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Team MJC

Remember last Friday when I promised Carrie and I would be back to introduce you to another MJC crew member todayView full post »

Summer is Over

Have you ever had one of those days? The kind where you have not stopped moving since your feet hit the floor, and yetView full post »

Happy Labor Day!

Hey! I know it’s Friday and that usually means another chance for you all to meet an MJC “Character”,View full post »

Destination: Shanghai

I feel like I haven’t blogged in weeks. Or maybe its just because, time sure does fly when you are having fun. IView full post »

not a moment to spare!

This has been a truly busy Monday.  And it is certainly going to be a very busy week to boot! Wanna know what’sView full post »

Meet Amber

Desi and I are back with our weekly installment of the meet the MJC crew. This week we are going back to the warehouseView full post »

Oh happy day

Do you ever just wake up and know it’s going to be a better day than the one before? I had that feeling thisView full post »

Team Beckitha

Two of our favorite girls around- you know them as Becky and Tabitha, queens of the return department. We know them asView full post »

The dress that will travel the globe…

About a month ago we were contacted to be a part of a special project.  Sandi Gentry, who you may know from TheView full post »

Meet Vivien!

I have to say that this is only our second week of introducing the MJC Characters to all of you, but I am having aView full post »

An MJC Character: Ann

Finally! We’ve settled into a routine in the Platinum department, we’re getting back into our weeklyView full post »


UPDATE: The Character Counts mouse pad and Serendipity Puzzle have been added to Platinum to help Sara’s family!View full post »

Sugar and Spice Follow Up…

Good afternoon, ladies!  Sorry to keep you all waiting for the Sugar and Spice contest winners.  The truth is, none ofView full post »

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…..

Hello, all! Happy Independence Day!  Before celebrating our “weekend in the middle of the week” theView full post »

Our new home

Hi everyone, The day has finally come and we are very excited to be at MJC’s new home! We will be without phoneView full post »


Pandemonium! That’s the best word to describe today…lol. Okay I exaggerate, its more like semi-organizedView full post »

More Art Fair Info

Hi everyone, We are reposting the following link to help those of you coming to Art Fair.  Please click HERE to readView full post »

Talkin bout My Girls

Ever since the day I first realized that the time would come for me to have a job and go to work every day, I alwaysView full post »