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a little Love

This past weekend one of my oldest and dearest friends got married. It was beyond perfect in every way. There was greatView full post »


I have kept Sugarland a secret from the get go. Usually when we do a collection within a line we like for them to allView full post »

Loading up on the SUGAR

Oh, what a week it has been!! And oh, what a great way to end it with a little tour of Sugarland. This week has beenView full post »

Sugarland, Australia

A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent in their Matilda Jane “Sugarland” station pics! The contest for theView full post »

“I do”

Weddings seem to be the theme for fall so far. Not only does Denise google them 24/7 (oh wait, now she is googlingView full post »

Seriously Addicted

and I am in so much trouble. I asked David if he could go solo with Joe today cuz I really had to catch up on some workView full post »

Things that make you go HMMMM

I am not sure why my blog is not letting you leave comments. No clue.  My new goal today is to figure out why!!!View full post »

SUGARLAND it is!!!

And a huge drumroll for Amy D, Mom2six, Jennifer Price, Jennifer Jeffries, Michelle and Me in 10EC!!The name that stuckView full post »

I seriously, seriously have something wrong with my brain. It has been at least 3 days and I cannot stop thinking. OkayView full post »

Hi Ladies!  Just wanted everyone to know that we have some scheduled maintenance that needs to occur on our serverView full post »

All the Girls

Seriously, it is so weird to me,  so flattering to me to have all of you. It’s crazy. never had I imagined iView full post »

The Neglected Blog

The festivities are over and I am totally taking today to do nothing. Well, nothing besides catch up on emails, blog,View full post »

What to do…

So what does one do with a UPS truck that looks awfully empty?? Pack a few boxes…. And fill it to the rim….View full post »

Show Shape

Tomorrow is the day Kayla come home!!! She’s been on vacation and we can hardly wait to get her back!! WOW..Now IView full post »

Good Saturday Morning MJC Folk

Got up at 7am  sharp, dressed, kids up, dressed, laundry started, house cleaned and now we are off to pick up Sophie,View full post »

A little secret…

Many of you have already noticed this, but because the shipping for the sale is a flat $2, it turns out that PlatinumView full post »

Hey Folks, some are having success but not all. We are going to do a quick RAM upgrade. Please take a snapshot of yourView full post »