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Meet Madeline, MJC’s Design Director

We have been so lucky recently to welcome some wonderful new additions to our Matilda Jane family. One of thoseView full post »

Release 2 Sneak Peek!

Summer is winding down. The kids are headed back to school. And while the end of summer is always a little bit sad, weView full post »

Model Spotlight on Franny

The models we work with here at Matilda Jane are all beautiful, spirited, unique little girls. It’s easy to see theirView full post »

To A New Chapter – Secret Fields, Fall 2014

Secret Fields is a collection filled with meaning and beauty. It’s the golden fields where your imagination can runView full post »

The Greatest Gift

I may have read this quote a hundred and one times.  It speaks to me in a way that I really needed to hear these pastView full post »

Better late than never!

Oh you guys, I hopped on a plane to Africa and didn’t think twice about the blog! Here’s the winner of theView full post »

All the Dreamers

The world is full of them. Dreamers, thinkers, doers, feelers, seers, givers. And there’s an online magazine thatView full post »

Where Does Time Go

Talk about growing up. I just realized how to use the “face” thing in iPhoto and so I’ve been taking aView full post »

Saying Goodbye…

Is never easy. When Denise asked me, well MADE me, get an assistant 3 years ago I never dreamed of meeting and workingView full post »

A Little Mallory Love

While it is crazy snow in Montana it is full Spring ahead in the land of Mallory Buck! When is saw her photos onView full post »

Candid Keepers #630

Introducing: Samantha Lantrip of  Ruston, LA Q: Hey Samantha, tell us a little bit about yourself A. I am a southernView full post »

Your order…coming right up!

Friends, It may only be a little over a week into 2014, but it seems safe to say that the word of the year might just beView full post »


I’m a silly human. It doesn’t take much to impress me or make me go WOW. So you can imagine my reaction toView full post »

All Snowed In

Hi all, Here on this Sunday evening, we find ourselves caught in a wonderland that’s a little more wintery than weView full post »

Flashback 2007

And this is why I blog… crazy to look back 6 years ago. And this is why I need to remind myself to blog moreView full post »

Holiday Ramblings

Is is possible Christmas is almost over? No way. We still have about a week till the holiday season comes to a clear,View full post »

Wishful Wednesdays

Happy Wishful Wednesday ladies! We’ve chosen to style the incredibly adorable Feist Knot Dress for you all,View full post »

Friday Platinum Blog Winner

Those were some great guesses! Unfortunately…no one guessed correctly… 1. Melissa – purple 2. CarrieView full post »