Class is in Session

So, are you in total back to school mode? Well, it is time to snag those new set of supplies, goals, shoes, backpack and of course your newest selection of A+ looks to start your little ones first day of school with a bang. The anticipation, nervousness and pure joy of this time of the year has us feeling a little nostalgic from when we were young!

We thought these few back to school tips might be just what you need to create a smooth and fun start to the school year

1. Make a List. We all know just how crazy this time of the year can be – meeting the teacher, school supply shopping, school pictures, labeling each and every item, etc, etc, etc. Does that list really end? Before the end of the day we have found that taking a note pad and jotting down the five most important tasks you need to do first thing the next morning is key.  These notes jump-start your day and helps with productivity for the next 24 hours. This will not only help you feel better but also less likely to forget these important tasks as we know they are many these days. Oh, and who doesn’t love checking off those to dos…it can be oh so gratifying, right?

2. Color their world! We all love color and know your littles have their favorites when it comes down to it! Whether it is in their school supplies or their adorable first day outfits, have the kiddos help in the process of selecting the colors of the rainbow around them. We all respond to our favorite beautiful hues and boy can they help provide a source of inspiration, productivity and mood. Who doesn’t love it when those creative juices are flowing!?

3. All in the family…Each family has their own set of traditions, photos and activities as they prepare for the school year. We know just how special these are to each and every one of you and the memories of these will last a lifetime. This year we created a few pretty printables that are just a few of our home office favorites to bring a little MJC fun into your school year. From first day signs and checklists to lunch box love notes, we hope these designs will help start the year out right. Those pretty prints you see might just be another little sneak into the fall collection arriving on August 1.

Now, don’t forget to share your first day memories with us by using #matildajane and you never know when you or your cutie will be featured on our social platforms! We can not wait to share our newest collection (coming August 1!) with you and see all your cuties as these begin another exciting school year.

Every school year has its own story, and we can’t wait to see just how amazing this year will be. We have a feeling it is going to be full of extraordinary memories! ✨ 

Ciao for now,