I don’t want to run with the big dogs.

The auction we are running for Val has totally made me realize a few things. Well, not that I don’t already know it but I think I didn’t understand the magnitude. The magnitude of Matilda Jane Clothing . To me MJC, is just my small baby.  I know it has grown, I see that when I pull into a parking lot with 20 cars. What a weird feeling that is.  I never saw MJC as being a big corporate place. It’s not me. It’s not what makes me happy. It actually intimidates me and I’m not comfortable with that at all.

At times, like today, while I am so happy that we have grown big enough to be able to actually make an impact on the lives of so many I am a little confused. I grew up in a family that was very giving, and it really is part of me. But to give at this level is a whole new thing. The feeling I get, and you must get from being part of it, is unexplainable.  I’m am filled with so much love from all those who are giving and caring yet, I read FB and I am brought to a place I don’t want to call mine.

What confuses me is I am questioning myself. I have always been nice.  This is who I am and we don’t have to always get along but we do have to be nice. I say this to my boys all the time, “If so and so is mean to you, you do not have to be his friend but you have to be nice to him.”

I don’t like to question myself and what I love about MJC. I love the group of girls I see everyday, I love I know their stories; their families and I just love them. I am so thankful for all our Trunk Keepers who walk in the same shoes as I everyday. They take ownership of MJC as I would; they work like non-other, deal with so many things, build great friendships and have totally brought my dreams to reality. I love all of you. I love that we recognize customer names as we pack.  It means so much to me that each of you share your stories with us. The girls at 435 all know you too. They could all rattle off lists of customers that they enjoy talking to and those who do not work phones could rattle off the customers who buy the best outfits cuz they are packing them.

I don’t want to not be that. I don’t want to be so big that I have 100 people at 435. Let alone 50. I like my little team. I like that we each take such pride in our roles and we all do everything from phones to packing to unloading a truck to having each other’s backs. We are more than workers at 435, we really are a family.

With that said, I am sure you all obviously know I am very passionate about my company. I never asked for it to be as big as it is, nor had I tried to make it that way. I get so many emails asking about how I built my business that I can’t answer. It just happened naturally.  Yes, I do fight the growth. I am so fearful someday I will have to rent a big convention center for our 435 pre-party. I love having you guys at my house. I love letting you into my life and becoming part of yours.

The hardest thing is letting go of how close MJC is to my girls and me. And I don’t think I can. I don’t want to be Gap, or Gymboree. I don’t want to run a huge company.  I don’t want to risk every penny I have saved for my kids on MJC.  I did that once. David and I spent every dime we had on MJC in the beginning just to prove I could do it to a man who said I could not. All I want is to love my job and being close to my girls, hearing how girls just smile when they get their package and be able to do wonderful things for deserving people. That is seriously all I want.

What is eating me today is I know we sell out of things, I know.  I sometimes feel some of you do not realize we have feelings to. Have you every heard someone say “It’s okay if you don’t get an A, as long as you try your best”? Well, I say that all the time. I seriously don’t care what Joe’s grades are or if he wins a game, I just want him to put every ounce of passion he has into it. We do that at MJC. That is why your little ones want to wear it. They can feel it.  I can feel it. We try our best every day. We don’t just guess at numbers. I don’t feel like I need to tell the public what we order for their approval.

I am me, and I am happy with who I am.

I am Matilda Jane and I am proud of what we have built.

I know I usually don’t touch on issues of conflict because truth is it usually causes more. But today as Jami and I are working so hard on this auction, doing something wonderful for someone we love, hearing negative comments just put me over the edge. Would some of that be said to Big Box retailer? (sorry, I shouldn’t have put names on their, I’m feeling quilty?)  Probably not, because they may not care, let alone the owner would probably never hear it.  So why is it you would say a hurtful thing to someone who does care?  Why would you yell at your kid for getting a B on his test when he does his very best everyday? I certainly don’t want to be that kid.

Carole Yeck - March 3, 2011 - 7:41 am

You be You, Denise ! You are beautiful inside and out ! You amaze me, you inspire me, you make us all back home very proud ! You are a wonderful person and you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to something of pettiness ! I appreciate so much how you value the little things, but it is so commendable the very BIG things that you do to help others ! More people in this world should have such priorities…and then the world would be a House of Clouds…with more joy an more laughter. Dont judge people..you are in Great company with MJC !!!! Be You Always Denise! We love it !

Kelly - March 1, 2011 - 2:47 pm

I usually never comment on negative things because, like you, I feel its just adding fuel to the fire so to speak, but I think what you said was well done! I have a little girl, 13 months, and I look like everyother mom, to try and get her cute stuff. Part of what I love about MJC is that everything is adorable and I may not get the first thing I thought I would love, but I get something else and am usually happier! It happened this time and the time before. When you make quality, cute clothes, and stay tru to you…you will always win!!

Angie - March 1, 2011 - 1:25 pm

Love what you said Denise!!! You are a wonderful and amazingly talented lady. It is really sad that there are some many crazy and rude people on facebook. I don’t think anything will make the constant complainers happy. Why they feel the need to voice there rude and negative comments on facebook is beyond me. Unfortunately I guess there is always going to be people out there like that. So sorry you all have to deal with all the craziness. Love your clothes and your company!

Gidget - March 1, 2011 - 1:19 pm

Hello to Denise and the MJ girls:
I read this post this morning and why do people get a kick out of downing someone else does not make any sense.Facebook I don’t do. My time is valuable to me,with what little time LIFE gives us. It’s a vapor and I sure don’t wanna waste it. What makes Matilda Jane special is that it is not with the Big dogs and sometimes running with the big dogs can be dangerous.
No biggie if a item is sold out,don’t fret. Matilda Jane will make something else cute later:) That’s the way I see it or they could always check Ebay.:)

dayle - March 1, 2011 - 11:35 am

Don’t let those people get to you. Easier said than done. I just don’t understand why people would even get on and say that stuff.
WE LOVE Matilda Jane! We LOVE the clothes and I LOVE reading your blog. I feel like I know you guys. I love supporting a company that has the passion and compassion that you guys do. I love that i’m getting unique pieces you can’t get at the mall. Not being able to just get anything in any size is part of that. You make me and my little girl so happy! She is one picky customer and LOVES every bit of her MJ clothing. I walk around with a sense of pride when she wears hers and when I wear mine. haha

thanks for EVERYTHING!

Kristy - March 1, 2011 - 10:22 am

Oh Denise, so sorry you had a day like that:( I see that some people are still leaving negative comments in this post. I love what you do and what you create and totally admire you for all of it. You are seriously one of the most giving people I know. I’m not kidding, when I got a certain box from you a few weeks ago, it was better than Christmas at my house! You need to do what makes YOU happy and what works for you and your family. That’s what comes first. You have always been very clear about the chance of things selling out so it’s sad that people would lash out negatively towards you because of that. Also, what you have done for Val is nothing short of amazing. I know you are having a better day today so cling on to that feeling–you deserve it! xoxo

angelaB - March 1, 2011 - 7:30 am

Denise I couldn’t agree more…after 2 years on facebook I couldn’t handle seeing all the petty negative things I saw all the time…basing my worth on an virtual image of what people think I am. I am who God says I am, I am who I am to my children and husband first. Your caring, loving, giving, attitude comes through strong and as my mom always says: it doesn’t matter what people say about you, it only matters what you and God say about YOURSELF.
Try to remember that these are petty people who should be fulfilled in things other then a sold out pair of pants…I am not on facebook but I can imagine the ridiculous things people could come up with.

Pink Elephant - March 1, 2011 - 5:52 am

I am not on Facebook and have not read the negative comments. It’s amazing what people will say there but would never to someone’s face. The beauty of the way small businesses run in this country is that you can do what you want with your goods! If things sell out, it’s because you’re providing a quality product that is in demand. Every piece of MJ we own is loved and worn with confidence because, not everyone owns it and, darn it, it’s so dang CUTE! Thank you for your creativity and talent.

ashlee A. - February 28, 2011 - 10:56 pm

I love you Denise! I love MJC! Thank you for this company, for what its worth and for who you ARE!!! I love you!

Amanda - February 28, 2011 - 10:43 pm

I have never posted on your blog, just enjoyed reading but I can’t pass this one up. I just had this same conversation with my friend this evening talking about things that have sold out already. While it can be disappointing not to get that coveted item it is also what appeals to me about Matilda Jane. I love purchasing things for my girls that are unique and are not the average mass produced that every one else is wearing. Having a set amount of each item makes the shopping thrill even more fun plus it makes it so my kids are not dressed like every other child in town. Keep up the good work. I absolutely love your clothes but even more I love that fact that you are so loyal and have such a giving heart.

Tina M - February 28, 2011 - 10:34 pm

Haha!!! Just saw my picture from 435 2 years ago!!! :0p Makes me a little sad I don’t think I’ll be going this year! :0( My daughter will be dancing in Disney World that week. <3 I will miss you guys & don't have too much fun without me!!! :0p (That was waay off topic, right? lol )
Is it sad I'm not een sad about the sell outs? :0p It's kids clothing for crying out loud. :0p There's always something better around the corner. ;0)

Janette - February 28, 2011 - 10:20 pm

Stay true to who you are and love what you do. What’s that saying? If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Vicki Rayburn - February 28, 2011 - 10:00 pm

It seems you have created a “monster”(unintentionally, I’m sure) and now you have to get it back under control! The reputation of your company is at stake and no matter how darling the clothing lines are(and they absolutely are!), the customers, the trunkkeepers and the Janes that have made your dreams come true, will not be able to stay with you if don’t get clear on what you want the future of MJC to be. If the choice is to remain small and have a “family” feel to your operation, then do so with all the resources you can gather to do that well, but resist dabbling in selling methods and marketing techniques that will ultimtely put you in the situation you’re finding yourself in now. Pull back or push forward….you need to make a clear choice for your sake, MJC’s sake & most importantly in retail-your customers sake!

Kristin Donovan - February 28, 2011 - 9:35 pm

Good for you! It’s about time that you speak about this. Hit the comments head on. Avoid, delete, ignore… I’m glad you took the other road and spoke up. It’s ok to hit back sometime and stick up for yourself. I actually feel sad for you tonight and I do not even know who you are.
Money is great, but at what expense? I am not ure I could ever handle all this negative anger. Just don’t give up.
Everyone will be happy until next release. It’s insane. Crazy heads!!

Erin "the Pancake Makers Mom" Spencer - February 28, 2011 - 9:22 pm

Ive been away in Hawaii….i know i know…no one feels bad for me but anyway I havent kept up w the blog let alone FB and I’m not going to cause its not worth my time….the drama that is. Letting you all know that your fab your cloths are fab…My trunk keeper Rachel Jordon is FAB is worth my time. Things sell out, thats how its always been so Deal With It!!

Joy Williams - February 28, 2011 - 9:04 pm

Denise, I haven’t read the facebook comments yet. I usually keep up with it, but today has been crazy for me. I had to walk with my 3 kids in tow because my car battery died. I know how personally you take each and every comment. I wish that the people that are being negative would realize what affect it has on one’s heart and soul. Nice people can’t help but care. I wish that there was something that I could do or say to help lift your spirits up. The other day I hope that you got the picture that I sent you. It was a blurry tablet picture, but it showed the happiness and confidence that radiates from my kids when they wear Matilda Jane and Mighty Acorn. I hope that this found it’s way to you. Just think of positive side of this. You are such an amazing designer that people are frustrated because they can not get that awesome product. I hope that you know that there are loyal Janes out here that feel like we are part of a family though we have never met. I feel your pain. Sorry that this has become so long. Hugs from AL!

Kari - February 28, 2011 - 9:03 pm

Love ya. Nuff said.

Laura - February 28, 2011 - 8:08 pm

here you are doing a good deed out of your heart, and some people just cannot help themselves from spewing out negativity, because of sell outs and such…

interesting, that people first complain about a pair of shorts sold out before they’re released obviously,they wanted them soooo badly), yet when they found out they couldn’t get them, they are so quick to complain

it’s clothes, it’s a business, and from what I feel from your company, is that you are all passionate about what you do

Lil - February 28, 2011 - 7:48 pm

Well I am not mad and I would bet you that everyone there has seen my name more than a few times.
My show will still be a go and well…. 🙂
If you miss the boat this time. Catch the next one.
I will never forget out upset i was over the Abby knot I couldn’t get.
LMBO ~ This to shall pass. Bring on March I got to go look at some auctions! 🙂 Smile Denise have some diet coke and rum, kick up your feet and smile…….. You’ve hit the big time sellers!
In fact the lady at the Gap buy from YOU…….. Lol

Megan - February 28, 2011 - 7:45 pm

You have an amazing heart – keep doing what you do! I’ll always be a fan!

Dot - February 28, 2011 - 7:36 pm

Good for you, Denise!! I read your blog and follow you on facebook to still keep myself in contact in my own little way.. and I have thought this before about things i have seen posted on your fb wall, and I feel for you and hurt for you. As someone who has had the amazing opportunity to work for you and learn from you, I’ve seen first hand that you put your whole heart and sole into MJC, every once of it and you do it for the mjc customers, you do it for your family, you do it for your MJC family and you do it for the Matilda Jane in all of us. I can’t try to understand why people say hurtful things or their inability to be understanding… But i can tell you that I think that you are amazing, caring, passionate, and that you do all you can to make everyone happy! You have built an amazing, inspiring brand with MJC, and you are admired for it! It may not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I am so grateful that I once had the opportunity to get to know you and learn from you! You continue to be an inspiration to me, and always will! Thank you!

Leigh - February 28, 2011 - 7:34 pm

Yeah!!! Go get ’em! I’ve seen some things posted that infuriated me and I am just a fan/buyer – can’t imagine being on the receiving end…so glad you addressed it. Our MJ makes us happy!

Allison Thomas - February 28, 2011 - 7:33 pm

I am so sorry you have been hurt. Matilda Jane is a beautiful childrens clothing company that was obviously built on a beautiful dream. Unfortunately, there are some people who have slipped over the edge. I try to remind myself of this saying daily…”What if you woke up tomorrow only with what you prayed for today?”…..for some it may be a closet full of MJ clothes or that one piece they just had to have….for most it will be our family, our health and life. Stay strong, you have a beautiful thing going on over there!!

graceevelynsmom - February 28, 2011 - 7:29 pm


Keep your chin up. One reason people continue to love and want MJC is BECAUSE things sell out. Every kid in America can wear something from the Gap or Gymboree, but some kids and some mama’s want something different. So please know that some of us appreciate the fact that you don’t make millions of the same items. Also, I just shared with my brother and his wife (who works for Habitat in Evergreen, CO) what a cool company my 7 year old has fallen in love with. I told them about the HOC bank and said how nice it was to spend money on clothes that come from a company with a heart. I will say a prayer for you and your girls because I know how hard it is to hear some of the hateful comments that having been posted on FB. Continue to fight for your perfect sized company! And good luck with the auction!

Tracy and Abigail D - February 28, 2011 - 7:28 pm

We love Matilda Jane and everything your company represents. We like to wear your clothes because we like to think we share the same great values that make us proud to be us! Thank you for being wonderful!

Incognito - February 28, 2011 - 7:24 pm

Oh Denise this hurts my heart to read…so hurts my heart. I love you, love your company (just as it is), and love how you see everything in such a positive light-you are such a good person with one of the biggest hearts that could ever fit in a body! 🙂 I hate that you are hurting…hate it so badly. Know I am sending lots of hugs your way tonight!

Melissa T - February 28, 2011 - 7:21 pm

Feeling heartbroken for you today. ((hugs)) Keep doing what you are doing! You are LOVED!

It's me, Betsy! - February 28, 2011 - 7:01 pm

After seeing you on Saturday afternoon and hearing how you stayed up ALL NIGHT to put that auction together I know that you put your blood, sweat and tears into your company and what you believe in. Just keep on truckin and ignore the negative comments!

Dena Thompson - February 28, 2011 - 6:49 pm

I adore MJC clothes and am drawn to the company because of its small-company feel. I think one way to manage the growth in the # of customers would be to raise prices modestly until there’s a balance between price/demand. I vote for higher prices instead of mass production.

Shelby - February 28, 2011 - 6:47 pm

Denise, your company and it’s values are what keep so many loyal clients. Things like TODAY and the AUCTION are what made me a lifetime loyal client. The cute clothes are amazing too….and I don’t know about the grumpy’s who hurt your feelings but I know when I am shopping for myself (thanks to my expensive taste not as often as i would like to)….I don’t throw a fit when the UNIQUE items that i desire are sold out …I buy something else….and treasure it that much more…because I know I got my peice….my item…that will sell out and someone else wont get…and to me…thats what makes it sooo special. Not EVERYONE has it. Dont change anything about what you do….your a gift…and a true blessing to SO MANY PEOPLE!!! XOXO Shelby My favorite quote is this “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle”.

Meredy - February 28, 2011 - 6:29 pm

I have thought this, felt this for you so many times, so big, huge props:) for honoring yourself by puting your feelings into words and sharing them! It’s just a weird state in our world right now where human emptiness has led to greed, anger, obsession, lashing out, addictions and other crazy, unkind behavior. I have said it before, they are just clothes, really amazingly, beautiful pieces of art, but nothing to compromise human love for…. and most of us know that. Go forth with confidence! Continue creating your company the way YOU see fit and forget the critics! Much love to you! NAMASTE!

rebecca - February 28, 2011 - 6:25 pm

I think your one line in your blog says it all Denise. “I am me and I am happy with who I am” and ” I am Matilda Jane and I am proud of what we have built” So you go girl and keep right along selling your too cute clothes that have us all addicted and you keep true to your small company values!
That being said, THEY ARE SHORTS PEOPLE! Not the end of the world, let’s focus on Val’s auction like some many others have said and raise some money for someone who is going through more than just losing a pair of shorts they really wanted…..She lost her soulmate!

shevaun - February 28, 2011 - 6:06 pm

Just wanted to say as a Jane this is super frustrating,I feel like I am lying to my show customers! MJC has grown quite large though! Maybe instead of allowing Premiere shows like this to be entered first, maybe do pre – ordering (like boutiques do) to see what the demand is and to make sure you are able to meet that. That way you dont lose your at home feel but are still able to meet everyone’ needs.

nancy - February 28, 2011 - 6:05 pm

I am sorry you and your company are under some fire right now. Please don’t get too discouraged, we mommas and little girls love your uniqueness and are glad not every little girl will be wearing the same thing. My daughter just yesterday on our way to a premiere show, said mom, have you met Matilda Jane? I said no and that is not really her name either….but just loved that she was thinking about how much we love Matilda Jane and how awesome it would be to meet her! You are a superstar in our eyes!!

Em's - February 28, 2011 - 5:47 pm

You could not have crafted a more perfect response. I am shocked at the comments that have been directed at you..you certainly do NOT deserve it. Keep yor head up, we love you!

Notsharingmyrealname - February 28, 2011 - 5:46 pm

I am so totally disgusted by the comments that were made on your facebook page and I’m totally disgusted by some comments on here. You guys say that “oh, I have been buying for years and I never seen you apologize”. Whatever. Then, 1) you haven’t been buying for years and 2) you don’t follow her blog. Get over yourself. She has apologized more than once since the HOC 1 release, when honestly, she had NOTHING to apologize for.
On facebook, everyone was saying, we wouldn’t be mad if there were sellouts, if we all got an equal opportunity to purchase stuff. Again, whatever. You guys were ALL OVER Denise when the Helen and Chelsa sold out. SOME of you guys are all over them for every little move that they make. You make fun of the contests, but you reply 80,000 times to get a chance to win. You guys want to whine and complain about whatever you can. You just want something to b**** about! Give it a rest. You all are seriously on my nerves today. And like someone else said, if Matilda Jane was a huge company, you wouldn’t have the desire to purchase their clothes like you do. You do it because you love everyone staring at your child when they walk down the street. You love that hardly anyone around you has it. Say whatever you want–but you guys are full of it. Denise, keep doing what you are doing. Stay small. And as much as I hate to see you do it, close your facebook page if you have to. Remember the bumpersticker “mean people suck”? Well, they do.

Ana Esteves-Amaro - February 28, 2011 - 5:42 pm

I just have to say how touching that was…you are what it means to be family and that is the best feeling. Thank you once again for just being you…which is amazing! You are what any person would love to enjoy working with or for. Turely an inspiration…just makes us realize what life is truely about. Keep doing what you are doing it is wonderful and let’s us do wonderful too. Thank you, you continue to inspire me and my family!

JennP - February 28, 2011 - 5:41 pm

I am a Mom and a High School teacher. I see kids, including my own at their best and at their worst. I also see parents at their best and worst. As I tell my students, there is only one thing in this world I can control, that is my own action or reaction. I can give advice, counsel, and my opinion, but in the end I can not control what anyone else actually does. I endeavor every day to be the most positive person that I can. Sometimes that means smiling and moving on despite others’ negativity. As I tell my students, Girls are mean (yes, even big ones), quite possibly the meanest. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and make this day the best that you can. You can make it flop or you can make it FABULOUS! One of my favorite people to follow on Twitter is the Dalai Lama. I am not Buddhist, but his daily Tweets are quite insightful and uplifting for anyone. I found this one for you, “An authentic attitude of compassion doesn’t change, even faced with another person’s negative behavior.”

Teisha - February 28, 2011 - 5:40 pm

I am sorry you are feeling sad, bad, mad. There are so many people looking to take the wind from our sails. But, stay the course and sail on.

MJC fan - February 28, 2011 - 5:38 pm

so glad you are raising your boys like you! We try to instill that in our girl and hope and pray that it takes root forever!

Ann - February 28, 2011 - 5:29 pm

No, I do not yell at my child if she gets a B if she tried her hardest. I DO, however, get very frustrated with my child if she makes the same mistakes over and over and over again, and I know that it is a mistake she should be able to learn from and not repeat. You may like to keep things small, but producing such a ridiculously small number of items that they sell out in under 30 minutes does not make for happy customers. It just turns people off. I can’t imagine it makes your beloved TK’s happy either. They are having to deal with disappointed customers from day one of the release. You say you care deeply about your TK’s and yet they have to deal with the repercussions of these sellouts over and over and over again. It isn’t fair to them.

Amy - February 28, 2011 - 5:28 pm

Denise- I have been buying MJC for about six months. I can’t say enough good things about your company. I’ve posted this before, but I’ll say it again…..when you sent my relative a Share the Love box at Christmas, iwas sold on your company. I will never forget your kindness. Those clothes came at a time when they were so needed. You are so generous and giving, and that’s why I love MJ!
I also like that your clothes are limited. I have missed out on a few things, but I can live with that. You always try to make it right! Keep up the great work!

Linsey - February 28, 2011 - 5:04 pm

I currently work at a Gymboree, and its rough, because your right, our big corporation probably doesnt care about the little people. But my girls and I are a team, and we try our hardest and sometimes customer service is awful, but it is what is I guess. And I know this is different than running your own company, and what u do, but I know what your saying. I think the problem is you are growing, and want it or not, its coming. I think the hard part for people to understand is why the pieces are gone b4 the release even begins..I think they feel its unfair to them, and maybe you should limit how many of the same item people can buy, so this isn’t a constant. Theres got to be a happy medium somewhere. But this is not an excuse for some of the “wording” used, and as a Mom of boys, I buy for me and it doesn’t usually sell out, so I haven’t been put in this situation yet. So good luck to all you girls & all the hopeful Moms out there hoping to buy a lil piece of MJ beauty

Pam - February 28, 2011 - 5:02 pm

Denise, I’m an emergency doctor and thus often don’t see the best sides of people. They are stressed, tired and worried. The anonymity of not having met me before makes me an easy target for them to vent their often misguided frustrations. I know this. It used to bug me, but then I realized that for each disgruntled person, there were at least two happy ones, who expressed gratitude and smiles. I learned to focus on them, and to use their energy to provide empathy for the unhappy ones. You are more loved, and have many more people that admire you than people who don’t. Stay focused on them and continue to be the kind, nice person that you are. Your company and your product will reflect that. And remember, this, too shall pass. Big hugs to you.

Rachael - February 28, 2011 - 4:59 pm

Ms Denise,
First off, my girls love their MJ! My husband doesn’t get it, but thats okay, hes a boy and he’s not suppose too! This weekend however I think he got a glimpse of it! All 3 girls were dressed in their MJ’s and when we got to church, people were just ooohing and aahing over them. My husband commented to be about the lady who greeted us at the door, he said “honey, I thought that lady was going to run you over about all that Matlida Jane stuff”. I simply said, did you see the looks on the girls face, they feel special, honored that people stop and comment on how beautiful they are! Matilda Jane builds their confidence, and we as women know all to well that condfidence is not something us women have a lot to spare!
So with that said, there are times that I think, its just clothes, really this is nuts! But then its moments like these that remind me why I buy it, why I go through the hoops! Its because for us, its not a brand, its not a style, its Matilda Jane! Its something so much more!
Being on the side of a MJ consumer, and a business owner myself, I see where everyones opinion has validation. However, I was at a meeting one time and the preacher was preaching about something similar to this. He said, people who are quick to judge and think they have all the answers, usually dont. While so many of us could tell you how we think you could do things better, at the end of the day, only YOU DENISE, knows whats best for MJ! (in the bible, God tells parents they will stand judgement for the way they raised their kids. It did not say, the teacher, the princiaple, the neighbor or the chidlrens pastor, only the paretns!) I say that to say this, at the end of the day, you do not have to justify or sooth anyone for doing what you think is best for the overall well being of Matilda Jane. You and only you see the bigger picture and only you know what the picture looks like!!
Your an amazing woman, find your picture of what you see as MJ, put it by your desk, and remember its your picture to paint any way you want!!!

Kirsten - February 28, 2011 - 4:56 pm

OH Girl… I can’t imagine what the comments on FB do to you, they make ME feel terrible and I don’t own the company (obviously). I actually prayed for you and your girls today after I read the nasty comments – I prayed for your hearts and the hearts of others. I love MJ as much as the next person, however, if something sells out (even if I wanted it) I keep it in perspective and realize that it is just an outfit, and an outfit is not worth being mean over. I also want to emphasize that the people who get rude are a VOCAL MINORITY – a majority of your clients understand what MJ is all about. Just remember that tomorrow is always an opportunity to have a better day!

Dana - February 28, 2011 - 4:55 pm

Well said, you really do not have to apologize. Thanks for all you do!

lillykate'smama - February 28, 2011 - 4:53 pm

I totally agree with you!! I don’t want MJC to become the Gap, I am sad when I can’t get a piece that I really want, but usually Nicole P. in Cary, NC bends over backwards and does back flips to find me one. THAT IS WHY I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!! I love that their are limited quantities of clothing and that the people who make it, sell it, pack it, and ship care care as much about what my kid wears as I do! Hold your chin up high….I’ve been a pastor’s wife for 5 years now in a small country church, If I could have you alone for just 5 mins. I could tell you stories of how mean people have been to me for no other reason that they did not like who I was and what I stood for. I will continue to buy MJC not only because of the quality and cuteness of the clothing but because I really believe in the type of company you are!!!!!

mitzi - February 28, 2011 - 4:52 pm

I am a bit floored. I really like the clothing- but this post was just like a big slap in the face to your customers. Did you read this before posting? ALL companies have complaints- big and small- and yes even the big guy hears them- becasue they have policies in place to make sure all things are taken seriously and for legal purposes. I find that naive on your behalf. Coming on a blog and whining to your customers just sounds pathetic and self-loathing. I would consider deleting this whole blog post and starting over with something a bit more construcive perhaps. Krannert is down the road.

mimi - February 28, 2011 - 4:49 pm

Denise, bottom line to ALL of this: MJC is yours and David’s company:) You have earned the right to make decisions anyway you choose to. Order one of something or 10,000, it’s your call. Stand back and look at the bigger picture, of all the fans, there are only a few who choose to complain. My husband calls these kinds of complaints “mickey mouse stuff”. Oh, and I don’t kiss anyone but my 3 grandbabies, and maybe Poppa, occasionally:)

Farrar Lindner - February 28, 2011 - 4:48 pm

Denise—All I have to say is RIGHT ON! I know that what you do is amazing and the clothes you sell are FABULOUS—but come one now people, it’s children’s clothing. There are so many other causes and concerns in this world that deserve such passion! PLEASE do not let this sway you. Please do not give up on your dream. Please make sure you wake up every day with the same conviction and outlook that you do every day. You have a GREAT concept, a GREAT product, and a GREAT team to back you up everyday. We who read about and believe in you support you. Know that we are here and the people who love Matilda Jane FAR outweigh those who would see its demise. VIVA LA MJ! “What we focus on, we empower and enlarge. Good multiplies when focused upon. Negativity multiplies when focused upon. The choice is ours: Which do we want more of?”


Carole Barkan - February 28, 2011 - 4:48 pm

Denise…You have made MJC into something wonderful and knowing that you are capable of touching so many lives must be an amazing feeling for you. Wallow in that for a bit..You deserve to! Besides the auction for Val, do you realize how much you are capable of doing?
Those banks were an amazing idea and even my 3 year old granddaughter understands she is helping that tiny girl who lives in her bank have a home. That is a wonderful lesson to learn at any age. Sara got 2 banks for some reason and her neighbor asked if she could have one to have her daughter fill because she felt that would teach her something about giving to others. As a teacher, this whole thing is amazing!You have the chance to easily raise several hundred thousands of dollars for this project! Awesome!!!
I have said it many times….people will always complain about something..Too bad they have to air it in this forum but so be it. I never get platinum but I try and if something is sold out, too bad. If you want it, decide early and order it early…enough! They have never had a business that has exploded like yours has so they know nothing about it and how much effort you expend trying to do it right.
Hold your head high! You deserve to!!

Nan - February 28, 2011 - 4:47 pm

I’m a fan but still concerned about your business practices sometimes. Whether you like it or not, your business IS growing and demand is higher. It’s ok that you keep inventory lower but plain and simple, not alot to go around 10x the growth/demand, etc. Thus you will have unhappy customers. How will you handle this in the future? I love the small town feel, intimate culture you have and would not ask for anything different. That’s why I love MJC. I wish you lots of success in the way you want it but please keep in mind the consumer.

Jen a - February 28, 2011 - 4:45 pm

A big “lift you off your feet” hug!

Jennifer - February 28, 2011 - 4:41 pm

Hi Denise,
You don’t know me as we’ve never spoken or met–at most you have seen my name on a label from one of my orders over the last few years. I want to take a minute, though, to remind you that a lot of people in this life love you when things are good and hate you when things are poor. Some of your customers are so far from grasping the simple fact that it is wonderful to be a part of your creative world…every piece of MJ is beautiful and makes our children smile. People become consumed with infatuations of certain pieces and that is their issue…not yours. Life is so much bigger than sell-outs and disappointments! If you were not the mastermind behind these beautiful clothes, maybe you, too could sit back and find comic relief in all of the ladies on facebook wishing they had a real soapbox. I am just a fan of yours, a mom, and a professional in the working world–nothing special. However, my best advice to you is to find joy in knowing that you are the business owner you want to be. Remember that people that are crushed by disappointments of clothing are clearly disappointed by other things very easily–this is clearly not just about clothing…MJ was the outlet this time around. They will have to deal with these issues themselves…this is not your burden.

Melissa - February 28, 2011 - 4:40 pm

Denise, please. When you are truly doing something out of the kindness of your heart, you don’t blog about what a wonderful thing you are doing.

Also, doing your very very best doesn’t equal getting defective merchandise. If Gymboree or Gap sent me a crooked top, you bet I am going to be complaining to them. That’s business. If I pay you money for something, I expect quality AND customer service.

Your CS has always been lacking in the many years I’ve shopped with you, but I could always look past the rude comments because MJC was just so darn cute and the quality was great and it was made in the USA. Well, can’t say that any more.

JoanneG - February 28, 2011 - 4:38 pm

I can understand your point of view but am sad that you don’t want to grow with the company as it inevitably it seems. I don’t think that you can consider MJC to be a small company now if you are a multi million dollar company. I loved MJC 4 years ago and still do but it’s getting harder and harder to order now. I know that you love the Trunk Keeper aspect of your business but it really rules out a major part of your Customer base. I’m in Canada and to even have ordered this time I would have needed to attend a trunk show, which is just not possible as there is no Trunk keeper anywhere near me. I felt left out and not valued as a Customer, and that you really don’t want my business. We remotely located indivduals love MJC as well. I just ask that you take us into consideration for future releases. I wish MJC all the best!

Debbie - February 28, 2011 - 4:33 pm

If my arms could reach to Indiana. Big Hugs Denise. You are loved!!! There are so many more things to be upset about in this world, sell outs aren’t one of them.

I hate when people tell me to not wear my heart on my sleeves. Keep being the kind of person that gets hurt sometimes. Keep being sensitive and caring and loving and willing to do whatever you can for other people. We need more people like you on this Earth!!!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt - February 28, 2011 - 4:29 pm

Hey there!! We all LOVE your creative works of art – beautiful, wearable masterpieces! I think you should take it as a compliment that sooo many people adore your stuff! The nasty comments don’t matter, just let it roll off. We spent the night yesterday in the ER with our 16 month old, who had her fingertip cut off in her big brother’s door (accident) – nothing like those events to put everything right back into perspective. She’s all put back together and bandaged up (there also was a fracture) so today and the days to come we are laying REALLY low. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Kimberly - February 28, 2011 - 4:28 pm


I appreciate that you want to keep your business small and personal. I think you do a great job at that. Everyone knows you are human and it’s unfortunate that some people have to get nasty. However, it is extremely frustrating for those of us who can’t make it to Premier Shows. I live in a state that just recently got a TK and she’s still an 8-9 hour drive away!!! I don’t stand a chance at getting a pair of shorties and have asked my TK to cancel a portion of my order. Not a big deal–it’s only clothes. I am not angry. Dissappointed-yes. I’ve been buying MJ for 4 years now and honestly, don’t think I can do the drama anymore. Yes, I like that my kids wear unique clothing but there are so many other places that I can purchase from without the stress and dissappointment.

Good luck to you!!

Box of Chocolates - February 28, 2011 - 4:27 pm

That is the downside to gaining in size and gaining in success! High trees catch a lot of wind and there are a lot of people out there who are jealous of your success! Sad to say, but true. Not worth wasting your energy on them. They will always be there to pull you down into the place they are. Don’t let them!

Brooke French Wright - February 28, 2011 - 4:22 pm

I just wanted to say a little something! I got sucked into Matilda Jane Clothing at the release of the Field Trip line! My first purchase was the Jesse and the Mabel Tee. I knew I was going to be in ALOT of trouble with my new addiction! I never thought I would ever spend more than $30.00 on an outfit for my little girl….but when my eyes met MJC…I was in awe!!! I just wanted to thank you~ you all have touched MY life soo much!! I was one who nominated a friend for the spread the love at Christmas who had just lost her husband in a tragic car accident the day before Thanksgiving…AND YOU PICKED HER!! I was also one of the lucky 3 to win the HOC Favorites! I was like a crack addict…watching the door everyday for the brown box of goodies. My husband actually hid it from me the day it came, and then suprised me with it later and I SWEAR I was like a 5 year old on Christmas morning!!! I have been touched by your undying kindness, warmth, love, and the amazing generosity that you and your company have shown in the year that my daughter has been wearing your clothing. I was one of the lucky ones that snagged a pair of the sold out shorties due to my AMAZING TK Julie DeGraff!! Just know this. To wear Matilda Jane is a privilage and an honor. Every my child wears cheaper brands to daycare because I am scared she will get food stains on it….but my favorite thing is when we get to go somewhere nice, and I get to dress her in her finest Matilda Jane! The compliments make my head swell!! =)

So thank you…thank you…thank you…..JUST FOR BEING AMAZING!!! <3 Brooke and my daughter Corbin

Jeannine McCloskey - February 28, 2011 - 4:21 pm

BRAVO! I applaud you for being so honest. I have never ordered your clothing, but I have always admired your creativity and your strength. I make children’s clothing, and my inspiration over the last few months is MJC. Last week, when I caught someone copying my design, I called her out on it on Facebook. I did it because of you. I did not want revenge or anything ugly to happen to her, but I felt like I needed to do it after reading several comments from you.
Sometimes when I think about the way our parents lived, I cannot help but think to myself that the only difference between “those days” and “these days” is that we don’t speak up, and we don’t stop the bad, and we don’t take the time to care. A little good manners would help too. LOL. I definitely hope this blog entry will make you feel better. The results I got on facebook shocked me and made me feel so special.
I cannot imagine how you can fight this battle, but I hope you can stay true to your dreams. I am sure you will find a way to give everyone something, without giving yourself away. It is what you do. :)))))))))))

KarenH - February 28, 2011 - 4:20 pm

Amen!! Thank you and I love MJC just the way you are!!

Angie Sanders - February 28, 2011 - 4:18 pm

Oh, that’s so discouraging when we try our best and get critisicm and unkind words in return. All I can say is, be true to yourself and what you’ve built MJC to be, and know that you can’t make everyone happy. There are people out there that feed off negativity, and thrive by tearing others down. Be a light in this dark world, and continue to be kind to those who are unkind in return. You are making a difference! And I think anyone who has ever owned a Matilda Jane item understands why it sells out so quickly! You rock! My daughter Chloe’s face lights up when she opens her MJC package and holds her new dresses up to herself as she looks in the mirror. Now that’s priceless! Keep up the good work!

Jennifer K - February 28, 2011 - 4:17 pm

It’s really not just about “a pair of shorts”. People feel like they aren’t being treated fairly. I got to go to a premier and got my shorts. However, I can see how those that don’t have a local TK would feel like they are being treated …as a 2nd class customer. Why are some able to order early and then others never even get the opportunity. I wish that you could see that it’s really about people’s feelings getting hurt. That wouldn’t be the case if they didn’t love MJC and feel a personal connection to it.See More

Kim T - February 28, 2011 - 4:15 pm

I can only speak for myself but honestly, all I wanted was a chance. I live in W Canada – there is no possible way of going to a premier show. So I don’t even get a chance which makes me sad. My TK tried but didn’t get mine. My sweet little chunky legged little girl would have loved those but it’s not meant to be, I guess. I’m just sad and disappointed after looking so forward to them. After all the months of build up, I’m ashamed to say I feel so let down – over shorts. So dumb, I know but it is what it is. I live where I live – and maybe that’s not cool enough to have a TK but it is my reality. I will never be able to go to a show and I feel that makes me just not cool enough. Please don’t take this as hurtful as I’m not that kind of person. But know that alot of people are feeling out of the loop and not worthy of making the cut, which is where the frustration stems from.

Hillary C. - February 28, 2011 - 4:13 pm

Wow! This blog makes me very sad. I stopped getting on FB because of all the negativity…just remember that you can’t please everyone. And some people are never happy. Keep being you, a wonderful generous person who obviously has a huge heart. I know I appreciate you, every since I’ve found MJC I’ve not only been able to find cute clothes for my daughter but I’ve wanted to follow your example and be a better person. I think I’ve always had a big heart but now I try everyday to find one thing I can do to make a difference for someone, even if it’s holding a door open for someone. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Trudy Cihak - February 28, 2011 - 4:12 pm

I feel for you, people can be so mean! No understanding and certainly no perspective. Last year in an 8 month period I loss both my parents…it was horrible, they were very young and especially for my Father it was horrible because he died a painful death.Also last year a Non Profit organization for whom I was President was not so very politely kicked to the curb after doing good in my community for 68 years, raising millions of dollars. After the year I had you get perspective. Despite the extremely difficult year I had and still today as I write this, feeling a tremendous sadness…I feel so blessed. I am thankful for a wonderful family, friends and a life that affords me many pleasures like purchasing your lovely pieces of art for my youngest daughter. Some people need to just think for one minute before speaking and knowingly say something that hurts. To think that a pair of shorts can send people over the edge of reason saddens me…..Did they not read about the real life altering issues facing Val Koop?? I love the fact that I can get my daughter things that are as unique and unpredictable as she is. Thank you for not being Walmart, Kohl’s, Gap or Gymboree. I love your company and hope that you will stay small. Big is not always better!

Marla H. - February 28, 2011 - 4:11 pm

I feel horrible for you right now, Denise. Hang in there and just do your best (like you have been). I am not to good with words. So, I will just say.. It’s okay. You will get through this. You are one strong woman! I admire you for making something out of nothing….. And for making MJC what it is…. An unpredictable, a fun and a loving and giving company!

Nicole - February 28, 2011 - 4:11 pm

Sorry you feel that way Denise, and I’m sorry if people attacked you. I will say people have every right to feel upset though. I ordered a lot from release one to be paired with the shorties. I understand it is only clothes, but after a bad day with personal problems in my real life, it’s MJ clothes that put a smile on my face. Today it made me sad though. Your online customers stood no chance at getting the shorties, and it’s not fair. I totally understand if there weren’t enough to go around, but give everyone a fair shot at getting them. I’d never complain if they sold out, and I had the chance to order them, but I didnt right away, or chose not to. We were NEVER given the chance. Again, you have no right to be attacked though, that isn’t fair to you at all.

Samantha - February 28, 2011 - 4:08 pm

Listen…if you dont want to be big, then WHY are you on FB and running contests to get more fans? If you wanted to stay small, you could have…YOU chose exposure. You can talk all day about caring about your customers…do you care about me? Do you even know who I am? I have been a customer for years, and I know EXACTLY how you feel about ME personally…I didnt make your ‘friends’ list…thats fine.

We arent mad you sold out of the shorties, we are mad at the fact that most of us didnt even get a fair chance to buy them…your policies are so skewed…there are so many rules and jumping thru hoops to buy your stuff…it is SILLY!

We are mad that you never seem to take any complaint seriously. I have NEVER seen you guys apoligise for ANYTHING, only make excuses. EVERY business has unhappy customers who complain, and most businesses USE that feedback to improve. This blog post of yours seem like a huge ‘F YOU’ to all of us, and makes us think you dont CARE about customer complaints…there is no customer service…you dont WANT us to be happy, you want us to give you head pats and tell you how unbelievably awesome you are…try listening to us…how about some acountability? Adimt where you do wrong and tey to improve? THEN everyone will think you are truely awesome.

jennifer Raymond - February 28, 2011 - 4:06 pm

Well said! I love all you do! People think I am crazy for buying MJC..I LOVE THE CLOTHES BUT ALSO LOVE WHAT YOU STAND FOR! KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU DO! LOVIN ALL THE GIRLS AT 435!

Jill H - February 28, 2011 - 4:06 pm

Thank you for that message because I, too, have always wonder why you don’t produce more. And it helped to hear (read) what you had to say and how you feel about it.
I’m sorry to hear that you have to listen to hurtful things … don’t know why people have to get so personal or say things that might hurt someone else. On the flip side… I can also understand those that get frustrated at the limited quantities as I sometimes am DYING for a certain out fit only to find it sold out before I could get to it … and then go to find those “meanies” (as someone referred to them earlier) out on ebay making profit on something that you toiled over and they had no intention of enjoying … only enjoying that there were too few for how many wanted them and are taking advantage of supply and demand.
Mainly – thanks, I now understand a bit more what this wonderful company is about. You should be proud of what you have accomplished… I wish I had even an ounce of the creativity and business sense you have.

Tatum - February 28, 2011 - 4:04 pm

Denise I am a mom and a small business owner and sometimes I get totally freaked out because when our business starts to zoom I feel like I’m dropping the ball in other places, like am I not spending enough time with my kids, they’re growing so fast, how is my crazy brain going to pay for 2 sets of utility bills, phone bills, etc when we hardly ever pay the bills at home on time?!?!?! And then when people call on the phone and we can’t get them in right when they want to come I just want to remind them that I am a HUMAN and I’m doing the best I can. So I am REALLY glad that you decided to remind people here that you are human and you are doing the best you can and that your vision for your company is probably not what theirs is going to be for your company. It’s a hard thing to juggle and I totally feel you and this blog today is EXACTLY what I needed to read today after having to reschedule a disgruntled client because my kids’ school needed to close their aftercare because of flooding. Nevermind that it probably wouldn’t have been safe for her to come in either. That’s the thing with small homegrown business though…you put your heart and soul into something and that’s really what I believe is the driving force behind what makes it work, but people forget to look at you as you and start to see you as more of an entity. Hats off for this post, Denise.

Megan P - February 28, 2011 - 4:04 pm

So sorry your having to deal with the negative people. I know some of them forget that behind the computer or on the other side of the phone is a person. And you all work really hard to be able to give us these lovely pieces for our little ones to wear and feel so pretty. Your clothing are special to some of us, I dont own much of it just a few pieces here and there but what I do have I love and my daughter loves to wear and hear all the lovely comments from strangers when she does wear it. It makes her smile and makes my day. Keep up the good work and dont let the downers get the best of you! Rock on MJ!

simi - February 28, 2011 - 4:03 pm

i was thinking about this and agree with nancy’s comment.

grow. grow while you can. and just see what happens. don’t be scared. none of us know what will happen if MJC gets bigger and bigger and then huge (MJC for Target line? lol.) but it’s won’t be *all* bad..and it could simply be AMAZING.

you can’t stop a child or a flower or a successful business from growing..unless you want to kill it. people love your stuff, and for good reason. try to find a balance between made in china lines and made in the good ol’ USA platinum. keep trying, wake up every morning and see where it takes you.

you will have lots of support along the way. focus on that and be strong!

new2MJC - February 28, 2011 - 4:01 pm

Dear Denise,
It makes little old me sad to read the comments people are making – I can’t imagine how much it hurts for you to read them. Thanks for being who you are and staying true to yourself. I love your company and what it stands for no matter how many shorties you have or don’t have! You do so many wonderful things and as a devoted customer I get to feel like a part of them – you sure can’t get that at GAP!

Jen - February 28, 2011 - 3:59 pm

I do not agree with people being angry and mean with their comments, but I do understand frustration. My TK keeps asking me to be a Jane, but there is no way that I can ask my busy friends to come to a party where they most likely will not be able to buy what they want. I end up going to my TK open house and placing my order and not hosting parties. There just seems that there should be a better way…..

April B - February 28, 2011 - 3:59 pm

I kept hearing have you read the blog? And I said I have not had time but I need to stop by and say I love MJC and I love representing MJC and I love you!

Missy - February 28, 2011 - 3:59 pm

Denise – I know that you and all of the girls (and boys) put everything you have into your company and do soo much for your customers AND charities etc. You should never let negative comments get to you, some people just HAVE to complain. I didn’t plan well with this release, I’ve been dying to get some shorties and several other pieces, but I didn’t put back enough money so I will try to order when I get paid. Will I miss out on some of the things I wanted? You betcha, will I complain about it? Absolutely not! I’m sure that the pieces that I’m wanting will come back around sometime!

Please don’t let nasty people get to you, it’s not worth it to bring yourself down when you do soo much to help people and communities alike! YOU ROCK!

Jen Bromeland - February 28, 2011 - 3:58 pm

I know that I don’t really “know” you, but I feel like a do and I had goosebumps reading your blog-I feel for you. I personally love the challange and fun that just being able to obtain some pieces of your clothing collections brings- I love that not everyone has your clothes and that when my girls wear your outfits they feel special and unique. I love that you aren’t the big dog and don’t try to be- that’s what makes you special. Thanks for being you and making beautiful clothes…sending you lots of encouragement in your journey!

K Squared Mommy - February 28, 2011 - 3:56 pm

Well said Denise! It saddens me that grown women bring themselves down to such a low level. I don’t understand saying such hurtful things over an item of clothing. People need to step back and take a look at what is really important. Our first daughter passed away after having surgery for a heart defect. I am so thankful to be blessed to have a healthy little girl at home to dress in your beautiful clothing, and to have the money even buy the clothes! These are the things that truly matter in life. We need to enact the theme that we have in my Kindergarten classroom–“You get what you get, and you don’t pitch a fit!” 🙂

robyn - February 28, 2011 - 3:56 pm

So sorry! I know it’s the evaluations that are the most hurtful that we remember the most…even if there are thousands of positive feedbacks! I’m sure you are doing your absolute best with the considerable talents you’ve got! Try and let it slide sista!

Dani - February 28, 2011 - 3:55 pm

I would much rather you have a HUGE heart and keep doing exactly what you are doing than turn into another HUGE company that just does not care. Keep up the good work and you inspire me! Thank You.

Lisa - February 28, 2011 - 3:55 pm

Thank you for all you do. I love getting new lines but if I don’t there is so much MJ out there that we have never owned I could honestly spend years trying to find and buy it all. I love the unique clothes you put together. I love having my daughter in MJ clothes but if she wasn’t I waited YEARS for her and I would love anything she had on anyway!! Keep doing what you do. Those of us who love the clothes for the right reason and “get it” will stay and support what you are doing here.

Marie - February 28, 2011 - 3:55 pm

Oh my! I’m so sorry Denise that you have to hear all the negativity. I’ve been with you since the beginning and just adore your clothing. Yes, there have been times that something I have wanted to purchase has sold out but I’m able to find it later on and so I just choose something else from your line. At the end of the day its the whole picture that counts. Your clothing has brought much joy into our lives. Dressing in MJC has made my daughter’s childhood that much more special. I won’t remember the sell-outs or a button that has fallen off…just the warm, fuzzy, precious memories of my daughter’s childhood and how your clothing line has helped to enhance them. 🙂 Life is full of ups and downs and I’m sure as the years progress all of the kinks will be worked out…but then again, as we all know…you can’t make everyone happy, just yourself. 🙂

3 gorgeous girlies - February 28, 2011 - 3:55 pm

As much as I love the clothes, and my girls & dh do, too. They are just clothes. There’s really no reason to be nasty and mean. It’s kinda high school. Don’t let the “mean girls” get to you. Keep doing your best, I love it!

Shannon Stamps - February 28, 2011 - 3:54 pm

You have a forever customer with me and my girls, whether we have shorties or not, life is bigger than that silliness. We love you, we chose you and we are here to stay.

kelly - February 28, 2011 - 3:52 pm

I have never commented on this blog or any other blog for that matter, but I feel I needed to this time. I have read all the negative comments on facebook in disbelief. How can people be so mean and so worked up about clothes. I love your clothes and love what you guys do and know this for every negative comment out there, there are 10 times more people who are happy with you just the way you are. You can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t try. If people want to cancel their orders or not order because of a sellout, let them, you don’t need them as customers anyway, way too much drama. I also wanted to say I’ve been reading your blog since I fell in love with MJ a few months ago and you truly are a wonderful person and company. I loved reading about Joe. My 6 year old son has Tourettes Syndrome and he is just now realizing that he is a little different so I felt your pain reading that blog entry. Please keep your head up and keep doing what you’re doing, you’re great at it! 🙂

Amy L. - February 28, 2011 - 3:51 pm

I don’t understand why people are being so hateful! I felt so embarrassed and sad for them. I love MJC and everything it stands for! Keep up the great work!

Staci - February 28, 2011 - 3:51 pm

As a mom and business women I admire what u have done with this amazing company!!! I love the fact that the clothes are in limited quantities and that not EVERYONE has it!!!! I love for my 3 girls to look special! You should never apologize for what u r or what u have become!! AMAZING!

Robin Reed - February 28, 2011 - 3:49 pm

You dont deserve any of it, neither does the trunk keepers. Its clothes for goodness sakes! You just keep doing YOUR thing… THATS WHAT WE LOVE about you….your different and unique.

Melanie - February 28, 2011 - 3:47 pm

3 cheers for MJC! I love you guys & your heart & your dedication! And I know that you don’t take decisions lightly or just make blind guesses at inventory. How many times have I walked into a boutique (or even the Gap or Target for that matter) to find a skirt I absolutely LOVE is not available in my size & not available online or in another store or anywhere…sure, it’s disappointing, but that is life. As my husband loves to quote the Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want…” And as I’ve found (especially with MJC) there are ALWAYS more cute things right around the corner to look forward to!

Brandy Leiws - February 28, 2011 - 3:46 pm

Funny, I feel for you every time I read one of those negative comments, Because I know you are reading them and taking them to heart. I know I would. What you do is a beautiful thing, and I honestly believe that the true MJ fans are not the complainers the true fans Ive met on the boards, love the challenge of trying to get that special piece and know how special it is and appreciate getting it. Your clothing brings joy to children and Mommies and builds friendships. Ive met so many wonderful ladies trying to get my MJ some I like to think of as actual friends even though we’ve never met. Bottom line is you are doing everything just fine and those who dont think so and choose to complain probably need to focus on other things in life besides clothes. Much Love 🙂

mom2curls - February 28, 2011 - 3:45 pm

Denise….Keep doing what you are doing!!! And that is a wonderful job!!! I enjoy every little outfit that arrives for my daughter from your company! And if I can’t have every piece than so be it!!! I am thankful that I CAN put a roof over my childrens head…and that I can read them bedtimes stories at night! I am so tired of seeing all of the negative comments, sometimes people just need to grow up and realize this is not about them…it is all about helping someone else! I see the stresses that you are faced with…but those too shall pass…it is your generosity, kindness and big heart that will keep me as a customer for life!!! Sell outs or not!!! Have a glass of wine tonight or a Captain and coke and have a wonderful evening with your family!!! Cheers!

Dana - February 28, 2011 - 3:45 pm

Me and my daughter loves you, Denise. Take deep breaths, Keep your chin up and know that I care for you. During releases I try not to read what’s on FB. I am always saddened whenever I read all the negative comments, how much more on your end?! HUGS!! Thank you for staying true to yourself. Sending lots of love your way.

Vanessa blevins - February 28, 2011 - 3:45 pm

Thank you for all that you do Denise! Don’t let it bother you too much. I worked retail for ten years and you should of heard some of the stuff that was said to me when these big companies sold out. Yes, even the big ones et it wrong! Just do your best! We love it!

ACS Mom - February 28, 2011 - 3:42 pm

Well said!!!!!!! I loathe facebook because there are too many people who just cannot mind their own business from sell outs, to buttons to what is being sold on ebay. It is really sad and ridiculous that while doing this great thing for Val you have to be reminded that people at their core can be very ugly. I am sorry but all the loyal mjc customers love you too!!!! I love all the girls at 435 :)))

Lisa - February 28, 2011 - 3:40 pm

It is true that you can work as hard as you can and some will never appreciate the love that goes into it. No one is perfect and no one has a perfect product but we do have perfect intentions and heartfelt attempts to share our love. I do not only buy MJC because the clothes are beautiful and I love the way my little girl shines in them but because it is something special. Yes, I am disapointed when I can not purchase a piece I like or something sells out, or I have to limit my purchases. At the end of the day it is clothes and some little girl out there will be beautiful in their purchases. There are many things I do not understand about the way people behave or the things people are willing to say to others. I have learned in the last 10 months the value in each person around us. My husband is deployed and I have three little ones that I have to care for with the closest family 4.5 hours away. Talking to my husband knowing he is in a dangerous place and that I have to explain to my children why Daddy is not here and why I am so lonely without him. Some of the tougher moments as my 3 year old who has had the hardest time with this crawls into my bed this morning because of the storms and snuggles up to me and says “Mommy, I miss Daddy.” There is so much to be grateful for in this life and so much to cherish around us. I am thankful there are companies like yours that can provide so many people joy and support in every aspect of their life. I find MJC has given me something to smile about so often and reading the blogs regularly about the amazing people that work at your company and the amazing projects that you all are involved with to help others truly touches my heart. I will continue to buy these beautiful clothes even if some of it sells out, I am happy with whatever pieces I am able to get my hands on. My 3 beautiful children, family, and a husband that will soon be returning to us is so much more than the negativity that some can spread. Life is good and when its not it gets better! Remember that a few unkind people should never overshadow the overwhelming love that your company has created. Your company is truly special!

Nicole - February 28, 2011 - 3:38 pm

Sorry you feel that way Denise, and I’m sorry if people attacked you. I will say people have every right to feel upset though. I ordered a lot from release one to be paired with the shorties. I understand it is only clothes, but after a bad day with personal problems in my real life, it’s MJ clothes that put a smile on my face. Today it made me sad though. Your online customers stood no chance at getting the shorties, and it’s not fair. I totally understand if there weren’t enough to go around, but give everyone a fair shot at getting them. I’d never complain if they sold out, and I had the chance to order them, but I didnt right away, or chose not to. We were NEVER given the chance. Again, you have no right to be attacked though, that isn’t fair to you.

KAREN - February 28, 2011 - 3:38 pm

~brought to tears~ I really feel like *standing and applauding* you! Thank you…Thank you for everything you do…thank you for putting that smile on my little dd’s chunky cheeks as she yells “SO PRETTY, JUST PERFECT!” I don’t want you to be “that” big I love that we can see and personally talk to everyone involved in making MJC. I’m sorry that not everyone gets their “wish list” but if everyone had a peice of the moon would the moon be so special? Stay true and Stay gold, that’s why we love MJC!

Sherri - February 28, 2011 - 3:37 pm

Denise, thanks for speaking up. Your words echo the sentiment that comes through in your beautiful clothes. You care, deeply, and we all know it. I’ve been buying your clothes for years and I will continue to do so because they are beautiful, unique, and make my daughter look like a little girl, not a rock star wannabe. Do I always get what I want? No. Do I love all of the things I get? Absolutely. I’m probably most distressed to see things sell out then show up on Ebay for 3-4 times the price, but that’s the free market and out of your control. I’m sad that the FB comments are so negative. Your loyal fan and customer, Sherri

Dawn - February 28, 2011 - 3:37 pm

Denise, You are one of the best people that life has to offer. While I do not know the details behind your post today please know that so many of us love you and your MJC girls (and guys)…you ARE family to us!!!! And what is that rule…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone lived by that one? We love you Denise, hang tough and don’t let them get to you…you are one of the good ones and you can’t let the others spoil that!!! xoxo

luci - February 28, 2011 - 3:36 pm

OH Denise – I really feel for you. I have been following you since pushing my little one into your tent at the broadripple art show. I was around with the chat site got out of control. I went to the MI art fair and saw women and men with wagons FULL of clothes and even take them out of little girls hands, only to see them on ebay the next day. I have seen it so up and down and I know deep in your heart you do care so much. Yes – I do sometimes wish there would be just that one more piece for my girls, but yet I am always thrilled at what I am able to put my 2 sweet girls in and we don’t think about the pieces we didn’t get. You can never make everyone happy and that is something I always have a hard time with it. You are doing such a great thing and are so generous. Just be who you are. You have so many people who love you just the way you are!! I am one!

Pamela M. - February 28, 2011 - 3:36 pm

Hi Denise, Sam, Lynette, Cust Svc. Alicia, all the extraordinary packers, and yes, David, Joe, and Gabe! You guys rock…I have been buying MJC for several years now. I always observe, read the blog, read FB, and simply oogle in the love that MJC gives. My 10 year old son was the one who was most thrilled when the blue HOC bank came…his first response was “Oh, Yeah!” and my five year old daughter’s response was “that was really nice.” Why am I telling you all of this…because you need to reflect back on why it is what you do and that is to make others happy. You bring so much joy to my family through some of the simple things and you may never really know it. We are all blessed to be able to buy such beautiful clothes. One last sentiment to all of you, please continue to be passionate and creative…many, many people are so grateful for all the wonderful things you do!

Shannon - February 28, 2011 - 3:35 pm

Thank you for opening your heart to us all. I am sorry you have been hurt, I know the feeling. I feel silly waiting for a phone call to check in on my daughter and I.

ReeseLovesMJ - February 28, 2011 - 3:35 pm

That’s awesome! I am glad you stood up for yourself and what you believe in. Yes I would have been sad if I didn’t get my shorts but like I told my Mom this afternoon. I would have found something else and it wouldn’t have been the same Gymboree outfit every other little girl at our preschool has. I love your clothes and will continue to buy because they are unique. Hope you have a better evening. And seeing the amount on the trip to 435 on the auction should tell you that plenty of people love your company.

Sarah - February 28, 2011 - 3:34 pm

People were out of line. No doubt. And I’m sorry!

The frustration stems from when MJ WAS a smaller company, didn’t offer the virtual shows and the preview shows. It was all about the trunk shows. The benefits of being a “Jane.” That’s all gone away now. If you want something coveted, you can’t get it with the perk of having a show, instead, you have to rush to your local trunk keeper’s house in the days before the line is revealed and cross your fingers to get what you want. That takes the fun out of it. The fun of sitting around with your friends, oohing and ahhing at the line, trying the clothes on our littles together, deciding with each other what you’re gonna buy, who’s gonna take it once your little has outgrown it, etc. The fun of being a “Jane” or purchasing MJ is gone, because a lot of things sell out before the line is even open to the public. So, from that point of view, as someone who’s been buying MJ for over three years now, that *is* frustrating as a buyer. I’d like to see MJ get rid of the preview and virtual shows all together, but I understand that that may not be an option. The virtual shows and preview shows have made me question being a Jane again, because it’s not worth it to my friends and family to come 3 days after the line has been out and not be able to buy anything they want. It hasn’t deterred me, however, from continuing to buy the clothes, because I love the clothes!

Apologies for the ones that had to turn it nasty!

Jess - February 28, 2011 - 3:33 pm

I love what you do and what you do for others! Keep it up 😉 You and Jami are two of the most thoughtful women I know- I seriously mean that.

Nesha Thompson - February 28, 2011 - 3:33 pm

I could share so many heart warming stories of experiences I’ve had because of MJC and I’ve only been shopping with you for 9 months. You have truely brightened the lives of myself and my daughters. I am “OVER THE MOON” for your company and I thank you!

Erin - February 28, 2011 - 3:33 pm

Yes…they WOULD and HAVE said those things to Gymboree and Gap and many other retailers. Whether or not you wanted to be a “big” clothing retailer or not… you are and as one you SHOULD respect your customers and the TK’s and Jane who promote your products who put food on your table. After years of frustration which MANY issues this was just the straw that broke the camels back for a lot of people. As a customer we should receive a quality product with the hassle and bs that goes along with ordering it. We shouldn’t have to play games or be best buddies to receive what we are paying our hard earned money for. It not does matter if it’s clothing for a child or a new car. For those of us who have been around from MJ’s early days we are just tired of difficulties that go along with putting your label on our children and ourselves. I am sure you will receive a TON of “yeah for you” comments to make you feel better about selling out of a product before it was ever really for sale and making dozens of women upset b/c they are embarassed and have to explain to their friends why MJ has once again failed.

Nancy - February 28, 2011 - 3:33 pm

I don’t understand how you would want to fight the growth of something you started. Getting in the way of the natural progress of things, whether it is raising a business or raising a child, is going to have disastrous results. You grow, you make mistakes and you learn from them. You also learn to take the compliments and the criticisms and turn it around to make it better. Smacking your customers on the hand and berating us for daring to voice our opinion is ludicrous. And no, I don’t think MJC does their very best. You reward the @arse kissers and punish the dissenters.

Shanna S. - February 28, 2011 - 3:33 pm

Not trying to be an @$$ kisser (as I am sure some will say) but I love what you do and your clothes and sometimes I get everything I order and sometimes I don’t (like today), BUT keep your head above all of this and focus on all the good you are doing right now!!

Jade - February 28, 2011 - 3:31 pm

Some people are just ignorant. Really. It’s so easy to sit behind a computer and write negative things about people (or what they stand for). Most of those comments come from people who could NEVER do what MJC has done. 🙁
I am personally am of the opinion that if you have something negative to say it doesn’t need to be broadcast to everyone. IF it needs to be said it should be done privately. Why tear somebody down in front of an audience …

Brandie - February 28, 2011 - 3:31 pm

Thank you for saying all of this, Denise! It hurts us who love MJC to read the nonsense! What you give in life you receive 10 fold; so, here’s to praying that one day these people look through compassionate eyes, and try not to be wise in their own eyes!

ShannonWille - February 28, 2011 - 3:31 pm

I love this and I know how you feel I am artist and have been doing art festivals for years, as you did. I had the chance to grow my business and had to think about how I would like to grow. I decided I was happy getting up each day and doing it all myself with the help of my lovely husband. I respect you so much Denise for being you and staying were you are comfortable. I love your clothes, but most of all, love supporting a fellow artist. It’s hard work but it’s great to get up each day and know you make others and yourself happy with the energy you put in the world. Thanks again!!!

Debra Stallings - February 28, 2011 - 3:30 pm

I totally agree. Your clothing is so awesome people freak out when they don’t get some of the goods. people need to remember it is just clothes. We all want our children dressed in MJ. There have been many pieces I and others have missed out on. It is part of it. That is what makes MJ so special. Not everyone has every piece. Words hurt and there was a lot of craziness on your FB page. Please don’t let the inconsiderate comments bring you down. Do your best, control what you can and don’t worry about the rest. Stay focus and Positive.
Cant wait to see you June 25th & 26th!!

Katie Lou - February 28, 2011 - 3:30 pm

Honestly? I love the fact that you are who you are! I love the fact that you DO sell out of things, because that means there will not be 85 people in my community wearing the same outfit that my girls are! I love yall just the way you are! And I see a pic of my beautiful trunk keeper! 🙂

Jamie - February 28, 2011 - 3:29 pm

if you dont want to be ‘big’ than why did you sell to China? If you want to be a small company than why didnt you just keep your little company in America?? What I liked most about Matilda Jane is that it was a small town company that made cute clothes. Cute clothes can be found anywhere…now you are just like Gap and Kohl’s…your stuff is made in China. Bummer!!

Prencie Wood-Ortiz - February 28, 2011 - 3:29 pm

Denise, I can’t imagine the load you carry today! But know, you are carrying it well. You have my support through thick and thin. At the end of the day, I don’t care if my daughter doesn’t get to wear some shorties or if she will ever get to wear a Piper dress. I am just happy that I get to dress her in Matilda Jane! It has slowly become all that she wants to wear. Thank you for being you!

Libbi - February 28, 2011 - 3:28 pm

Beautifully said!! I have always been taught if you dont have something nice to say then dont say anything at all. I understand people are frustrated but there are ways to go about it IMO, and name calling and acting like a fool is not one. And also I’m glad that theyre are limited number of items. I dont want my kid looking like every other kid in the world who wears gap and gymboree, that’s why I buy MJ. That being said if that means I miss out on some items, I think I’ll live, it is just clothes!

Tate Cathcart - February 28, 2011 - 3:28 pm

Amen. I am sad that some of my favorites get sold out but happy that it reassures me that not every little girl on the block will have on the same thing as my daughter. Happy to be a customer to a company that cares so much. Sad for those that really have nothing else to complain about then little girl’s clothing. Love you guys, always have, always will.

Question - February 28, 2011 - 3:28 pm

You’re at the crossroads. Question: which are you more scared of facing — success or failure?

brandy - February 28, 2011 - 3:28 pm

I’m very glad you said something this time. You/your girls take more bashing from “fans” than I have ever seen. Hugs to you all!

Courtney - February 28, 2011 - 3:27 pm

Very well said! I know people get upset, and we all want what we want, when we want it. I think you are amazing and you have such a wonderful company. Today I pulled the pepper knot out for my daughter to wear, our favorite…and she started crying because she wanted to wear the “lemon” dress. We love you!!!

lori ward - February 28, 2011 - 3:26 pm

I understand what you are saying. You do the best you can and leave the rest behind. I’ve learned to go with my heart, and you are and that’s what makes you lovable and so sought after.
Don’t change a thing. Put your ‘blinders’ on and go forward.


Angela W - February 28, 2011 - 3:26 pm

As I have said before…keep your heads up MJC girls! You do great work!

Whitney - February 28, 2011 - 3:26 pm

I do think it’s wonderful to give, and I understand you want to stay small, but you’ve already grown so big! I am not upset that I won’t be able to get any shorties, I am just upset that since I can’t go to premiere shows, I don’t even have a chance. And a lot of other people are, too. It’s not being mean, it’s voicing our concerns. And it makes us feel like you don’t care about those of us who can’t order from premiere shows, or about your Janes who are facing a lot of canceled orders for tomorrow 🙁 So while I love your clothes and the giving that you do, you still have a business to run and customers who are going to be upset sometimes.

simi - February 28, 2011 - 3:25 pm

yep, well said. it must be confusing to you as well..you went from hand stitching little outfits together to some big, big thing all of a sudden. keep your head up and this too shall pass..

KellyBallerina - February 28, 2011 - 3:25 pm

I think when people really love the clothes you create it is only natural for them to be disappointed when they can’t get them in time. And natural for them to complain. It is part of life. Too bad we all hurt each other’s feelings in the process.

Trinity Dawn Maura - February 28, 2011 - 3:25 pm

I agree, well said! Sorry you had to read all the craziness on facebook.

I am still new to MJC, but I enjoy just seeing the photos for the new collections and look forward to what we will order. If we get everything we want, great. If not, we still have some amazing new clothing. There is so much more to life than we own, what we wear.

Just keep doing what you are doing. : )

Adry - February 28, 2011 - 3:22 pm

If you don’t want a big company than stop outsourced, close the FB page and don’t advertise. If I have an issue with gap, or gymboree then I complain to them too, in person at the store.

Steph S - February 28, 2011 - 3:22 pm

{{{{HUGS}}}}. I love your clothes…your heart…your desire….your generosity. That you do care about the greater good. At the end of the day, Im so grateful that I have my two healthy babies, my husband….no matter our attire, we have each other. That’s what’s important to me…and the greater good every once in a while. xo

Leslie Bunt - February 28, 2011 - 3:22 pm

Good for you!!!! Stay true to you & what MJC is, PLEASE do not ever get rid of trunk keepers…mine has become one of my best friends through your company. And please, do not become Gymboree, Gap, or whatever. I personally like that you are not like them. You are unique!! Just keep being unique!! Hang in there…it will blow over.:)

love - February 28, 2011 - 3:21 pm

i love you, denise. [is that weird from a virtual stranger?] i love that you get it. you get what life is about. i appreciate you and i love your company & what you stand for.
i’m sorry that you have to hear/see that stuff. and isn’t it crazy how we can hear the positive a million times over and we hear the negative so much clearer…it sticks for so much longer?

keep it up, girl. i’m proud of you.


Jodi - February 28, 2011 - 3:21 pm

Oh Boy Denise..you seriously could not have said it better;) Concentrate on the good…don’t listen to the others…NOTHING would make them happy…Seriously..all this over a pair of shorts(cute shorts they may be, but…)…Honestly..these women should be ashamed of themselves…they are the same women that would be yelling at their children for the “B”…Not right…AT ALL…

Kat Sojka - February 28, 2011 - 3:19 pm

Beautifully said! Your small company has a HUGE heart!

Christina - February 28, 2011 - 3:16 pm

Well said Denise!