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cute as a button

When I don’t blog for a long time, it makes it even harder to blog when I get around to it. Does that make sense?View full post »


Who gets 12 hours of sleep when they have two kids? Yup, me!! I was so tired yesterday I went to be at 8 and I could&#View full post »

A Trio

Drumroll……for our top three finalists. It is gonna be tough. We love them all.  Even harder, we love themView full post »


We’ve got a few minutes before Miss G arrives to pick us up so I thought it’d be a perfect time to blog! View full post »

The Deal

And Joe is so all about the deal. Here he is trying to tell Gabe….”Please, Please get your picture taken andView full post »

Let the voting begin

Be on the look out for the Photo Love Voting link on our website. It’ll be up this evening. The voting will remainView full post »

Springtime where are you?

Oh this rain!! I got up, showered, tried to look cute (wearing pants which I NEVER do) and headed out the door. Why isView full post »

Nothing much….

I know, I know my blog is really lacking some good content. My mind is just blank lately. It’s a cyclical thing.View full post »

I call it….

cat scratch fever. Too much to do, too little time and really need a cat nap.View full post »

Thank you

Thank you. For once in my life I am speechless. You overwhelm me with your kindness. (oops. sorry for that typo earlierView full post »

Highest Bid Wins!!!

Be sure you have checked our the Auction for Val! Happy bidding on this  last day!View full post »

I woke up singing

I can see clearly now the rain has gone, .., it’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day! Of course I sang it inView full post »

I don’t want to run with the big dogs.

The auction we are running for Val has totally made me realize a few things. Well, not that I don’t already know itView full post »

Man, I love you

I  was upstairs working on photos for the auction and the doorbell rang. Haven’t showered in 2 days, so I askView full post »

To do’s

It seems my weekend list is growing by the moment though I guess it is better than being bored. Get everythingView full post »

So many good things…

I love pics like this. I remember calling Betsy King once to ask if she would show me how to do the fuzziness. I had noView full post »