum by Matilda Jane Clothing

Hello, everyone! One of my favorite places to walk by in the MJC home office is the Platinum area. I tend to be a fastView full post »

Spread the Love is Back!

With Thanksgiving coming up, we are reminded of all the reasons we have to be grateful. We’ve been very blessed hereView full post »

The Gift of Giving

Guess what guys…… I know it’s early but it is MY MOST FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR. Hands Down. But firstView full post »

A Thankful Spread the Love

Well gals, it’s time to dig deep and think about those little moments that were, in truth, “huge”View full post »

Ways to Wear It Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! This week we styled another one of our new favorites, the Stellar Skirt! It’s name says it all,View full post »

An Element of Fun in the Most Delightful Way

The element of surprise. The thing is, it only works when you don’t expect it. And in my opinion only, happiness doesnView full post »

Spread the LOVE

We all got home yesterday afternoon and my mind is so full of ideas that I swear my body is shaking from head to toe. View full post »

“Top 10”

Wow, what a fun filled weekend the entire MJC team just had. For those of you who may not know. Every year, we hold aView full post »

International Women’s Day

At Matilda Jane we have the distinct pleasure of  working with a whole lot of strong and talented women everyday. WeView full post »

Because of YOU

We have done so many great things together in the past year. And I am not sure if you realize it but YOU have done soView full post »