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Good Stuff

Wow. what a week it has been.  All I can say is thanks to all my girls at 435, the magical Promise Tangeman and John,View full post »

Really? House of Clouds

My dearest friend in all the lands got married this fall. It truly was the House of Clouds. Okay, not named the House ofView full post »

Great Minds Think Alike

Is it possible that your thumb could feel like it is falling off, or may possibly fall off, due to ironing? Holding downView full post »

A little Matilda Jane Slang

I say this to Kayla. I say this to Sam. I fully trust they will not say a word to you.  So my question to you is, whenView full post »

Public Service Announcement

…laundry started, cat fed, dishwasher loaded, oven topper thingies soaking, and let the day begin. Michelle and IView full post »

Raise Your Hand

Time is flying and there is still so much to do. So much. I really want this to be a great season. My girls at 435 haveView full post »

Cloudy and full of Possibility

House of Clouds is full of laughter, happiness and possiblities. This Collection is composed of all things I love nowView full post »

Blue Skies

I ran out to hop in the car and go to work but it is FREEZING. So here I am blogging as my car heats up. Yes, I shouldView full post »

Matilda Jane Foundation

I love the first day of the New Year!! It’s like a clean slate. Well, my brain is like a clean slate and all I canView full post »

a little SECRET…

But first let’s start with the best Christmas gift of the year.  Wait, rewind, let’s starts with theView full post »

Almost time

We are all wrapped and ready to go…well, almost. Joe shot me his list of Top 3’s again today only for me toView full post »

Matilda Jane Photo Love

PHOTO LOVE We’re going to do it a little different this year.  It’s going to be split into 3 rounds so letView full post »

A day in the Life of Gabe

It pretty much goes like this: around 7am or so we go in his room and say “Gabey, it’s time to get up”View full post »

A few RANDOM things

You see that little puppy ornament? I have had that since I think 1995. Yup, it used to hang on my door knob. David andView full post »

And they were..

So little at one time. Why must they get old? I really wish I could just squeeze them down and make them sit on my lapView full post »

To Top It Off

OKAY..ANNETTE you got it., SEPTEMBER 10… email with 2 HOBO and cardigan outfit!!! CuzView full post »

And Calling my Top….

Five… Yup, On February 7, 2007 you met my little fellows. Oh, and so little they were all cuddled up in that sledView full post »

A Good Day

Just a few happy, goofy photos. For some reason my brain is on overload and I feel like I am spinning. Crazy spinning.View full post »