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I’m so…..

After a few delays, Kayla is off to China in just an hour or 2. I am so excited for her. It will be her first trip. I&#View full post »

Palisades I love you

When we pack our bags and head across the country for a photo shoot, we never know what to expect. Really, we can planView full post »

Not buying it…..

I love my bike. I love my girls who love their bikes. I even love my gal, Jenni, who thinks her bike is better than mineView full post »

Are you ready?

Cuz this is going to be a nice long post absolutely littered with photos! There’s just been so much going onView full post »

Boys, boys, boys…I love boys

I am certain you are quick to pick up, all of us girls, (Lynette, Anne, Renee, my Mom, Sara Brown, Kylee x 2 and MaggieView full post »

Business as usual

Let me give you the low down on what’s been happening at MJC this week…. 1. Kayla arrived back home from herView full post »

For your convenience…

We put a link to donate on our Matilda Jane Clothing Website. This is for those of you who did not receive a bank, butView full post »

A Habitat

The banks are steadily coming in at 435. What a beautiful site it is.  There is nothing more exciting than to thinkView full post »

cute as a button

When I don’t blog for a long time, it makes it even harder to blog when I get around to it. Does that make sense?View full post »


Who gets 12 hours of sleep when they have two kids? Yup, me!! I was so tired yesterday I went to be at 8 and I could&#View full post »

A Trio

Drumroll……for our top three finalists. It is gonna be tough. We love them all.  Even harder, we love themView full post »


We’ve got a few minutes before Miss G arrives to pick us up so I thought it’d be a perfect time to blog! View full post »

The Deal

And Joe is so all about the deal. Here he is trying to tell Gabe….”Please, Please get your picture taken andView full post »

Let the voting begin

Be on the look out for the Photo Love Voting link on our website. It’ll be up this evening. The voting will remainView full post »

Springtime where are you?

Oh this rain!! I got up, showered, tried to look cute (wearing pants which I NEVER do) and headed out the door. Why isView full post »

Nothing much….

I know, I know my blog is really lacking some good content. My mind is just blank lately. It’s a cyclical thing.View full post »