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Do you Believe in Karma

I don’t think I have ever sat in front of the computer for so long..(ya, I am sure you know the feeling). WhileView full post »

The Countdown till 12:00est, or NOON!!

**does not apply to platinum collectionView full post »

Rising up to the Challenge

And here she is, Miss Katherine, our first ever MJC Cover Girl. But I must admit she is way beyond that. She is truly aView full post »

One more thing

Other than this awesome sale we will be having soon, lets not forget 435 Art Fair left overs!! Just wanted to letView full post »

While the Cat is away…

All the Mice will stay in Fort Wayne working!! Yep, Denise and her family are in Paris having the time of their lives (View full post »

What a weekend!

It was a fabulous 435 Art Fair and just so wonderful to meet so many great people.  From the Foundation Party FridayView full post »

Oops, almost forgot.

For those of you who aren’t able to come to the 435 Art Fair, but are going to have a friend doing some shoppingView full post »

The countdown is on and I am stressing out..really stressing out. So much to do, and the clock has almost run out. ButView full post »

Oldie but Goodies

Kinda funny the sky looked pretty much the same when I got to work in the early morning as it did when I just left. No,View full post »


I swear the ironing never stops.  And yes, we iron. I know, I know, we should steam. We do, but only things that needView full post »

I had big plans for today. I brought home tubs of clothes a few days ago for homework, and guess what? I slept form 2-8:View full post »


I asked Sam in a very nice manner to take some pics of the 435 Art Fair set up for you guys. I guess her idea of thatView full post »

The Saga Begins..

So I didn’t get much done last night with the lack of help from Gabe. He’s such a goof. He was either hidingView full post »

The MJC CoverGirl

And here she is….Miss Katherine from good ole’ Georgia. We are so excited to have her as part of the teamView full post »

Seriously,  I have never seen so many beautiful little girls. Why I do this to myself is beyond me.  I sat out on theView full post »

The Top 14!

OK, we couldn’t pick just 10 or 12.  So here are the Top 14.  Check them out down below.  Each one is unique inView full post »

Voting begins on Friday!

Yes, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 or 12 and will have them revealed on Friday.  Come right here to theView full post »

435 Contest entries….

We’ve narrowed it down to our Top 10 entries.  Soon, they will be on display right here.  So many entries.  SoView full post »