Flashback 2007

And this is why I blog…..so crazy to look back 6 years ago. And this is why I need to remind myself to blog more often, to have post and photos to remind me of the past.


December 27, 2007

Let the clean up begin, eh? I have already washed all the sheets, scrubbed the bathroom from floor to fan vent and now I am about to tackle the kitchen cupboards.  Though, I really think Christmas should last 3 days.  It was like I woke up this morning and nothing had happened. I went to work and it was just another day. Though I was wearing my necklace I begged for from Tracey at Junk2Jewels. It is so great, it reads ” the bear and the beast”. So perfect.

Why will my dog not stop whining? If you have a dog that is past 9 you know, they get a bit irritating. Whining all the time. He is just over 9 and a mere 180lbs. Not to mention he pee’d in my house today. YEs, you read that right. What the hell???? Never, ever, has he done that since he was 8 weeks. Whew, fret not, no MJC here!!! It is all safe! Okay, just thought I would share that with you.

Back to Christmas….

So my favorite gift? Easy. The Laker Hockey game Joe and Mimi stayed up all night making.  It has got to be the cutest thing I have ever layed my eyes on.


After endless discussion Joe did not get an XBox 360.  His Leapster will just have to do another year. It is hard enough getting him off the computer and an XBox battle is one I am not up to.  Plus, he is only 6. And a six year old should have favorite gifts such as his Transformer watch and Laker jersey ( yes, it was to be David’s)


And the Beast? It was love at first sight when he saw that little puppy.  You know those battery operated ones? My gosh, I loved those things. Joe had like 5. (sorry for the sucky pic)


And David? Well, he was over the moon for his BonJovi tickets, though he has already guessed he would be getting them.

So it was another great Christmas that I still can’t stop spending money.  Not to mention all the cool cards that you guys send my way. i suck. I still haven’t sent any out.  Oh, but sweet and beautiful Michelle is helping me out. I think she feels sorry for me!!! Okay, she’s just nice.  Someday I’ll get there.  In the meantime, I will enjoy all the wonderful cards and soon mine will be in the mail.

I may take that back, if I can afford stamps. Carla just called from Peru and my fabric is in.  Yes, this sucks. Could the timing be any better? This means, if I bought you a present we may have to take it back and return it . Lots of money we have to gather up for fabric. I will not tell you the amount, you may freak.  I will say it is way more than my house cost.  BUT, it is a beautiful as my house.

And I promise to get some pics this week. I’m a great promise maker (very sarcastically said).

Okay, Joe is dying to play battleship with me.  Before I sign out, I must say I love you guys. It is so exciting to know people actually read my blog and come back for more.  For real, when I get see that someone left a comment I get pretty excited. Yes, okay, it make me feel cool, almost like the popular girl at school that I never was. Though I did dress cute!

Isabella's Mami - January 5, 2014 - 10:09 am

This post makes me so happy, some of my favorite people and things!!! Love you all!! xo

Erica S - December 31, 2013 - 3:07 am

Loved reading your blog post and looking at the Christmas photos. The Laker Hockey game is the BEST…and what great front row seats. We just got back from watching the Bulls vs. Grizzlies and found out my 9 year old is terrified of heights, so he would appreciate the front row view. Thank you, again, for making our Christmas so special! My daughter was so thrilled with her Matilda Jane and I was so happy to be able to give it to her this year!!