Catch a Dream

One thing that we undoubtedly adore here at MJC is creativity. From concepting a new season to bringing it to life, our team members just love playing in our Matilda Jane playground to create the most whimsical and sweet designs a gal can find! And we always love inviting YOU to join the fun.

Our models had the best time creating their own DIY dreamcatchers at our last photo shoot, and we thought it was the perfect activity for your cuties! The supplies are simple, and the options are endless when it comes to making it your own.



Dreamcatchers are often used in Native American culture to protect people and mainly children from bad dreams or nightmares. Although they are usually made of a woven string web around a willow hoop, we thought the supplies above would be just the perfect pieces for you and your kiddos to have a little fun. You can add lots of texture and variety to your dreamcatcher by choosing various colors, ribbbons, fabrics, tassels, and yarns. Be sure to check out the instructions below to get started today.


step one. Tie your yarn around one end of the hoop and tightly wrap it around your embroidery hoop. You will want to secure your yarn/string every so often with a dab of glue so the pieces don’t slip around.

step two. Once you are finished with your yarn design inside the embroidery hoop, knot your string around the hoop and add a little glue to hold it tight.

step three. Now it is time to add the sweet decor at the bottom of your dreamcatcher. Find your favorite pieces of ribbon, tassels, beads, yarn, and more to add a little something special to hang from the bottom. Let’s see how creative you can be!

step four. Top it off with a little tie on top to hang it in just the right spot and enjoy!


Ciao for now,

Celia Johnson - April 8, 2018 - 3:15 pm

I have a picture of my granddaughter in so many life moments wearing Matilda Jane. One of my favorites is her kissing her daddy “ welcome home “ from deployment. And another is on her birthday at the garden gate holding her balloon. She’s a doll
I love to show you her pictures. How. An I send them to you ?