Dream Weavers

These appt’s are totally killing my plans. Aside from not seeing you at Art Fair, I’m also missing out on 2 Africa Trips. At this very moment, I am guessing I would have been on my way to the orphanage to see all my little chicklings. Kiara, Tish, Denise H and her daughter, Becky and Jody, and Deanna all still held strong and continued on without me. I’m so grateful. And feeling a tad guilty leaving them with the job of painting. Be sure to check out Tish’s and Kiara’s blog.

As many of you know we just launched the Mighty Acorn Foundation website. It was almost exactly a year ago that I called Charlotte (her parents, Mark and Linda, run the Chicks for Children Foundation) and told her David and I would like to build the new orphanage. Probably the best phone call I ever got to make.

And to think this very moment I’m in Charlotte’s hometown. I was fortunate enough to bring 20 friends of mine to Kitale in November. (See story). I came back with my heart bursting. I needed David to go. He went with 10 friends in February. (See Story). When they returned, we all met up and knew just building an orphanage was not enough. These children need someone to believe in them. They needed us. And while we would could send gifts endlessly what they really wanted was a relationship. So we teamed together, brainstormed a lot, sought help from Mark at Chicks, and made a decision. The decision to travel a foreign path, put our fears aside, and create something to change the lives of these kids. We’ve never done a sponsorship program but have been surrounded by those who have. I laugh when Jami called me a “Dream Weaver”. But looking back on it today, that’s exactly what I want to be.

I want these kids to have their dreams and the same opportunities my children have. I want you to believe in them. I want to give them a safe place to sleep, a meal and an education. Those are just the staples. If you’ve never had a person that believes in you, you’d know it’s hard to reach for the stars. It’s hard to fall and get back up. We are not going to let this happen. We are going to find believers for each and every child. I know we will. And I know our Mighty Acorn Team, here and in Kitale, will give these children more than just a home but love and belief that they can always reach for their dreams and the Mighty Acorns will be there to catch them if they fall and lift them back up. I’m getting all sappy. But being part of something that is making a huge impact on someone’s life is the most amazing feeling.

So, if you haven’t already checked out the Mighty Acorn website, please do.  And while you’re there, read about all the kids we are trying to help.  And, even if it’s not in the budget to sponsor one of them, consider making a small donation to help the cause.  Can you imagine what a $5 donation from each and every one of you could do?


Erica S - July 31, 2013 - 12:42 am

I was so touched by reading the Mighty Acorn blog. I am definitely going to approach my sons school about a drive for the children!

iris nakama - July 29, 2013 - 8:29 pm

hi! i just had an idea…can you donate using PayPal? Because that’s a popular currency in the MJC world 😉

Gran - July 29, 2013 - 11:15 am

Denise, there will be lots of times for you to make trips to Africa after you get through the treatment. And I know that Sam is so looking forward to going with you.
You know that I have followed MJC for many years, since the likes were less than a thousand I think……..now there are almost 84,000 likes. If just half of these likes contributed 5.00 that would be more than 200,000. Can you imagine how far an amount like that can go to make these dreams come true??????
Thinking of the painting group and hoping all is coming along great with that.
Love you Denise!

Carrie - July 29, 2013 - 12:58 am

Proud to be a US citizen and to help Americans in need. But everyday as i embrace my children and manage the daily challenges of parenthood… i pray that my children have global perspective and be contributors. The modest support of our family and neighborhood friends is helping to feed, outfit and educate 6 or your girls at the Seeds Academy in Kenya. And thanks to technology our kids will be a part of a cultural exchange that helps them to understand…. they can make a difference. You all can too. Good luck Kiara and Denise Walsh and The Mighty Acorns Foundation… on your journey.

Lauren N. - July 28, 2013 - 11:54 pm

So excited that our team is sponsoring two of these sweet girls (sisters, I believe)! What a great foundation!!! Thinking of you and praying for you each day!xo