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After receiving important feedback from several customers we are issuing a VOLUNTARY RECALL on all CHELSA DRESSES, ITEMView full post »

Once again…THINKING

I’ll blame it on Kayla. Yup, I had my agenda set: work on fabrics, make cut outs, cuddle up with Gabe, and go toView full post »

to all the girls…

I’ve loved before…..and continue to more and more. I knew you were all dying to see what Myrtle Madness wasView full post »

and here you have it….

Well, hello out there! I’m gonna have to get some of the girls at 435 to help me out with the blog. I am always soView full post »

Joe’s Turn

Sometimes my mind is just blank and I don’t know where to start. I think I just over think things. Ya, things thatView full post »

Let’s get it Started

I’ve read this email 20x. There is something about it that I cannot stop going back to it. Denise. Several daysView full post »


I got about 20 things scrolling through my mind and one of them is blogging. I am sorry I am so behind. No clue, noView full post »

You Know the Drill

I’ve got the list and just need you to email Kiara your size at BE SURE TO PUTView full post »

Good Morning

I’m off to Bob Evans and all I can think about is eggs. So of course this photo struck a cord with me. Not tooView full post »

Snowed in!

Just to let you all know, 435 will be closed for at least part of the day, if not all of the day…Wed Feb 2nd.  WeView full post »

while we are still waiting here for the site, we have uploaded some pics to our FaceBook page, see here.  MarkView full post »

The waiting game….

Whelp, here we go again… I have to wonder if we are sounding like the weathermen feverishly forecasting the EPICView full post »

The week’s list is complete. And tomorrow looks like we’ll be uploading all day. Seriously, I should’View full post »

A Year of Firsts

WARNING:  My brain is spinning so this may be a bit hard to read…sometimes I just don’t make sense. TheView full post »

Tiny Sparrow Results

So sorry this is late in coming…because several of you have been curious…. but now that the accountants haveView full post »

One FREE laugh on me

Okay, I fully admit I am not the best typer, editor nor grammar queen but hey I can make some pretty cute clothes! SoView full post »


I had intended to spend the day at work, doing what I’m not sure but I am certain it would have been somethingView full post »

The Long Story of a Short Story

Would it be weird to say I adore you girls, even if I don’t know each and everyone of you personally? Because I doView full post »