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Art Fair Guidelines and Credit Card Authorization

Hi everyone!  Two weeks to go!  We are all so excited to see you in Fort Wayne the weekend of the 23rd.  Please clickView full post »

Schools out for Summer

Can you believe that it is June 1st already?  I can’t! I’m having a hard time even processing that today isView full post »

Back from the Heart of Africa

We have been back for two weeks now and it’s crazy to think about how much this trip has changed my life andView full post »

And the Friday Frenzy winner is….

Thanks for all the lovely comments… I truly wish that I could respond to each and everyone of you, but I just donView full post »

Friday Frenzy……

What a crazy Friday this has been! I’m pretty sure that this is just how it is going to be in the upcoming month.View full post »

Play Date at MJC

And today is the day that Gabe and hos class get to tour Matilda Jane. Little nervous about that one!  Okay, a lot!View full post »

So Much More than I Dreamed…

Africa has been nothing that I expected. I  imagined really liking the women but never knew I would fall in love withView full post »

Let me tell you about someone…

It seems like everyone is talking about Mother’s Day here in MJC Land, so what better to tell you about today thanView full post »

Time Well Spent….

Today has been one exciting Friday! First off , three of our very lovely MJC Gals are leaving for Africa today. For TWOView full post »

Words for Summer

And the winner for Friday’s blog contest was…. I loved reading everyone’s responses, and a few evenView full post »

….and these are the days of our lives…    View full post »

A Little Whimsy

Oh, Friday. You are my favorite. I could probably come up with a good reason for liking almost every day of the week,View full post »

One fine day and a little fate

We were getting ready to grab a cab last night taking our time dragging our tired, dirty bodies down the airportView full post »

Planes, Trains, and Autos….

Today we flew into Shenzen.  We woke up so late, like at 5:17 when we needed to get in the cab at 5:30.  Not a problemView full post »

China Take Two

Denise described Saturday perfectly. I was so shocked when they said my Visa was expired, I can’t believe IView full post »

Fun in the Fort…

I love Downtown Fort Wayne! Kiara, Desi, and I (Carrie) went to lunch today at this great pizza place downtown. WeView full post »

Good Morning

Just blogging because I miss you guys. Funny how Denise comes home and suddenly I don’t have a minute to blog!? IView full post »

Our Faves

Hellooooo!!! And Happy Friday! I hope you all have gotten to take a look at the latest Look Book that highlights outfitsView full post »